Child Bullying At Schools

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Bullying is one of the major factors why children skip going to school. The thought of being bombarded with the foul words or physical outbreak electrifies one’s soul. This if not given proper attention can augment with age and become crueller. If your child is being bullied consistently then it may cause emotional depression and lowers down the child’s morale to a great extent. They witness increased levels of aloofness, irritation, non-confidence, anxiety and fear.

Your child might be apprehensive in communicating his fear and pain but the following signs will help you realize the fact that your child is being bullied.Is your child bullied at school?

  • Stammers while communicating.
  • Scared to board the school van or bus.
  • Cries while going to school.
  • Makes lame excuses for not going to school
  • Does not participate in curriculum activities
  • Encounters sudden mood swings like irritation, frustration, anxiety and fear.
  • Tries to overpower the younger siblings. Children bullied at school try to bully their weak ones at home.
  • Avoids staying in a large group. Usually makes small groups where the chances of bullying seem less.
  • Has a ‘No Feel Good’ factor in him. Curses himself for every little thing.
  • Always prefers to keep quiet and maintains distance from every one.
  • Sudden deviation from studies and bad performance throughout.
  • Frequent physical disorders like headache, stomach-ache, legs paining etc

What Can You Do?

After taking into consideration the signs of your child getting bullied, now its time to take action against the bullies. Be sure you handle it tactfully as your child is quite sensitive to this matter. Try and put some questions across him like ‘Why do you get angry so easily? Why do you speak so less? Why are your grades low? Why you are not active in sports? Observe your child’s reactions and be sure that he is being bullied. Make a comfortable ambience around and guide him on how to respond to bully’s tactics. Tell him that he has other important things to do in life rather than focusing his mind on inessential things. Make him aware that bullies bully those children who get bullied easily, give instant reaction and get depressed. In such situation, the best way is to ignore and detach oneself from the place where this behaviour is occurring.

Arrange a meeting with each an every teacher and discuss this issue closely with him or her. This will ensure safety of your child in school and also boosts his confidence that now he can control the situation somewhat by going to the teachers and complaining. However, do not insist on meeting the bully or his parents – this should be handled in the most confident manner – not as a pretext to show off your loudness or demanding behaviour.

Boost up your child’s confidence by making him feel good about himself. Choose sports that he is passionate about. This will bring a sense of achievement in him and enhance his self-esteem, making him confident in himself.

The important thing to note here is when you are listening out to him, keep your feelings aside – do not get angry or upset or make him feel stupid in anyway.

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