10 Best Aveeno Products For Your Baby

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The market catering to baby products is immensely growing all over the world. Due to the increasing know-how and availability of a massive range of products, choosing baby food and baby products that are safe for the baby is becoming challenging. Since the baby skin products range is too wide, it becomes difficult to choose. Therefore, it is important to pick the product that is best suited and has no reactions to the baby’s skin. Remember, the infant’s skin is very sensitive, soft, and supple.

Benefits Of Using Baby Products

 The parents make absolutely no compromises when it comes to choosing the products for the baby’s skin. It is highly advisable to select the products that are specifically designed for babies over the regular ones. Since the baby’s skin is too tender, the products should be the ones that can pamper the baby and not harm them. Some benefits of using baby products are:

  • It offers nourishment for the baby’s body.
  • It keeps it soft and supple.
  • It is not too greasy, which makes it more absorbent for the skin.
  • Keeps the skin hydrated.
  • It reduces the occurrence of skin irritations or rashes.
  • Using baby oil helps to lock the moisture content and helps in preventing dryness.
  • The products are safe and tested to be used daily or as and when required.
  • The products are clinically mild and not too strong for the baby.
  • The baby creams and lotions help to form a protective cover on the skin, thus helping to protect it from any external germs and infections.

The Reasons To Choose Aveeno Over Other Brands

There are many baby brands available in the market. Yet, Aveeno is the most chosen one. This is because Aveenocts are made from natural ingredients like oats. Also, it is enriched with enzymes and proteins that are crucial for the health of the baby. When the oats are grounded or crushed to a fine powder, it gives colloidal oatmeal, which is highly preferred by the skin experts. Colloidal oatmeal is well known as a skin protective agent. Pediatricians have recommended the Aveeno brand for over 60 years.

 1. Aveeno Baby Shampoo

Baby hair is very soft, so it is advisable to use the shampoo, which has fewer chemical ingredients so that it doesn’t irritate the baby. The shampoos are generally believed to contain artificial fragrance that is dangerous for the health of the baby. The shampoo best suited for the baby is the one that is safe for the eyes as well and causes no tears for the tender baby.
This shampoo is an excellent choice for the following reasons:

  • It is a blend of natural extracts of oats that are whipped that helps in cleaning as it is free of soap and even tested for allergens.
  • This shampoo promises tear-free experience and is safe for the baby.
  • Since it is mild, it leaves a very subtle fragrance in the body.

Key Ingredient: Oat extract
Available Sizes: 336ml and 532ml

2. Aveeno Baby Gentle Conditioning Shampoo

It has been often noticed that the baby’s hair texture becomes rough and dry as winter approaches that can even lead to itchiness as well as irritation.
Choosing an Aveeno baby gentle conditioning shampoo will help in preventing these issues as:

  • It is made by blending the wheat grains, oat fibers, and vitamin E into a mild wash that helps in conditioning the baby’s hair.
  • This is made by keeping in mind the sensitivity of the baby’s hair.
  • The conditioning shampoo makes the hair of the baby gentle and supple, as well as easy to be managed.
  • It has, in it, a mild fragrance that makes one feel fresh and healthy.
  • The shampoo has a tear-free formula, has no soap, and is clinically tested as well as free from paraben.

Key Ingredient: Oat extracts
Available Sizes: 354ml

3. Aveeno Baby Moisture Lotion

Initially, oil was the main component to be added to the moisturizing lotion. But, researches have proved it is detrimental for the tender skin of the babies. So most of the products are now being made with pure oils, which could be the sunflower, rosemary, chamomile, etc. These are completely safe for the application as well. It even helps in retaining freshness and mild fragrance.
The lotion by Aveeno is different from the other lotions as:

  • It comprises of an oatmeal blend which is enriched with oils that offer protection to the baby’s skin.
  • Due to the non-oily texture, it gets absorbed quickly, offering hydration for almost 24 hrs.
  • This lotion is considered to be free from fragrances, mild for regular use, and free from allergens as well.

Key Ingredient: Oatmeal
Available Sizes: 227 gms

4. Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Moisture Cream

Since the skin of the baby is very dry, it is common to get allergies on the face and the skin. So it is advisable to choose a product that retains the moisture of the baby’s skin and even offers relief from any form of irritation.
Undermentioned are the reasons that offer a preference of Aveeno baby soothing relief moisture over others, and they are:

  • The cream is clinically tested for providing hydration for a period of 24 hrs and even offer comfort for the dryness and sensitivity of the baby’s skin.
  • The cream is made with natural ingredients as well as the oatmeal blend that can soothe the dryness of the baby’s skin.

Key Ingredient: Oat extracts, Oat oil, Shea butter
Available Sizes: 226 gms

5. Aveeno Baby Diaper Rash Cream


Talk about new-born babies, and the most common problem one faces is the occurrence of diaper rash. Diaper rash appears due to various reasons. The baby may get diaper rash if the diaper is not changed for a long time if the baby wears a wrong sized diaper, or because of over-usage of soap and detergents. The breastfeeding baby may get rash if the mother is on antibiotics.
To avoid the rashes or to get relief from the rashes, it is best to choose Aveeno baby diaper rash cream for the reasons listed below:

  • This cream is designed for reducing acute pain, which is the result of a diaper rash.
  • It is made with a specific type of formulation that works as soon as it is applied to rashes offering almost instant relief.
  • It is made with the essence of oats and willow herbs that help in offering comfort for the skin of the baby.

