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Young children have the tendency of putting every object they find into their mouths. The most common cause of poisoning in children is household products like dishwasher tablets/powder, bleaches, paints, gardening products, household chemicals and medicines. Poisoning in children can be prevented by storing medicines, chemicals and cleaners up high in a locked cupboard, safely out of reach and out of sight.


Common Questions

  • Q. Why are accidental ingestions of household poisons common in children?

    A. Children do not understand POISON sign. The household poisons like cosmetics, toilet cleaners and adult medications come in colourful packaging and attract children.

  • Q. How do we prevent poisoning in children?

    A. Some of the ways to prevent poisoning in children are:

      a) Always keep household chemicals OUT OF SIGHT and not OUT OF REACH.
      b) All leftover chemicals in house has to be discarded.
      c) Never transfer any household chemical into a BEVERAGE bottle.

  • Q. What should we do in case of an accidental ingestion?

    A. Rush to nearby Paediatric centre within half an hour. That allows for a proper decontamination of gut and skin.

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