Urination During Pregnancy

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The joy of pregnancy comprises a lot of discomforts. Consistent and increased visits to the loo are among them. Frequent urination during pregnancy is quite common. The increase in the pressure on uterus takes this blame. 

Working women should learn to embrace this concern, especially in their meetings. Frequent urination is not always a problem. Know the differences between bladder infection and pregnancy. Frequent urination is a symptom of pregnancy when you have missed periods.

urination in pregnancy

How Often Does A Pregnant Woman Urinate?

It is usual for women to pee at a rate of 4 to 10 times per day. The frequency might increase in the case of pregnant women, which is never an alarming issue. Women consider urine test when they miss the periods.

Be cautious while peeing, empty bladder altogether. Urinate by leaning forwards to avoid visiting washroom many times. 

Both mom and baby need enough hydration. So, stay least bothered of urination and have enough water and fluids. Don’t get a pry for urinary tract infections. 

Is Cloudy Urine A Sign Of Pregnancy?

Cloudy urine occurs because of white blood cells, infection, presence of blood, or vaginal discharge. 

  • The presence of cloudy urine in pregnancy is treatable with antibiotics. Let your doctor know about this in your regular visits. 
  • Hormonal changes are also the cause for cloudy urination.
  • Cloudy urine is possible and common during pregnancy. 
  • Stay hydrated to get better. If hydration is the cause, drink a big glass of water, and a little later, cloudy urine might not bother much. 
  • Change in diet, urinary tract infections, the vaginal discharge are other causes for cloudy urine. 

Do You Pee A Lot In Early Pregnancy?

After a couple of weeks post conceiving, urinating frequency increases in every woman. The rise in the HCG hormone is the cause of this. At the same time, no need to worry if you are not peeing as other pregnant women. The effect of an increase in HCG level will not always be equal for all. This urine production peaks by about 9 to 16 weeks of the pregnancy, then start to settle down for a while. Taking trips to loo gets familiar with the increase in bladder pressure during the later trimesters.

Reasons For Frequent Urination During Pregnancy

  • Increased Blood Volume:  The blood volume of a woman starts to increase significantly after conception.  Therefore, the blood flow to the expecting mother’s kidneys increases by up to 35 to 60%. This additional blood flow results in the production of about 25% extra urine.
  • hCG:  Increased level of pregnancy hormone hCG increases the blood flow towards the pelvic area. More blood to kidney results in more urine production.
  • Growing Uterus: the growing uterus tends to put pressure in the bladder. This will lead to frequent urination.

Reasons For Painful Urination During Pregnancy:

Frequent urination is familiar but never painful urination. If you are feeling pain, consult a doctor who figures out the right cause. Painful urination results with problems related to

  • Urinary Tract Infection
  • Endometriosis
  • Gonorrhoea
  • Bacterial Vaginosis
  • Chlamydia
  • Genital herpes
  • Trichomoniasis

Why Do I Pee More At Night While Pregnant?

During the night, along with the reasons like increased blood volume and pressure on the uterus in the urinary bladder, one more ground is added. The fluid that accumulated in your legs and feet as a result of water retention will find its way to the bladder!

Bladder Control During Pregnancy:

As the baby grows, the pressure on the bladder will increase. This will trigger frequent urination. Stress is also another cause of urination. 

When it comes to pregnant women, they urinate as and when they sneeze or cough. To ger rid of this embracement, try doing simple pelvic exercises to get bladder control.

  • Have some patience to do at least three sets of pelvic exercises in a day for better results. 
  • All you need to do is control your muscles as if you are holding it from urinating. 
  • Hold this position for 5 seconds to 10 seconds.
  • Relax and repeat the same for at least ten times. 

Leakage of urine while walking, exercising reduces by doing this simple squeezing of pelvic muscle. 

Dark Urination During Third Trimester Of Pregnancy

Dark colour urine is frequent in pregnancy. The medications might be the cause of this. But, it also means that you are pregnant and unaware of it. 

Usually, the colour of the urine is pale yellow. But if this colour gets intense, it is more concentrated.

  • Drink enough water when pregnant. You and your baby need to get hydrated. While you are not consuming enough, the chances for dark urination increases. 
  • Let your doctor know about this, in your next visit. People suffering from liver problems also face the dark urine issue. 
  • The dark colour followed by burning or pain while urinating needs the advice of the doctor.
  • The colour of urine gets dark while there is a urinary tract infection as well. Get it treated soon. Otherwise, it gets into kidney infection as well.

Best Ways to Skip Frequent Urination During Pregnancy:

  • Reduce Drinking More Fluids at Night: Give high priority to hydration. Drink enough water in the daytime and reduce the fluid intake before hitting the bed. Doing this, you need not get up many times in the middle of the night.
  • Standing Up: Try standing for a while to feel comfortable. With less pressure on the bladder, your urge to use the washroom will be reduced.
  • Avoid Drinks With Diuretic Properties: Avoid taking drinks that have a diuretic effect. Reduce the intake of coffee and tea, which triggers the number of trips to the washroom.

These are simple measures to keep in mind. However, frequent urination is just for a while. It gets utterly ordinary once you deliver the sweet bundle of joy.

 Let’s Wrap It Up

Don’t get embarrassed for frequent urination as it is common in pregnant women. Urinary tract infection and other health issues also trigger frequent urination. In the first trimester, urination gets increased and decreases in a couple of weeks. However, as the baby grows, the pressure on uterus increases with the frequency of urination. Post-delivery, everything gets beautiful, and the urination count as well decreases. 

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