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Twentieth-century is a virtual world where our life is revolving around the internet. Not only youth, but the kids are getting passionate about it. Parents feel immense pride when they say that their kids are tech-savvy. Even toddlers are using it promptly for their entertainment. Parents are more focused on internet learning and want their kids to be updated. Various apps are available like toddlers’ games, toddlers learning games, and are easily accessible and are free. Although there are numerous games available on the internet, few of them are smash hit.

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7 Best Toddler Games To Play Online

In this article, we will discuss some of the free toddler games online that can help in the overall development of the child and will enhance their mood:

1. ABC’s learning game

It allows toddlers to identify the alphabet, and along with it, are pictures of things that start with the same letters. This is a Kickstarter for the toddlers who are still at home and about to begin their play schooling. There are a plethora of ABC toddler learning games available online that can help to build the basics of knowledge in the minds of the toddlers using several fascinating pictures, images, icons, and blocks.

2. Shapes and Colors

Laugh and learn shapes games from fisher price is yet another mind-blowing game for the toddlers, which introduces kids’ different shapes to learn hilariously. You may tell the child to roll up the dice and take turns to complete a picture using different shapes and colors. This will allow the child to learn about different shapes and colors. Not only this, your toddler can acquire the ability f recognizing different things based on their varying color and shape.

3. Toddlers Board Games

This is yet another hit where kids are exposed to keyboards and necessary computer skills. Games like dance mat typing where kids are introduced to front row keys. Not only does it improve their thinking capabilities, but it also helps boost their language skills since the toddlers get to know new words and sentences as they go about playing any toddler board games. There are a number of websites such as Fun Brain, Game Classroom, Arcadamics, Sago Mini, etc. that provide a wide variety of easy to play and exciting to explore toddler games online.

4. Keyboard Climber 2

It is one of the fascinating games for toddlers where they have to rescue the stuck monkey by jumping off the rocky surface, and for playing this game, toddlers must recognize the letters. The primary purpose of this game is to help the toddlers experience the winning spirit by typing the texts on the ninja. It is a very interesting game with a number of fascinating colors, fonts, figures, and background scenes.

5. Music Makers

Music Makers is a sophisticated game where toddlers play and record different sounds and make their music. Also, they can send their self-creation to their friends. It is free of cost toddler game online, which is created by Schrott Games. This game can help the toddlers to get familiar with different kinds of beats, tones, voices, and sounds. Not only this, but they can also earn tokens, which will boost their morale to play more. You can easily save, copy, or paste without any help.

6. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

It is popular among kids as Micky mouse is the most beloved character among the toddlers. This is a kind of treasure game, and it has different levels. Also, it contains all the Micky mouse characters. The kids love to play this game, and they can learn analytical skills and problem-solving abilities from the game. Goofy, Mickey, Minnie, Donald, etc. play a significant impact on the toddler’s life as they inherit habits from these cartoon characters.

7. Princess Sofia

Sofia, the first by Disney junior, is famous and admired by toddler girls as princess Sofia who goes on an adventure. Not only kids get engaged, but they also learn the pattern, counting, and skip counting throughout the adventurous journey of Princess Sofia. Not only this, it encourages turn-taking and counting habits and helps the toddlers to play fairly without cheating. Moreover, you can earn 130 prestigious awards in the game.

Some Final Words

Although the internet is loaded with countless kids and toddler’s games online. It’s not possible to pen down all of them. But few of the voguish toddler’s games online introduced above are worth trying as the free toddler games provide kids a base to play and learn with fun and understanding. The learning through these games helps in gaining practical knowledge of basic things of everyday life.
Therefore, parents could take these free toddler games as a path through which they can fully be engaged in these activities with their children so that they can spend time with them and at the same time, connect with their kids. So, try these games at your home and explore the real taste of happiness and togetherness with your toddlers.

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