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500 Baby Boy Names That Start With pIt’s a time for celebration when the babies are born. The tiny little miracle is sure to turn the world upside down. The birth of a baby boy sets the color blue, blue clothes, and blue nursery. Blue bathrobes, etc. So, it is seen as blue for boys and pink for girls, primarily. This selection is still easy, but looking for names is still a challenge. The pressure to keep the best name drives the parents crazy into looking for one. Are u a parent looking for baby boy names starting with P.

Since all parents have different choices, the selection of names also differs for them. While some look for traditional names, others want names that are trendy or unique. Naming the babies after great personalities, gods and goddesses, and elements of nature is also a common one. Given below are names related to languages that are common. These names are in tabular form, sorted alphabetically with their corresponding meanings. The name list also has some modern names that have an Indian touch to them.

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Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With P

The naming of baby boys in the Hindu religion is quite interesting. The majority of these names draw inspiration from gods and goddesses, Hindu scriptures, deities, and natural elements. The Hindu names are selected on the basis of the Janam nakshatra, rashi, or sun sign, as per the child’s month of birth, or masanam, or after the family deities, known as devatanama. Some such names are given in the table below.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Paak Innocent
2 Paalvit Grow
3 Paanik Hand
4 Paaraj Gold
5 Paaru Sun
6 Paavan Pure
7 Padmaksh Lotus Eyed
8 Paksha Phases of Moon
9 Padmayani Lord Buddha
10 Pakshaj Moon
11 Paksham Eye Lash
12 Palak Eyelash
13 Palaksh White
14 Palanhaar One who protects everyone
15 Palkesh Joyous
16 Palvish Courageous
17 Pananjay Resembling a cloud
18 Panay Youthful
19 Panchajanya Five eyed
20 Pancham Intelligent
21 Pandala Lord Shiva
22 Pandiyan God Vitthal
23 Panit Admired
24 Panju Smooth
25 Pankaj Sea
26 Pankajit Line
27 Panner Happy Life
28 Panshul Fragrant
29 Panvith Lord Shiva
30 Paraga Uplifter of the poor
31 Parimal Fragrance
32 Parin Lord Ganesha
33 Parv Festival
34 Pooran The perfect one
35 Pramod Delight
36 Prasal Cool
37 Prasit First ray of winter sun
38 Pratham First and foremost
39 Pratik Symbol
40 Pulak Joy

Modern Indian Baby Boy Names Starting With P

Modern Indian Baby Boy Names Starting With P

If attached to Indian culture and traditions, or an Indian by itself, the selection of a name is not easy. There are many names that have an Indian origin but a modern appeal to them. Some modern baby boy names that start with P are given as follows:

SL No Name Meaning
1 Paalit  Precious 
2 Paarth Arjun
3 Paarvendan Leader
4 Paavak Pure
5 Padmabandhu Friend of lotus
6 Padmaj Lord Brahma
7 Padmakant Husband of lotus
8 Padmakar Jewel
9 Padmalochan Lotus eyed
10 Padmanabh One with lotus in his navel
11 Padmanabha Lord Vishnu
12 Padmapani Lord Brahma
13 Padminish Sun
14 Pahal Facet
15 Pajas  Strength 
17 Pakhi Bird
19 Palin Protecting
20 Palvit Name of Lord Vishnu
21 Pandita Scholar
22 Panth  Savage 
23 Panut  Good Example 
24 Partha Prince
25 Parthasarathi Charioteer of Partha
26 Parthiv Earthly
27 Partik  War
28 Parvateshwar God of mountains
29 Parvatinandan Son of Parvati
30 Pankil Mud with water 
31 Parviz   Lucky
32 Pashunath Lord of animals
33 Pashupati Lord of animals
34 Pathik Traveler
35 Paul Small
36 Paurav King Puru
37 Pavaki  Exquisite 
38 Pavan Wind
39 Pavankumar Bhim, hanuman
40 Payas Milk, rain
41 Pankanabh  Lotus Flower
41 Peeyush Nectar
42 Pehlaj Firstborn
43 Phalak Sky
44 Phalgun Spring
45 Phaninath Lord of serpents
46 Phanindra Seshnag
47 Phanindranath Lord Vishnu
48 Phineas Variation of Pinchas
49 Pinak Bow of lord shiva
50 Pinakin Lord Shiva

Baby Boy Names Starting With P In Sanskrit

It is common to see that parents want to name babies in a way that reflects their tradition, culture, and ethnicity. Sanskrit is the richest and oldest dialect in the country. This language has many names that have deep-rooted meanings. The names in the Sanskrit language are a blend of spirituality, religion, and history. A few good options for baby boy names that start with P in Sanskrit are as follows:

