The Princess and The Dragon Story With Moral in English

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Written by Sindhuja Prabhu

Sindhuja Prabhu

The Princess and The Dragon

 Telling or reading stories to children is a great way to bond with them. You both are in an imaginary world together and you can improvise based on your child’s reaction to the story. It is important to choose the right story to tell children as they tend to believe it to be true. The story of the princess and the dragon is a great choice when you want them to learn the value of not judging someone.

A dragon is a fictional character that children are sure to love and fear at the same time. Almost all girls go through a phase where they love and want to be a princess. So, a story with a princess and a dragon in it is sure to get your child’s attention. The message you convey through this story is sure to stay in your child’s mind for a long time to come.

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Unknown Facts About the Story

The story of the princess and the dragon is an old story, retold for many generations. No one knows the exact origin of the story.

Characters in the Story

The main characters in this story are:

  • The Princess – Who is always disheveled looking and gives everyone around her a difficult time
  • The Dragon – A well-mannered beast
  • King And Queen – Parents of the difficult princess
  • Parents – The parents of other children in the kingdom

The Princess and The Dragon Short Story in English

The Princess and The Dragon story pictures

Once there lived a princess, who was not like any regular princess. The princess’s hair was always disheveled and her clothes were always dirty. Her manners were not very princess-like either. Her parents – the king and the queen were shocked and saddened by the princess’ behavior. 

The princess never smiled or played with other children her age. She used to grin only when she pulled a cruel joke on the old knight in the kingdom. The parents of the children in the kingdom always warned their children to not grow up to be like the princess. 

One day someone spotted a dangerous-looking dragon inside the tunnel in the mountain. Everyone was aware that dragons loved to abduct princesses. This made the king and queen worry. The royal old knight – whose job was to protect the royal child was very unhappy about this news.

When the princess heard that dragons abducted princesses, a cruel idea struck her. She thought it would be fun to watch the old knight fight the dangerous-looking dragon. 

That night, when everyone in the kingdom went to bed, the princess crept out of the palace. She slowly entered the dragon’s cave without making a noise. Inside the cave, she saw a big dragon, playing the piano. The dragon was also shocked to see the princess inside its cave.

Now, the princess did not know what to do. The dragon, who was supposed to be scary, was very kind and gentle-looking. The princess who was supposed to be gentle and well-mannered was looking disheveled. 

The princess felt she could be more fearsome than the dragon and the dragon felt it could be a better princess than her. Both the the princess and the dragon decided to switch roles. They shook hands and exchanged places. 

When the dragon, who is now disguised as the princess, went back to the palace, the nanny was shocked. The dragon princess was neatly dressed in a blue attire and performed a delicate curtsey. When the king and queen heard of the princess’ changed behavior, they were thrilled.

Life became very peaceful for the royal family. The gentle dragon on the other hand became very notorious and gave the knight a tough time by kidnapping the princess regularly. The parents in the kingdom were impressed by the princess’ changed behavior and asked their children to start behaving like her. 

Everything finally fell into place and everyone lived happily ever after. 

The Princess and The Dragon Story Summary

Once there was a princess who did not act like one. She came across a dragon who was very gentle and well-mannered. So, they decided to switch roles. Both settled well in their new roles and everyone was finally happy with the princess’ demeanor. 

Moral of The Princess and The Dragon Story

The moral of the story is – never judge a book by its cover. People can be very different from what we expect them to be. We should never assume things about anyone.

How Can Children Apply The Lesson of The Story in Their Real Life?

We all form opinions about things and people based on what others tell us or what we hear. Children can learn that not everyone will be the same and their characteristics can differ from the usual expectations. Children can learn to give everyone a chance without judging them and see what their true colors are.

It is very easy to judge others as we expect them to be a certain way. Not everyone is the same just because others have a particular opinion about them. Everyone can be different and unique in the most unexpected ways.

Sindhuja Prabhu,M.Sc (Psychology),PGDBM

Sindhuja, a mother of two, is an obsessive mom with a keen interest in psychology, especially child psychology. Her quest for knowledge and way with words led her to become a passionate content writer. She transformed her love for writing into a full-fledged career which incidentally also turned up being the perfect stress buster for the last 5 years.Read more.

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