Body piercing and Piercing aftercare

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Body Piercing Aftercare

People from different parts of the world have their way of living and styling. Considering body piercing that will be discussed in the coming section, many people pierce some part of their body for a different reason. Some pierce as a religious obligation, some do it for style or fashion, some like to wear jewelry while some pierce for aesthetic value.

Body piercing

Body piercing is a process of perforation that involves making a hole or opening in the body by using a needle and inserting the jewelry in that hole. Nose piercing and ear piercing are the most common piercing in different areas. This process causes pain and piercing takes time to heal. The healing time can be months or a year.

What are different kinds of body piercing?

There are different kinds of body piercing depending upon where the implant is inserted. Some kinds of body piercing are mentioned below.

  • Ear piercing
  • Nose piercing
  • Belly button piercing
  • Lip piercing
  • Tongue piercing

Piercing aftercare is important

Piercing aftercare is very important from the very beginning. The healing process takes months but with proper care, the healing time can be reduced. The time of healing also depends on the type of piercing. Cartilage piercing takes more time to heal than flesh piercing.

Also, if you don’t take care of it properly, an infection can occur. If you feel something different than the usual pain or notice any infection or your visit an expert immediately. But when you follow the piercing aftercare instructions carefully then there will be no problem.

Piercing aftercare products

Many piercing aftercare products are available that are made with fine and natural ingredients that are gentle in contact. It is good to check the product ingredients beforehand otherwise it may cause some infection or septic. These aftercare products cones in the form of sprays, creams, gels, and lotions. Different products are formulated depending on the type of piercing. Such products not only reduce pain but also reduce the healing time.

Piercing aftercare sprays

Piercing aftercare sprays are used in the initial stage as they are gentle to use. The ingredients are also fine and soothing like salts and aloe gel. The sterile solution takes care of bacteria. The piercing aftercare sprays come in various forms and with various ingredients. In case of need check h2ocean piercing aftercare spray that is safe and effective. These are cost-effective and the results are also amazing.

Precautionary measures

A little negligence can cause infection so it’s better to take care of every detail.

  • Using gentle products with non-irritating ingredients
  • Use gentle hands to clean the piercing and jewelry
  • Don’t touch the piercing and keep it clean
  • Avoid contact with water in the initial weeks
  • Visit the professionals in case of any infection

When to see a doctor?

Piercing is not something that causes pain for a short instant and then heals immediately. It requires care. But some people are ignorant about it. They think that there is nothing to care about but actually, without any safety measures infection can occur, pain can increase, irritation and some allergic reaction with jewelry can happen that can result in scarring. Sometimes it happens even if you follow the instructions. In such conditions, don’t waste any more time and make the condition of the piercing even worse. Immediately visit a doctor and then use the prescribed ointments or other products.


After piercing make sure you take good care of it. As already stated, keep complete knowledge of what products can be irritating and what to and what not to do with your piercing. Negligence can make things worse so, if you want it then you should not leave it cause piercing aftercare is very important.

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