Key Ingredient:  Zinc oxide, oat essence, and natural willow
Available Sizes: 105 gms

6. Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream

Eczema is a skin condition that appears in the different body parts of the babies. It is most commonly appears in the diaper areas and worsens when the babies crawl on their knees. When the baby contracts eczema, the skin of the baby becomes extremely dry when it is infected by allergens or even by their saliva. Therefore, using any chemical-based cream will only worsen the situation further.
The Aveeno baby eczema therapy moisturizing cream is not only clinically tested and proven, but it also helps in:

  • Reduction of itchiness and irritation, which is the outcome of eczema.
  • It is made with a specific oatmeal mix that can offer smoothness to the infected skin.
  • It even keeps the skin nourished and even boosts the skin’s natural hindering features.

Key Ingredient: Colloidal oatmeal 1%
Available Sizes: 141 gms

7. Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy Soothing Bath Treatment

In case the baby has been suffering from eczema, washing the affected areas with tepid water and using products that have no perfumes is recommended. Products with perfume and chemicals may aggravate the irritation and thus worsen the problem.

Aveeno baby eczema therapy is an ideal bathing remedy that offers comfort to the dryness and itchiness present in the skin due to the following reasons:

  • It is prepared with a specially formulated oatmeal mix.
  • When dispersed in water, this powder forms a milky bath that soothes as it naturally cleanses without soap. After bathing, your baby’s skin is softer and dry, irritated, and sensitive skin is relieved.
  • It is free of tears and has no fragrance.

Key Ingredient: Colloidal oatmeal 43%
Available Sizes: 106 gms

8. Aveeno Baby Sunscreen Lotion

UV rays are harmful to all, so protection is a must. This holds very true for the new-born babies as well. They need to be kept away from these rays for the first six months. If you want to take the baby out, choose sunscreen lotion which is chemical-free and has the elements of zinc oxide, etc.
There are many reasons why Aveeno sunscreen lotion is one of the best choices to be called the ideal baby sunscreen lotion, and they are:

  • These are specially designed for protecting the tender skin of the baby against the unsafe and toxic UV rays.
  • The lotion has a right amount of sunscreen and is SPF50 with a combination of technology and natural ingredients, as well.
  • Free from fragrance, paraben, phthalate, and dye
  • This lotion is made with natural oils, extracts, and elements that offer complete protection to the tender and sensitive skin of the baby by gentle means.

Key Ingredient: 100% naturally sourced zinc oxide
Available Sizes: 88ml

9. Aveeno Baby Comforting Lotion

The best form of relaxation for a baby is by offering a tender massage. You can massage the baby while taking a bath, before the bath or before he sleeps.
Aveeno baby calming comfort lotion contains the lavender and vanilla fragrances that result in offering calmness and relaxation. The lotion is advisable for massages due to the following reasons:

  • The body massage is known to boost the overall health of the babies.
  • The lotion helps in offering comfort to the baby before they sleep, and even while they are sleeping.
  • It is a lotion enriched with a unique oatmeal mix that is non-greasy and fast-absorbing and helps with the protection of the tender and dry baby’s skin.
  • The lotion is smooth, tender, and healthy, as well.

Key Ingredient:  Natural, moisture-rich colloidal oatmeal
Available Sizes: 532 ml

10. Aveeno Baby Calming Comfort Bath

It has been seen from old times that taking a bath right before hitting the bed drifts one into a relaxed and peaceful sleep as it offers freshness and relaxation to the body, wears off the tiredness from the body, etc.
The Aveeno baby product for calming comfort bath is ideal to be used for the babies as:

  • It has mild lavender and vanilla aroma.
  • It helps to calm as well as offer coziness to the baby.
  • It contains a tear-free yet soapy formula that needs no drying.
  • It is made, keeping under consideration the tender skin of the baby.

Key Ingredient: Oat extract
Available Sizes: 236ml
Source: https://www.aveeno.com/skin-hair-solutions/baby

Tips To Be Considered While Buying Baby Products

It is no doubt difficult to choose from a wide range of baby products as it has a vast range. All baby products guarantee the health and sensitivity of the babies, yet many a time does not prove to be a good choice. It is thus advisable to follow the tips given below before choosing the product for the baby, and these are:

  • It is best to take a look at the ingredients and then decide on the product.
  • It is not advisable to pick products that comprise of harsh chemicals.
  • Always opt for tender and nourishing soaps as well as shampoos.

Thus, it is prudent to choose baby products that are allergen-free and do not harm the skin or hair of the baby. In case one notices any side effects or uneasiness after consuming the product, it is best to stop using it at once and simultaneously visit a health expert in order to keep the baby safe and healthy.

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