What is the Grunting Baby Syndrome?

Is your little one often crying, making grunting noises and has constipation? This may be causing you a lot of worry, but this syndrome is usually confused with constipation. New born babies take time to get used to their own body and reflexes. They do not know how to coordinate their muscles to pass a bowel movement and hence, it becomes a challenge for them. This is when they show their uneasiness by crying or grunting. This grunting baby syndrome (GBS) is quite normal for newborns and is not a medical condition as such.

Causes of Grunting Baby Syndrome

Little ones under 10 weeks are more prone to this syndrome. Newborns don’t know how to go about a bowel movement and that strain is unbearable to them. Grunting usually causes the abdominal muscles to apply more pressure on the bowel movements. However, babies don’t know how to relax their pelvic floor and so they cry and grunt. As they are unable to relax properly, the stool doesn’t come out. At times, they do pass stool after a lot of grunting, crying and in this process they almost turn blue.

So grunting baby syndrome is basically a coordination problem. Babies with this syndrome push hard and make that grunting sound during bowel movements. This is not constipation and it just shows that your little one isn’t sure of how to relax her pelvic floor and put abdominal pressure to push out the stool. Till your baby learns to push it properly and coordinate these movements, be ready to hear this grunting sound often. Along with the grunts, your baby could also pass some gas while crying.

Though GBS is quite normal in babies, in case you notice that your baby has a fever, or is crying too hysterically, you must see your doctor immediately.

How to treat Grunting Baby Syndrome?

Though as a parent you might be stressed when your baby cries uncontrollably or grunts, but the fact remains that it’s normal for her to go through this. The real remedy for a grunting baby is to relax till your newborn learns how to relax her anus while pushing with her abdomen. It might take some time or even a few months. It’s a good idea to confirm with your doctor if your baby’s grunting is normal. Your doctor could also recommend helping your little one by providing anal stimulation to help stimulate the bowel. But though this remedy helps with the GBS, it might have some negative side effects in long run.

The only correct treatment of GBS is following a patient approach. Remember not to panic and give unnecessary medications or remedies. When your baby strengthens her muscles which work in passing the stool, this problem will get cured itself.

It is important for your baby to go through this to learn how to pass the stool. When the baby learns how to flex one part of her body and simultaneously relax the abdominal and anus muscles, she will do fine. But here’s what you could do. Make sure that your baby has a solid diet discipline and give lots of liquids. Also maintain her food timings and do not delay her food and sleep patterns.