SL No Name Meaning
1 Paaras  Healthy 
2 Pabok Fire 
3 Pachai Youthful, resourceful
4 Padmam Lotus
5 Padmaroop  Lotus Hued 
6 Pakalon  The Sun
7 Prabhav  Lord Vishnu 
8 Pant The creed, path
9 Parag Pollen grains, Sandal Wood
10 Paramjeet Highest success
11 Parantap Conqueror 
12 Paras Mythical stone
13 Parbu God
14 Parinut Famous Praised
15 Parmeet Wisdom
16 Parshav Warrior
17 Partheeban Brightness
18 Parvesh Lord of celebration
19 Pashv God of Jain
20 Pauras Real Man
21 Pavin Sun, moon
22 Prashray Love
23 Pittan A small region king
24 Poorv The east
25 Poram Ultimate, being supreme
26 Prabal Very strong
27 Prabir Hero
28 Prakrit Nature, Handsome
29 Prakul Good-looking
30 Pradnesh Lord of wisdom
31 Pranal Waterway
32 Pranav The sacred syllable Om
33 Praneet Requested
34 Pranshu Tall, Lord Vishnu
35 Prashant Very calm
36 Prateek Symbol
37 Pratibodh Knowledge
38 Pratosh Delight
39 Pravit Hero
40 Preetam Love
41 Preetish God of love
42 Patush Cleaver
43 Pujit Worshipped
44 Puneet Pure, holy
45 Punit Holy

Gujarati Baby Boy Names Starting With P

Gujarati Baby Boy Names Starting With P

Gujarati culture gives a lot of importance to the baby-naming process. It helps in selecting an auspicious name with the help of family members, elders, and close and dear ones. The names in this language are kept for deities, scriptures, and mythological figures. It is the paternal aunt of the baby who is responsible for naming the baby from the list given by the parents. Find out some baby boy names that start with P in Gujarati.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Pragun  Honesty
2 Padmesh Intelligence, Lord Vishnu
3 Paka Lord of Lotuses; Sun
4 Pahir  Sunshine
5 Palkit Eyelash, Blink of the Eyes
6 Panchaanan Five-eyed; Name of Shiva
7 Panchajan Shankh of Arjuna
8 Parees Touch Stone 
9 Panchhil Bird
10 Pandit Priest
11 Pandiyaraj King of the King
12 Pandya South Dynasty; Brahmin’s Surname
13 Pani Water; Life; Respective
14 Pankajan Lotus; Lord Vishnu; Born from Mud
15 Pankajeet Eagle; Garuda
16 Pankajsinh TBD
17 Pankhil Bird; Mud of Water
18 Pankul Lotus Flower; Mud of Water
19 Pannalal Emerald
20 Paraag Sandal Wood; Honey; Pollen
21 Paraam Being Supreme, The Best
22 Paraashar A Celebrated Saint
23 Parakram Strength; Heroism; Valour
24 Paramanand Supreme Bliss
25 Paramarsh Advice; Guidance
26 Pratul One who owns plenty
27 Paramesh Greatest; Lord Shiva
28 Parameshwa The Supreme God
29 Paramhansh Supreme Soul; A Divine Swan
30 Paresh Lord Shiva
31 Paramraj First King
32 Paramveer The Greatest Warrior, Heroic
33 Paranjay Lord of the Oceans / Sea
34 Parantapa Conqueror; Arjuna
35 Parashar An Ancient; Crusher; Destroyer
36 Parashotam Great Human Being
37 Parashuraam Brave; An Ancient Sage
38 Parasmani Touchstone
39 Parasme Most Superior; Lord Rama
40 Parasuraman God Name
41 Paratpara Greatest of the Greats
42 Paravasu Name of a Sage
43 Parbat Mountain; Morning
44 Pardip Light of Moon
45 Prasham Peace
46 Paresha Lord of the Lords
47 Parighosh Loud Sound
48 Pariket Against Desire
49 Pariksh Exam; Tested; Challenge
50 Parikshit Tested, Name of an Ancient King
51 Pariksith Son of Abhimanyu
52 Parindra A Lion
53 Parisar A Part of Temple; Surrounding
54 Parixit Son of Abhimanyu
55 Parlok Heaven
56 Parm Being Supreme
57 Parmaarth Highest Truth; Salvation
58 Parmanand Divine Happiness
59 Parmananda Superlative Joy, Supreme Bliss
60 Parmendra King of Lord; God of Gods
61 Pingal A reputed sage
62 Parmeshvar The Supreme God
63 Parmit Friend of the Supreme
64 Parmpartap Majesty; Bravery; Royal King
65 Parmvir A Brave Man
66 Parnad A Brahmin in the Qpics
67 Parnal Leafy
68 Parnik Creeper

