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Home Remedies for Baby Body Rash 

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Your pretty little one is in your arms, fast asleep, and you are marveling at their small eyes, cute elfin ears, petite bulbous nose … You touch their skin and it feels as silky and soft as a muslin cloth. It feels pristine.
But one fine day your baby’s skin feels coarse and they make it known with squeals and tears of pain. The skin looks red, little lumpy and grainy at places, and you know it is a body rash. You want to wrap your baby in your tender loving care, and look for solutions to relieve your little one from this misery.
Look no further. Before you visit the doctor, try these simple home remedies to rid your baby of the body rash.

8 Simple home remedies for rash on your baby’s body:

1. Add bath oil to baby’s bath water:

You can add a few drops of almond oil, olive oil or cod liver oil to your baby’s bath water. Oil helps in nourishing and moisturizing the skin, thereby eliminating the rash and irritation.

2. Add colloidal oatmeal to baby’s bath water:

There are two ways in which you can try this home remedy. You can take a cup of raw oatmeal and soak it for a while, then apply it on your baby’s body near the inflamed area just before a bath. Alternatively, you can take a cup of raw oatmeal and add it to your baby’s bath water. The anti-inflammatory, anti-irritating and soothing properties of the humble oatmeal reduces the inflammation on your baby’s skin and reduces the rashes.

3. Apply aloe vera gel on baby’s skin:

Aloe vera is excellent for cooling the skin, reduce skin rashes and water down inflammation. You can take a leaf of aloe vera and scrape its insides or squeeze its pulp. This gel can then be applied on your baby’s skin to treat skin and body rashes most effectively.

4. Apply calcium water to your baby’s skin:

Take a couple of spoons of calcium and add it to water. A clean and previously-washed washcloth (to reduce its stiffness) needs to be dipped in this calcium water and then applied on the inflamed and reddened area of your baby’s body. Calcium reduces the inflammation and helps with the itches, thus relieving your baby of the rashes.

5. Apply sandalwood paste on baby’s skin:

The traditional sandalwood paste is a panacea for several skin-related ailments and conditions. It is also safe to use on your baby’s body – however, observing caution is a must. One-part sandalwood powder when mixed with one-part rose water, or one-part sandalwood powder, one-part coriander powder and some rose water can be applied to cool down the inflamed area of the skin.

6. Apply fuller’s earth on baby’s body:

This is one of the potent solutions to several skin-related problems. The fuller’s earth paste contains magnesium, silica, quartz, calcite and dolomite, and possesses antiseptic and oil-absorbent properties. One-part fuller’s earth powder mixed with one-part rose water, applied on your baby’s skin can relieve them of rashes and scars. Although this home remedy has no known side-effects, it is best to consult your doctor before applying the paste on your baby’s skin.

7. Add a few basil, neem or margosa leaves to baby’s bath water:

Basils, neem and margosa leaves are said to contain medicinal properties that alleviate pain, heal injuries and reduce inflammation. You can add a few leaves of each of these trees in  your baby’s bath water and allow it to sit for a while. Thereafter, run this medicinal water on your baby’s body. The cooling properties of these leaves relieves stress and brings much joy to your baby!

8. Apply blanched nettle leaves on your baby’s body:

The common name for urtica – blanch can be applied on your baby’s skin on the area affected with rash. These leaves can be squeezed and the juice or extract can be smeared on your baby’s skin. This method works well in case of nappy rashes in little children.
Rashes are not uncommon – especially during the summer time – leading to itchiness, inflammation, tingling and prickling sensation that irritate and harass little ones no end. Prickly heat and body rashes cause tremendous discomfort to your baby, and it is best to relieve them of this stress and pain – real soon.
If these home remedies do not work, and if they take too long to work, it is best to consult your doctor and apply contemporary topical creams on the inflamed area of their skin. It is quite important to bring the smile back on your little angel’s face!

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