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What To Do If Your Child Gets An Electric Shock?

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The human body is a good conductor of electricity, which means that the electrical energy can pass through the body very easily. Kids like to stick their little fingers everywhere, especially in plug sockets. You need to be alert enough until your child is matured to understand that. Exposure to electric current can cause injuries which are minor, like burns, or they can be bad to cause serious internal damage or death.
Electric shock in children

  • What Happens When My Child Gets Electric Shock?
  • Causes of Electric Shock In Children
  • First Aid For Electric Shock – What Should I Do If My Child Gets An Electric Shock?
  • What Can I Do Prevent Electric Shocks In Children?

What Happens When My Child Gets Electric Shock?

Your child can get the electric current if he touches it hand/foot while playing or chews the electrical wire. He/she may get burns, numbness in any part of the body, pain or headache. The current enters your baby’s body at from one part, and damages all the tissue while leaving from another. If the electric shock is strong it may cause seizures, cardiac arrest, damage the brain or even death, depending on the strength of the current and the time your child holds onto it.

Causes of Electric Shock In Children

Children are inquisitive little beings and do not really shy away from exploring.

  • Chewing on the electricity cords or pressing their mouth against the electrical sockets can cause the electric shock
  • Poking their fingers or metal objects in the electrical outlet
  • Playing or touching electrical appliances

First Aid For Electric Shock – What Should I Do If My Child Gets An Electric Shock?

Below are a few steps that you can do immediately if your child gets an electric shock.

  • Separate the child from the electricity source: If they have got stuck first thing you need to do is switch off the source of electricity or it’s even better to remove the fuse
  • Use a non-conductor to break the connection of current like wood, plastic. Make sure that you are not standing on anything that is wet. If you are barefoot stand on something non-conductive material like paper or clothes
  • Do not touch the electrocuted water or you may catch the current
  • Do not touch your baby until you have shut off the electricity
  • Check your child’s breathing immediately after separating him from the current source. If he is not breathing or if it seems slow give CPR for two minutes first and call a hospital emergency number
  • Tilt the body to make his head be slightly lower than the rest of his body
  • Don’t move him much, he may have suffered injuries to the neck or spine
  • If the breathing is normal check the skin and if the child has burns take him to the emergency room straight away unless you are very sure that they are minor burns. Do not apply ice or any cream on the burns before you reach the hospital

The doctor can dress the baby’s burns and will check for the internal injuries. The doctor may also advice some lab tests if he thinks there might be internal organs damage. He may give a pain killer if they think that the child is in pain. If the child has severe burns or has internal organ damage they will be admitted to the hospital.
 Child Electric shock

What Can I Do Prevent Electric Shocks In Children?

It is better to prevent a situation like this. Many parents prepare for the arrival of the baby, but they often forget to do the childproofing during the years when the child is growing up. It is in these years that children need to be kept safe from the injuries in the house. There are some preventive measures that we can take.

  • Keep electrical appliances like iron, hair dryer, kettles, mobile phone and laptop chargers away from children. Keep them switched off when not in use
  • Cover the electrical sockets with plug covers until your child is matured enough to stay away from them
  • Place heavy furniture in front of the electrical sockets
  • Don’t let kids run around the house after their bath. Dry them thoroughly first
  • Keep drinks and water away from TV, computers, gaming consoles, DVD players etc.
  • Turn the electrical appliances off before you go to bed. Don’t leave the washing machine, charges on during the night. If you leave the mobile phone charger on, it can overheat and cause fire
  • Watch for fallen wires and broken poles when you are outdoors

Keep the children safe and ensure your peace of mind. As the children grow up, they will be able to keep themselves safe and away from electricity. Till that time it is your responsibility to keep them away from anything that can cause serious injuries.

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