Kannada Baby Boy Names Starting With P

Kannada is the most common language spoken in the southern parts of India. Kannada is spoken in different parts of Karnataka and the naming style differs in different parts as well. In North Karnataka, the first name of the baby can be anything but The preference is given to keep ancestors name or initials of it while in southern parts of Karnataka, it is mandatory to use the baby’s second name as the father’s name.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Paachai Youthful
2 Padm Baby Lotus
3 Palani Abode of Lord Murugan
4 Panchasya Five-faced
5 Pandu Fruit
6 Pangesh King of Serpents
7 Panna Emerald
8 Param hans Supreme Spirit
9 Paraman Supreme
10 Paran Beauty
11 Parijat  A celestial Flower
12 Parkram  Strength
13 Parushu  Name of Lord 
14 Parvez  Success
15 Patag  Sun
16 Pathin  Traveller 
17 Pavanan Pure
18 Pavish  Truly 
19 Payod  Cloud 
20 Poonish  Lord of the Pious 

Baby Boy Names Starting With P In Telugu

Baby Boy Names Starting With P In Telugu

Names in the Telugu language are beautiful and have deep and rich meanings. This language is spoken in Andhra Pradesh as well as Telangana. To keep the heritage alive and also keep one connected to the roots, some Telugu baby boy names that start with P are given as follows:

SL No Name Meaning
1 Pushpesh  Lord of Flowers
2 Punj quantity, five, a multitude
3 Puru heaven, abundant, name of a king
4 Purdvi Earth
5 Pratiksh Love
6 Panan a singer, messenger and a lover
7 Param the best, being supreme
8 Patoj Lotus
9 Prem Love
10 Pavak Pure
11 Pavit Pure
12 Pawan Wind
13 Phani Snake
14 Pachaimani Youthful; Resourceful
15 Pachaimuthu Youthful; Resourceful
16 Padma Lotus Flower
17 Padmadhar One who Holds a Lotus
18 Padmahasta Lotus-handed; Lord Krishan
19 Padmaja Lotus Born
20 Padman Lotus
21 Padmanaban Lord Vishnu; Lotus Navelled
22 Padmapati Lord Vishnu
23 Padmarao Another Name of Lord Venkateshwara
24 Paksha Fortnight
25 Pal Tiny, Petite, Humble, Witness
26 Palaniappan Another Name for Lord Murugan
27 Palanikumar Another Name for Lord Murugan
28 Palanimurugan Another Name for Lord Murugan
29 Palanisami Another Name for Lord Murugan
30 Palanisamy Another Name of Lord Murugans
31 Palanivel Another Name for Lord Murugan
32 Palash A Flowering, Flowery Tree, Green
33 Palashranjan Beautiful Like a Palash
34 Palla Opening
35 Pallab New Leaf / Leaves
36 Pallam Down; Hill and Dale
37 Pallav Young Shoots and Leaves, Sprout
38 Pallava Bud
39 Pambavasan One who Lives in Pamba
40 Panav Prince
41 Panchal Lord Shiva; Surname
42 Panchanan Lord Shiva
43 Panchavaktra Five Faced; Lord Hanuman
44 Panchsheel Five Good Things
45 Pandalavasan One who Lives in Pandala (a Place)
46 Pandhari Lord Vithobha
47 Pandurang Lord Vithobha; Fair Complexioned
48 Panine A Sanskrit Grammarian
49 Panini The Great Scholar-grammarian
50 Pankit Famous; A Line
51 PannGesh King of Serpents
52 Panthulu The Teacher
53 Panvit Lord Shiva
54 Panvitha Flower
55 Paparao Name of a Lord
56 Pappu Nick Name; Rahul Gandhi
57 Paradev Lord Shiva
58 Paramakshara The Supreme Syllable; Aum
59 Paramananda Supreme Bliss; Superlative Joy
60 Paramartha Highest Truth; Great Entity
61 Parameshvara The Supreme God
62 Parameshwar Supreme Lord; Almighty Lord
63 Parameswaran The Supreme Spirit
64 Paramhansa Supreme Soul
65 Paramjit Heroic; Supremely Victorious
66 Paramsivam Lord Shiva

