7 Inexpensive Activities to Do with Your Kids

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Parents of older children are constantly on the lookout for activities to keep their kids entertained. Dragging them along to adult-oriented functions doesn’t work like it did when they were younger.
Visiting amusement parks, movie theaters, and other places that cost a fee can become expensive. There’s the price of admission, and additional costs like snacks and games, to take into account when you frequent these spots. Even if you have the financial resources to constantly visit these places, consider teaching your kids how to have fun on a budget!
Having a great time for cheap is easy. Plus, it promotes bonding and creates lifelong memories.

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Check out these 7 cheap activities to do with your kids!

1) Visit the Library

Most local libraries have “story time” sessions where a volunteer reads a story aloud to a group of children.
Allow your child to explore the library on their own. Let them browse the library’s collection of books, CDs, DVDs, and audiobooks. Have them get their own library card and encourage a love of reading! Introduce them to favorite books you had when you were younger.

2) Play Sports

Turn the backyard into a sports field! Whether it be basketball, volleyball, soccer, or another sport, you can play in the backyard with a few basic pieces of sporting equipment.
For a more realistic experience, use spray paint to create a temporary field. You’ll need a brand that is good for bulk spray paint, so you can always have some on hand to create a realistic sports field.

3) Visit a Beach

Pack some beach toys, towels, and bathing suits and head to your local beach! Here, you can participate in activities like swimming, boogie boarding, and sandcastle-building. Take a trip to the beach as an opportunity to teach your child about nature and expose them to new sensory experiences.
If you don’t live by the water, adapt this idea to your specific area. Consider visiting a nature park, ice rink, or lake. These outdoor scenes will allow the whole family to have fun and teach your child about nature.

4) Host a Scavenger Hunt

Host a scavenger hunt indoors! To get started, make a list of items around the house and send your child out to find them. You can also take digital pictures of the items so they have a better reference point. A scavenger hunt gives your child a sense of accomplishment. The two of you will bond over this adventure-based activity.
Alternatively, you can hide written, rhyme-coded clues in a specific order around the house to help your child practice their reading skills.

5) Visit a Museum

Consider an educational visit to a local museum! Museums often have free family days or heavily discounted yearly passes. Their exhibits often cater to children. Be on the lookout for ones that would hold your child’s attention, like an outer space or dinosaur exhibit.

6) Go to a Community Concert

Instead of dropping money at a concert venue, find a free community concert! You’ll be supporting local bands, participating in the community, and bonding with your child.

7) Cook Something Together

Recruit your child to help you with dinner one night. Or, have them help make a special homemade treat for family friends or neighbors.
Having them cook with you will teach them responsibility and leave them feeling accomplished. Make it extra special by teaching them a beloved family recipe.

Inexpensive, Kid-Friendly Entertainment is at Your Disposal

Consider trying one of these 7 free or inexpensive activities to do with your kids! When picking an activity, take your kids’ interests into account, as some of these may not appeal to everyone, but also encourage them to step out of their comfort zone. They might pick up a new life-long interest.

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