4 Ways to Implement Parental Control in The Smart Home

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Written by Rathnavalli Pradeep

Rathnavalli Pradeep

No one can deny the fact, modern parents are always worried about the safety of their kids online. Especially in an age where cyberbullying and trolling has become common, it has become imperative for parents to go the extra mile in restraining their children’s online activities. However, with much advancement in technology and the internet, children are exposed to a vast variety of content, they shouldn’t be consuming at such a young age. You will be surprised to know, children who are as young as six years of age have their smartphone. So with several connected devices, millions of families are going through several challenges of navigating their kid’s online movements. 

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Here, we will guide you through 4 ways for implementing parental control in a tech-friendly home: pregnancy pillow

1. Turn on The Wi-Fi For a Specific Time

The easiest way to restrain children from spending too much time on the web is to turn on the Wi-Fi connection for a specific period. This tip sounds obvious, but not many parents practice it in their homes. Their WIFI connections are alive and kicking 24/7. This means too much exposure to the internet can easily cause addiction in little children. This way, not only will they lose interest in studies, but constant exposure to technology will have an impact on their mental health. So as a parent, you need to be strict about the timing of the internet connection at home.

2. Install a Tracking App on Their Phones

If you are worried about the whereabouts of your teens when they’re not at home, install the mspy app on their mobile phones. This app will not only let you know about the location of your kids but will also notify if their mobile turns off. So when they’re out, and you’re at home, you won’t need to frequently call them to know about their location. This app is essential when you’re visiting a public gathering with your kids. For instance, when you decide to go on a fair or a picnic with them, don’t forget to install this apps on their mobile phones.

3. Limit Certain Types of Content

Because the internet is an open platform for everyone, the chances of every age group being exposed to the same type of content online, furthermore, with adult content appearing as a pop up on popular websites, your children might get exposed to stuff that you wouldn’t ever want them to see. Luckily, content filtering systems are available for parents who want to navigate the safe search for their kids. Even if you visit YouTube, it provides you with the feature of limiting content visibility for children.

4. Know Everything

One of the leading reasons why a lot of people don’t have strong parental control over their kids is because they are unaware of the online world. Most parents are so busy working and bringing up their kids; they never get a chance to get on social media and to see its cruel side. Once you know everything about the online world, it will be easier for you to talk to your kids about it. As a parent, it is your responsibility to educate children about the dangers of cyberbullying, porn telling you about an online predator and other issues.

Rathnavalli Pradeep,BE in Computer Science from Bharathidasan university, Tirucharapalli.

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