Top 5 Exercises During Pregnancy

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It’s a rare bird that keeps up with exercises during pregnancy. If you are wondering, why to bother yourself with exercises during pregnancy, the answer is really simple – If you will work out now and do some light exercises it will benefit you later and you will have lesser aches and pains, sail into labor easily, will remain energetic during pregnancy and will get into shape after the delivery quicker, Now the question is ‘How exactly?’
top 5 pregnancy exercises

How Do Exercises In Pregnancy Help?

Exercises are always beneficial if you know which suits your situation best. As you are an expecting mother, it is very important for you to know, that now you cannot work out rigorously like you used to do. Carrying a baby means no jumping around, no twirling on songs beat, no leaps, and no hops. Basically, nothing that makes your belly shake. You also don’t have to lift weights, unless they are cute little dumbbells which can be lifted with just one hand. Exercising is  very good idea and will help you to strengthen your muscles and make pregnancy easy. This will also help your baby grow stronger and fit. By doing exercise regularly, it will be easy for you to lose the extra weight that you will gain during pregnancy. Women who exercise regularly ahve been found to have a smooth labor and an easy delivery, and the recovery is also quicker. Pregnancy has all hormones running wild, and exercising will help you stay sane, find your ground and be less anxious.
An expecting mother should first discuss everything about pregnancy and exercises with her physician. If there are chances that you may not have normal pregnancy, then it would be good if you ditch your plan of exercising. Yoga, which does not require a lot of movement, is your only oasis then. Kegel exercises are also advised during pregnancy and are very beneficial for expecting mothers. If you have faced earlier complications in your pregnancy like early labor or have an obstetric condition like low placenta, bleeding or spotting, miscarriage etc. it will be better if you don’t do any exercise and complicate your situation.

Top 5 Pregnancy Exercises

Some of the common exercises that pregnant women with good chances of normal pregnancy can do are given below.

    1. Walking: Walking: It is not too much demanding and neither it tires one out. All you need for doing this is good pair of shoes and you are done. Walking is a cardiovascular exercise. It can help you pump yours and your baby’s heart properly. Thus the chances of heart related problems will be less for your baby

active pregnancy

    1. Prenatal Yoga: This ancient physical, mental and spiritual practice will help you and your body to appreciate the changes you face during pregnancy. It will help you embrace the development in your body. Yoga does not aim for physical tardiness but its goal is to achieve mental and spiritual growth. Various breathing exercises and some yoga postures, which do not require too many complicated movements, are good to follow during pregnancy


    1. Swimming: For those who want to do more exercises without getting prone to accidents, swimming is the best option. Walking in the water, kicking, and even laps can help you feel fit as water supports the body and has a gentle resistance. It makes you feel weight-less, where your other options fail. It will help you with strengthening of your muscles. During hours of labor it is very helpful


    1. Strengthening exercises: For women who have been working out pre-conception, strengthening exercises can be greatly beneficial. Though weights and certain exercises will need to be modified now that you are pregnant, strengthening exercises will help you cope with your body changes. A toned and strong body will enable you to perform your daily activities with much ease even during pregnancy


    1. Pilates: An excellent way to strengthen the stomach and the pelvic area muscles, pilates will involve a series of positions and postures. Since both your tummy and your pelvic region are the core areas that a pregnancy affects, pilates will help you tune in your breathing with exercises, enabling you to relax as your body will love the attention you give to its weakened muscles


Other exercises such as light aerobics, cycling, weight training etc. can also be done during pregnancy provided your trainer is an ante-natal exercise specialist. Never continue with your old gymming routine or follow something that worked for someone. Always take your practitioner’s advice.
Remember:Any exercise that needs holding your breath, bouncing, too much stretching, deep knee bends, rapid movement should not be followed by you.
If the weather is hot and humid then also you don’t have to follow your exercise regime strictly. You can schedule those walks for the evenings. Keep yourself hydrated as much as you can and have a healthy diet plan. Also watch your sitting postures. Wish you a happy pregnancy.

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