It is not necessary that every twin pregnancy has some complications or risk associated with it. There are many smooth and successful cases of twin or multiple pregnancies. But it is better to watch out some common signs of dangers which are:

  1. Bleeding: It is very important to keep a check on the kind of bleeding you suffer during various stages of pregnancy. (In many casesPregnant with twins there will be no bleeding at all). If you experience vaginal bleeding with cramps during first trimester or early second trimester, it may be a symptom of miscarriage. During the third trimester bleeding with abdominal pain may be due to placental abruption. In any of the cases you must contact your doctor immediately.
  2. Excessive nausea or vomiting: Nausea is a common symptom of pregnancy but it gets worse during twin pregnancy. You may not feel like eating or drinking anything which may result in dehydration. Speak to the doctor for overcoming it.
  3. Significant decrease in baby’s movement: There is no thumb rule attributed to the activity level of the babies, but a woman carrying babies in her womb will always know if the babies are less active some day. If this decrease in activity continues for two days at a go, you must speak to your medical caregiver immediately.
  4. If you suffer from severe headache, sudden swelling of hand and face or the problem of blurry vision, it is something which needs attention.
  5. Tiredness is common during pregnancy but if you feel too exhausted, fatigued and continually feel loss of energy, better consult with doctor.
  6. Contractions may occur in third trimester which may be due to preterm labor. Many pregnant women get confused of true labor and false labor. Generally false labor contractions do not continue for more than 2 hours. Also, they do not increase in intensity. However, the true labor contractions occur after every 10 minutes and keep on increasing in intensity.

Try not to worry too much and keep yourself calm during your pregnancy.