Tamil Names Starting With P For Boy Baby

The Tamil language is one of the oldest languages, and the names of these cultures have rich implications. These names are close to the religion and are also pleasing when taken. Some of these names are:

SL No Name Meaning
1 Paandurang a diety
2 Paaninee a Sanskrit grammarian
3 Paari A king known for generosity
4 Paarthiv Earthly
5 Paavalan New Experiences
6 Padmesh Intelligence
7 Paghunan Good Character
8 Pallavan Protecting
9 Panmoli Speaks Sweetly
10 Parithi Sun
11 Parmesh Lord Shiva
12 Parveen Expert; Skilled
13 Parvin Regular Winner
14 Patjith Always Happy
15 Pavalan Skilled in Literature
16 Pavanaj Lord Hanuman
17 Peneet The Warrior
18 Peralagan Loved by God
19 Perinbam Bliss
20 Perumal Lord Venkateshwara
21 Pharvesh Lord of Celebration
22 Poatri Praisable Man
23 Polilan Attractive Man
24 Ponmani Precious Gem
25 Ponmudi Golden Crown
26 Ponnadi A Man with Golden Feet
27 Ponnan Precious
28 Ponraj Gold
29 Ponvel God Murugan
30 Poorvik Ancient
31 Poovan God of Flower
32 Pozhil Garden; Rain forest
33 Pozhilan Handsome
34 Prabu Lord; God
35 Pradeep Light; Shine
36 Prajay Good
37 Prajeet Victorious
38 Prajesh Leader of Men
39 Prajith King
40 Prajwal Bright
41 Pramsu  Scholar 
42 Pranad  Lord Vishnu 
43 Pranaov Praise
44 Pranesh Lord of Life
45 Prasath Blessing
46 Prataap Glory
47 Pratap Bravery
48 Prathish Good Behavior
49 Pravan Modest
50 Praveen Expert in Something
51 Praveer An Excellent Warrior
52 Pravesh Good in Look
53 Pravin Talented
54 Pugazh Fame
55 Pulamai Knowledgeable Person
56 Pulan Senses
57 Puli Tiger
58 Pulkit Joy; Happiness
59 Puneeth Happy
60 Purari Lord Shiva, the destroyer of Tripuram

Christian Baby Boy Names Starting With P

Christian Baby Boy Names Starting With P

Everyone should care about the name of Christianity because it is a way to connect with God. In addition to that, it is a channel through which one can connect with the Bible. A name is more than just a label; it imparts responsibility and a sense of self. Some such names are as below.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Pablo  Strong, creative
2 Pacey A form of pace
3 Paco Energetic
4 Paden A form of patton
5 Padraic Cocky
6 Padre Father, Cajoles
7 Pagiel Worships God
8 Pall Wise friend
9 Palladin Confrontational, Wise
10 Pallaton Tough, Fighter
11 Pan God of forest and shepherds, The one who is all
12 Paolo Small and high energy
13 Parkerre He who looks after nature like a game park
14 Parkin Little peter
15 Parnel One who is confident of himself
16 Parr Protective
17 Parris Priest’s place lovely boy
18 Parrish Separate and unique, District
19 Parryth Up and coming
20 Parsefal It means the one who pierces the valley
21 Parson Clergyman
22 Party He who is flexible and positive spirited
23 Pascal Boy born on Easter, Passover, Spiritual
24 Pasquale Spiritual
25 Pastor Clergyman
26 Pattrick A noble- man ; patrician
27 Paull A small or humble man
28 Paulose  
29 Paulson  
30 Pavel Inspired
31 Pavun Belonging to the middle
32 Pawel Believer
33 Payden A form of payton
34 Peader Rock, Stone, Reliable
35 Peale Bell ringer in a church, Religious
36 Pearce A form of pierce
37 Pearson Dark eyed
38 Peat Knowing
39 Pedahel God redeems
40 Pedat Atonement
41 Pederson Son of Peter, Smart boy
42 Peer Rock
43 Peers A form of peter
44 Peerson Smart
45 Peirce A form of peter
46 Pell A clerk or one who works with skins
47 Pelton From the town by the lake
48 Pendle Hill
49 Penley From the enclosed meadow
50 Pyre Excitable 

