What Is ‘Pregnancy Glow’?

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There are numerous physiological changes and regular worries that accompany pregnancy, for example, morning sickness, fatigue, swelling of limbs, back pain and so on. Be that as it may, there is one of the physiological changes numerous ladies anticipate while they are pregnant – pregnancy glow.
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What Does It Mean To Have The ‘Pregnancy Glow’?

Pregnancy glow is one of the skin changes that make the pregnant women attain a brighter, shinier and glowing skin tone which is more beautiful than their pre-pregnancy time. Pregnancy, coupled with hormonal changes can make your skin look bright, radiant, flawless and glowing. If you are radiating when pregnant, we’d say you should call yourself lucky and enjoy it while it lasts – since some women even have to deal with acne and other unpleasant skin conditions.

Why Do Women Glow When They Are Pregnant?

Though there has been no concrete studies that could specify the causes of the pregnancy glow, yet there are some really good explanations that infer that pregnancy, indeed, causes some women’s skin to glow and shine. The main reasons behind pregnancy glow are:

  • Increased blood circulation: When the pregnancy progresses, the blood volume increases. This increases the blood circulation and more blood will be pumped through the blood vessels. The skin retains more moisture in the course of pregnancy, making it slightly plum and smoothing out fine wrinkles and lines. This makes the skin looks brighter and smoother
  • Hormonal reasons and more activated skin glands: Increased level of pregnancy hormones is the principle cause behind the pregnancy glow. This increased level of hormones, especially HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) and progesterone makes the sebaceous glands of the face to produce more sebum. This increased amount of oil will keep the skin supple and radiant. However, excess oil production can also cause pregnancy acne and skin pigmentation during pregnancy as well
  • Physiological reasons: It’s true that what is in your mind will reflect on your face. During pregnancy, most of the women will experience increased happiness (after all enjoying the attention given by other family members alone is enough for always being in good spirit) and positive thoughts which make her more graceful and refined
  • Excessive sweating: As per increased body weight, increased blood volume and increased demand on the body, in the course of pregnancy, the body temperature is found to elevate. This results in excessive sweating. Excessive sweating clears-out impurities from the skin, making it more radiant

When Does Pregnancy Glow Start?

Since pregnancy glow is a result of several factors that develop during pregnancy, it’s effect on each pregnancy is distinctive for each woman. Some mothers experience it during the early stage of the pregnancy, while others feel it in the beginning of the second trimester. Yet another group of expecting mothers never experience the pregnancy glow at all. More often the pregnancy glow is found to appear during the second trimester, when the initial flux of hormones has settles and you tend to eat and look better.

How Can I Maintain My Pregnancy Glow?

Who would not want to retain all that radiance and shine that pregnancy brings along? However, once the surge of hormones starts to decraeas after delivery, you will have to ensure a good skincare regime to keep that glaw. How long your skin glows after childbirth depends on how you maintain your pregnancy glow which you have achieved naturally.

  • Stay hydrated: Stay well hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Drinking plenty of water is not only important for a healthy pregnancy and in reducing the water retention, but also do wonders for your skin. It sustains the elasticity of the skin, retains more moisture in the skin, giving the skin a healthy look
  • Keep the skin clean: As the pregnancy hormones stimulate the oil glands, there are chances that the extra oil blocks the pores thereby creating acne. To avoid this it is important to keep the skin clean. You can use cucumber paste, curd, besan or gram flour etc. which clean the skin naturally
  • Sleep well: Make sure you are getting a good night’s sleep. Taking enough rest is significant in maintaining the pregnancy glow.
  • Sun care: If possible, avoid going out on a sunny day. The chances of hyperpigmentation (the darkening patches) increase if the skin is exposed to the sun. If you have to go out, protect yourself from UV light. Wearing a protective hat and a suitable natural sun protection formula can help you to prolong the pregnancy glow to some extent

Pregnancy glow
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What If The Pregnancy Glow Doesn’t Kick In Naturally?

You might feel disappointed if the much-awaited pregnancy glow hasn’t quite started yet. Don’t worry if you are not lucky enough to get it naturally. Here are a few tips which can help you to attain your pregnancy charm:

  • Eat well: Sticking to a well-nourished diet will help to kick start your pregnancy glow. Include protein rich food like eggs, fish, etc. in your diet. Food with lots of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals should also be included. Food enriched with the folic acid like broccoli, seeds, nut, etc. will make your skin brighter and flawless. Including avocados, watermelon, pomegranate, etc. in the daily menu also improves your skin tone
  • Apply gentle massage: A touch of pampering, like a gentle massage with cream or oil of your choice, will increase the blood circulation which gives your skin the additional oxygen and nutrients which are vital to the appearance of pregnancy glow
  • Relax: Pregnancy ought to be a period of bliss, however, we realize that lots of stress, strain and fear also happens during this period. Don’t let the worries appear on your face. Practicing breathing exercise can help you to ease the fears and tensions associated with pregnancy and delivery

Remember that when pregnant, you should avoid getting chemical peels and usage of certain make-up products so that the developing fetus does not get harmed in anyway.
The sad news is that the pregnancy glow, more often than not, vanishes when your little bundle of joy arrives. What you can do is, take care of your skin and follow healthy skin care habits which help your skin to stay brighter even if you are no more pregnant. Now that is indeed, a tough bet after having a baby, isn’t it?

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