25 Movies You Must Watch During Pregnancy

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movies to watch during pregnancy

Why 25 movies you must watch during pregnancy? What is the relevance of watching movies during pregnancy? Well,  pregnancy is praised as a beautiful and best phase in a woman’s life. If you are pregnant, you know that is not entirely true. Nausea, heartburns, sleeplessness, swollen legs, back pain, general discomfort in having a huge belly – are just a few of the factors that make the “beautiful phase” not so beautiful.

But since everyone seems to be pampering you during this time, why not take advantage of it and watched these 25 beautiful movies that will prepare you for pregnancy and motherhood, while also giving you some much-needed me-time. Because none of them are preachy and educative. They are fun and relaxing to watch, thereby taking your mind off the immediate troubles you have. So without further ado, here is our list, in no particular order.

25 Movies You Must Watch During Pregnancy

Following are 25 Movies that can potentially entertain you during pregnancy.

1. What to Expect When You are Expecting

This one seems to be the most obvious pick. It follows the lives of six expecting women (including JLo and Cameron Diaz). It covers almost all the pregnancy problems that are possibly out there. The movie is fun and entertaining, as we are sure you would be able to relate to it.

2. The Backup Plan

Here is another JLo starrer for you. Since her plan A of meeting “Mr. Right” does not materialize, she falls back on her “backup plan” of being a single mother. She gets pregnant, and then, immediately after getting pregnant, she ends up meeting her Mr. Right!

3. Junior

This is quite a different one. How many times have you thought in your mind or said out loud to your spouse that “you would not understand? If only you could be pregnant”? This movie deals with exactly that – how a man (and quite an alpha male one at that, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in a bold career move) gets pregnant and gives birth to a child.

4. She is Having a Baby

This one is an oldie from 1988. But you have Kevin Bacon playing the lead so you should not complain. It follows the life of a happy couple that is a bit unprepared for the reality of parenthood.

5. Father of the Bride Part 2

pregnant woman watching movie lying on couch

If part 1 of the franchise saw Steve Martin adjusting to his beloved daughter getting married, this one is about how he copes up with being his daughter being pregnant. And the fun does not end there, in a lovely twist, his wife also gets pregnant at the same time.

6. Baby Mama

This one makes a fun cut at surrogacy – the incidents that unfold when a single successful career woman, Tina Fey (remember Date Night?) hires a free-spirited Amy Poehler to be her baby’s surrogate mother.

7. Juno

This one deals with many problems of a very important but less talked about issue in the society – Teenage pregnancy.

8. Knocked Up

Here is one more on unwanted and unplanned pregnancy. The very beautiful Katherine Heigl gets knocked up during a one-night stand. It touches all insecure elements of pregnancy in a very witty way.

9. Kya Kehna

While we are on the topic of unwanted and unplanned pregnancies, how can we forget the closer-to-home movie Kya Kehna, which saw one of the best Preity Zinta performances. The movie dealt with society’s prejudice against premarital pregnancies.

10. Salaam Namasthe

Another one from the same lead pair of Kya Kehna – Preity Zinta and Saif Ali Khan, the movie deals with living in relationships which again ends up in an unplanned pregnancy. The movie is a lot of fun and is sure to make you giggle.

11. Zakhm

This is a touching tale on motherhood, directed by Mahesh Bhatt loosely based on his own life and relationship with his mother.

12. Mamta

Another oldie, but nevertheless touching tale. If Zakhm showcased the bond between a mother and son, Mamta is all about the relationship between a mother and daughter.

13. Taare Zameen Par

We are sure you would have watched this one before. But when you watch it during pregnancy, while expecting a child of your own, you become much more perceptive about these ideas that the move upholds. The story revolves around a boy who is considered a troublemaker to his family, but his life is changed by a new teacher.

14. Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham

Who doesn’t want to have the kind of bond that Jaya Bachchan and Shah Rukh share in the movie? Grab some popcorn and rewatch this flick for some well-needed emotional time.

15. Karan Arjun

Another one for some emotional drama, this time from another life! This movie is all about a mother’s faith that her sons will indeed return!

16. Paa

In this movie, R. Balki portrays the bond between a single mother and her son with Progeria. A very very beautiful film that shows how a mother loves her child unconditionally.

17. Away We Go

The expecting parents go on a cross-country road trip to identify a place suitable for raising their about-to-be-born baby. Only to realize in the end that home is indeed where the heart is.

18. Maybe Baby

You will love this one if you become pregnant after trying for a while and taking treatments.

19. Nine Months

happy pregnant woman watching moviehappy pregnant woman watching movie

This one follows the life of a happy urban couple – Hugh Grant and Julianne Moore as they realize they are pregnant. The lady, as always, is patient and the man, as always, is awkward and struggling.

20. Finding Nemo

Let’s watch one animated flick too, shall we? This one, as you might know, shows the bonding between a son and dad.

21. Baby’s Day Out

This one will take care of your cuteness dosage for the day. Revisit the sweet and cute baby as he gives his kidnappers a run for the money.

22. Waitress

A smart waitress and her good-for-nothing husband are expecting a baby. She is not exactly happy about the pregnancy until she meets a good-looking doctor.

23. Raising Arizona

One couple is childless. Another couple has quintuplets. Is it too wrong for the childless couple to steal one child from the other?

24. Labor Pains

This is not about real pregnancy. Lindsay Lohan fakes a pregnancy to save herself from getting fired.

25. Mother India

We wanted to leave one of our all-time favorites to the last. The movie is about how a poverty-stricken Nargis raises her sons against all odds.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab some popcorns and start watching these flicks.

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