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5 Common Tummy Troubles In Babies – And Their Remedies

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Babies cry for many reasons, one on top of the chart is “tummy trouble”. Those were days when babies were given gripe water and other home made remedies for tummy troubles.
crying baby
And as today’s mommies, we have to be very clear to understand what could be the reason and also choose the right remedy. Here we have enlisted 5 most common baby tummy troubles and their remedies to help you:

5 Common Baby Tummy Troubles — And How To Help

    1. The “milky” baby: Few babies do not know when their tummy is full. They love sucking milk and they doze off drinking. When they wake up, they cry with tummy trouble as it is ‘houseful’ over there.
      Remedy:Understand your baby’s hunger patterns and need, accordingly feed her. Also you can talk to the baby while feeding and engage her so that she is not totally into the milky mode. This applies for only babies who drink more and applies for both breastfeeding and normal feed
    2. The “gassy” baby: While breastfeeding, there are many chances for the baby to get gassy tummy troubles, it depends upon the mother’s diet during initial days. Once you start solids, the digestive system of the baby prepares itself for new food items and there are high chances of reactions within the little tummy while it is experience new food each time.
      Remedy:Take lesser quantities of food items that cause gas, like pota to, egg yolk, dhal
      etc. If you have started solids to your babies, make sure these food are boiled completely and mashed so that the protein particles are broken and makes it easy for digestion
    3. The “No-Burp” baby: Babies just steal our heart, isn’t it? They just take away our focus. Many a times, after feed, the baby giggles and laughs and shows the happiness that her tummy is full and we start playing with the baby. But, responsibility is a key element of parent ing, hence never forget to burp your baby
      after each feed, else she might get tummy troubles and might show cranky reactions.
      Remedy:In case your baby hasn’t burped and keeps crying or spitting curdy milk, place your baby on your shoulders and pat her back from top to bottom, take a walk. However, do not take a fast walk or shake the baby till she burps and gets the crankiness relieved
    4. The “new food” baby: Every time you start a new food to your little one, do observe for the reactions. It is always best to start one piece of the new food first day, look for reactions or tummy troubles if any, then start three pieces second day and once your instinct confirms you that your baby’s tiny tummy is totally ready for the food, then start giving it regularly. New mommies must learn the art of controlling your excitement, especially when it comes to quantity of new food you introduce to your baby.
      Remedy:Ideally, precaution in following “ways to start solids” is very important than the remedy. However, if you feel your baby has got tummy trouble due to the new food, stop giving that food immediately, do not try or test again for next few weeks, you can start milder foods after a weeks gap. Note: Once your baby gets allergic to a new food, give a break from starting solids and then restart after a week. Read about the 3-day wait rule here

Gassy Baby

  1. The “put it in mouth” baby : Sometimes, it is not the milk, it is not the burp, it is not the gas, it is not even the new food. Still your baby might get her tummy troubles and might scream with discomfort. Grabbing anything they get in their tiny fingers and then putting it inside the mouth is a part of your child’s growth phase. Many mamas complain that the little one puts everything inside her mouth. Nope ! You must be glad that she has reached one of her milestones. But, it is your responsibility to ensure that the house is baby safe. So, there are high chances of tummy troubles during this “put in mouth” stage of babies.
    Remedy:This is another scenario where precaution is highly important than remedy. However, if the particles your baby puts in her mouth are mild, then it will get over after her poop, but certain bacteria filled substances or fur toys can cause severe tummy trouble

Hope the above helps you to categorise your baby’s tummy trouble and find a remedy. With all precaution ensured,babies might at times face one of the above scenarios. The first tip for the mother is “not to panic”. Just get into the responsibility hat and help your child relax. She will be alright with your energy. Happy parenting !

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