Sikh Baby Boy Names Beginning With P

Most of the names given to Sikh infants have their origins in the Guru Granth Sahib, the religion’s sacred book. Many of the names honor historical figures known for their spirituality, courage, and struggle for independence. Some examples of such names are listed below.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Padamjeet Victory of the lotus
2 Palvinder Moments spent remembering God
3 Paramatam Supreme soul
4 Parambir The greatest of warriors
5 Paramdeep The Lamp of the Divine
6 Paramdesh The highest god
7 Paramdev A godly person
8 Paramdheer Having the greatest Patience
9 Paramgeet The highest song of Bliss
10 Paramjit The perfect winner
11 Paramjog One uniting with the Highest
12 Paramjot The highest light, God’s light,The supreme light
13 Paramleen Absorbed in the Highest, God
14 Paramnaam Supreme name
15 Parampal God, the caretaker
16 Parampreet One who loves the Lord
17 Parbeen Capable, skilful, efficient
18 Pardeep Mystic light
19 Pargat One who blossoms forth into fame
20 Partap One of exalted glory
21 Parveer Brave
22 Patveer The respected brave one
23 Patwant Respectable, honorable, elite
24 Pavitar The holy person
25 Pawanjeet Victory of the pure
26 Pawanjit Victory of air
27 Pawanjot Light of air
28 Pawanvir Brave as air
29 Paweet King
30 Phakir Alt spelling Farid
31 Phulwant Full of flower fragrance
32 Pooranbir Perfect and brave
33 Pooranjit Victory of the perfect
34 Pooranjot Perfect light
35 Pooranpreet Perfect Love
36 Prabhbir God’s brave warrior
37 Prabhdas Slave of God
38 Prabhdeep The lamp of God, God’s dear one
39 Prabhgun One having Godly merits
40 Prabhjeet One who wins the love of God
41 Prabhjog Worthy of God
42 Prabhjote Light of God
43 Prabhleen Absorbed in God’s Love
44 Prabhmeet Friend of God
45 Prabhmel Union with God
46 Prabhnoor The light of God
47 Prabjot Parmatama the jot
48 Prabveer Brave Devotee of God
49 Prajit Conquering, defeating
50 Praneet Leader

Unique Baby Boy Names That Start With P

infant boy

When it comes to selecting baby names, different parents have different choices. Some prefer to keep the age-old names, while others are on the lookout for unique names for the baby. These unique names can be found across the world and can have any origin. A few such baby boy names that start with P are collated below.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Paarush Quick and active mind
2 Palvit Name of Lord Vishnu
3 Parin Another name for Lord Ganesha
4 Parishrut Popular
5 Parshva Jain God
6 Pavith Love
7 Pinank Lord Shiva
8 Piu Pios and dutiful
9 Prabudh Knowledgeable
10 Pradhi Intelligent
11 Pragnay Famous Scholar
12 Pragyan Wisdom
13 Prahan Kind and Generous
14 Praharsh Extreme Happiness
15 Prahil Part of God
16 Prakashit To enlighten
17 Praneel lord Shiva
18 Pranith God
19 Pransh Full of life
20 Prasanna Cheerful
21 Prathit Confident
22 Prayan Intelligence
23 Preash Loved by God
24 Prerit Inspired one
25 Prihaans Loveable swan
26 Prish Loving person
27 Priyom Beloved</td/>
28 Purvang Enlightened
29 Purvansh Purv Disha 
30 Pushkal Lord Shiva

Baby Boy Names Starting With P In Bengali

cute infant

There is a strong connection between Bengali baby boy names and their culture, and many of these names are rooted in tradition. Bengal’s history is very rich because it has been shaped by many different religions and cultures, including Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism. Names in this language come from stories, traditions, and other things. Some such names are:

SL No Name Meaning
1 Paarthiban  Anotrher name of Arjun 
2 Paatav  Clever 
3 Paban  Air 
4 Palaash  Greenery 
5 Pamposh  Lotus Flower
6 Panchu  Funny 
7 Papon  Loved One 
8 Pardev  Love 
9 Parth King
10 Partho  Arjun
11 Piash  Thirst 
12 Pinku  Beautiful 
13 Polok Joyful
14 Poresh  Supreme Spirit 
15 Pranab God
16 Prannoy  Innocent Love 
17 Pranshul Lord Shiva
18 Premo  First Born 
19 Priyansh Loved part among all, Lord Shiva
20 Probal Beloved
21 Pratab  Bravery 

Thus, names starting with P are the ones who are powerful yet adorable. This alphabet passes from ancient to modern. As per the astrological and numerological significance, baby boys whose name begins with P are the ones who have a craving or thirst for knowledge. They are close to God and leave no stone unturned to gain any form of knowledge. The names starting in this alphabet can be seen across cultures as well as languages. One can choose from the comprehensive list given above for a better understanding.

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