Fertility Monitor Vs Ovulation Kits

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Written by Bindu Raichura

Bindu Raichura

Getting pregnant is one of the most natural processes to happen in a woman’s life. However, it does not happen easily for many. Fertility issues and difficulties in conceiving have plagued more couples’ lives than you are aware of. Today, with the advancement of technology, even getting pregnant has been made a little easier or more possible for many. The question for many is, fertility monitor vs ovulation kit, which is better? Which one should I choose? Read on to understand the difference between the two and what they can offer.

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How are Ovulation Tests Done?

A woman’s menstrual cycle records and reveals much more than just a healthy period. It tells when is the right time to have sex to get pregnant and much more. pregnancy pillow

The ovulation tests generally check for the e3g hormones. It is the hormone that pools up around your cervical muscles as a result of your estrogen breaking down. This makes your cervical mucus get thinner and slippery, thus aiding in easier transportation of the sperms.

Knowing when this period is about to occur will help you plan. You can plan to have regular sex on these days to help increase your chances of conceiving. Both the fertility monitors and ovulation test strips help you identify these fertile days.

What is a Fertility Monitor?

clear blue fertility monitor

A fertility monitor is an electronic device that helps a woman in identifying and tracking her fertile days during a menstrual cycle. This can be done in one of the following ways:

  • By testing the hormones in the urine using a test stick
  • Checking the temperature of the woman as it increases when she is in her ovulation period
  • By testing the saliva for hormones

There are different brands of fertility monitors to choose from in the market. While the simple ones are pocket-friendly and test only the basic hormonal levels in the urine (LH- Luteinizing Hormone), the more expensive and advanced monitors measure a number of things and even track the levels of your hormones.

What is an Ovulation Kit?

clear blue ovulation test strip

This is a kit with a number of test strips that have to be dipped in your urine to test the LH levels, which indicates the ovulation period. This hormone increases 24-48 hrs before your ovulation, which is also the best time period to have sex if you are trying to get pregnant.

Using an ovulation kit requires you to keep track of your menstrual cycle and can be easy to use only when your cycles are regular. Depending on the number of strips available in the kit you have purchased, you can start testing even a week before your ovulation time.

Advantages of Fertility Monitors Over Ovulation Kits

Though both these devices are used to help you understand your most fertile period and the right time to have sex to conceive; when it comes to fertility monitor Vs. ovulation kit, the fertility monitor has the following advantages:

1. Fertile Days Identified

The biggest difference between a clear blue fertility monitor and an ovulation test is the monitor tests and identifies your fertile period well in advance. This gives you more chances to try.

2. No Faded or Faint Lines

The clear fertility monitor has a clear digital display of the test results unlike the lines on the one-step ovulation strips, which can not only be faint but can be very confusing too.

3. Apt for Irregular Cycles

One-step ovulation kits require you to test for ovulation a few days before it starts. This can be complicated for women who are suffering from irregular menstrual cycles. The fertility monitor can test your hormones well in advance, thus being a good fit even for irregular cycles.

4. Automatic Suggestion for Taking Tests

The fertility monitors give you reminders to take ovulation tests, unlike the kits where it is up to you to track the dates. This makes it very convenient for you as you don’t have to keep calculating dates or wasting strips thinking it is time to check. This reduces stress levels to a great extent.

These strips are easy to use at home and make it very convenient to keep track of your fertile period. If you have an irregular menstrual cycle, a fertility monitor can definitely be a better option than an ovulation kit, though a little more expensive.

While keeping track of your fertile days can increase your chances of getting pregnant, please remember it is not your fault if the pregnancy test strip does not show those two positive lines. There can be more issues than what meets the eye. If you are unable to conceive, don’t hesitate to check with your doctor to get a professional opinion.

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