How Good Is Decaf Tea During Pregnancy?

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How Good Is Decaf Tea During Pregnancy_

Who does not enjoy a cup of tea or coffee the first thing after you wake up in the morning? Some people may skip breakfast due to their busy schedules, but make sure they have their first cup of tea as soon as they wake up. Tea does provide an instant boost of energy to kick start your day positively. However, all this changes once you conceive. You grow increasingly aware of what you are eating and whether it is safe for the little one growing within you. Caffeine is a big no-no during pregnancy and that is why we tend to skip tea during pregnancy. Then there is the option of decaf tea. So how good is decaf tea during pregnancy? Can you have it safely?

Relax as you do not have to give up your decaf tea just because you have conceived. Go on and read ahead about how safe decaf tea is during this special phase in your life and how much can be had every day. When you go in for decaf tea, the flavors are all there, it’s just the caffeine that is got rid of or lowered to the maximum. This makes it absolutely safe to drink even during pregnancy without having to compromise on flavor or taste.

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What is Decaf Tea?

Decaf tea is your regular tea minus the caffeine. In essence decaf tea is devoid of caffeine, an ingredient you must avoid as much as possible when pregnant. There are several methods for decaffeinating tea. Each of them operates in a unique manner and has a distinct impact on the final output. However, the flavoring elements of the tea remain intact and therefore one doesn’t have to compromise on taste.

However, depending on the procedure used to decaffeinate the tea, it may still contain traces of caffeine. The FDA supports this statement. According to the FDA, decaf teas have less caffeine than regular caffeinated teas, but they still include some caffeine. If you are searching for purely decaffeinated tea, you must take the time to choose a brand with the least level of caffeine. Caffeine-free tea is another option.

Is Decaf Tea Safe During Pregnancy?

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t drink decaf tea during pregnancy. In fact, swapping your morning drink for decaffeinated tea is the best way to get your caffeine fix in a healthy and controlled manner.

How Much Decaf Tea is Safe During Pregnancy?

How Much Decaf Tea is Safe During Pregnancy_

Just ensure that your intake of decaf tea should not cross 200 mg which works out to about two to three cups of tea in a day. This is not just because your coffee or tea has caffeine in it, even cola, a cup of chocolate, iced tea or any energy drink also has traces of caffeine. You also need to be aware that some of the over-the-counter prescription drugs for the common cold or headaches all contain traces of caffeine.

For this reason, you must check with your doctor whether such medications are safe for you during this crucial period. The best option would be to stick to a couple of cups of decaf tea per day and switch over to fresh juices or herbal drinks whenever you feel the need for a pep up.

However, herbal teas are also not recommended for consumption above moderation. This is because herbal teas may contain herbs and additives that can be dangerous for you during pregnancy. And also remember it is best to steer clear of black tea during the conception period.

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How Can I Decaffeinate My Tea?

The best idea would be to decaffeinate your tea yourself instead of buying or purchasing it from the market. All one needs to do is steep the tea bag or your tea leaves for around half a minute, then throw off that water. Fill up your cup once more and steep once again. Now you have decaffeinated tea that is absolutely safe for you to drink during this period.

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What Are the Dangers of Caffeine Overindulgence During Pregnancy?

What are the Dangers of Caffeine Overindulgence During Pregnancy_

Overindulgence in caffeine during your pregnancy period can trigger unwanted and harmful effects in the baby growing inside your womb. The most common adverse effects include:

  • Low birth weight, which often happens due to excessive caffeine consumption.
  • Caffeine can act directly on the nervous system as an immediate stimulant and increase your blood pressure and your heart rate.
  • It can also cause severe dehydration in would-be-mothers.
  • Excessive consumption can result in a miscarriage.
  • Since caffeine is a stimulant, it results in sleeplessness.
  • Caffeine can trigger headaches.
  • It can encourage the release of acid in your stomach leading to diarrhea or stomach upset.
  • Beverages with caffeine have compounds that interfere with iron absorption. Anemia is common during pregnancy and caffeine adds to the already existing problems leading to unwanted consequences.
  • The altering pregnancy hormones can cause some stress on your liver. Caffeine adds to this stress, which can lead to health issues.

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We recommend steering clear of coffee and tea slowly and getting rid of the habit as your pregnancy progresses. You can gradually lower the consumption of tea and shift to decaf and caffeine-free teas. Although you may experience dizziness lethargy and irritability during the initial stages, as time progresses, quitting drinking caffeinated drinks gets easier. It is also the best decision you will be taking for the future of you and your little one.

So go ahead and find out whether decaffeinated tea is safe for your condition and then control your intake accordingly. Your gynecologist will be the best person to advise you on this matter, as they know your constitution best. Once you get used to drinking decaf tea in moderate quantities, you will surely find it easier to include them in your diet without any hassles during your pregnancy period.


1. Why Should I Drink Decaf During Pregnancy?

Too much caffeine can be unsafe during pregnancy. A doctor can advise you to avoid it for many reasons. If you still want that hot cup of tea, you can opt for decaf.

2. Will Decaf Tea Cause Any Side Effects During Pregnancy?

Some people believe it can lead to miscarriages. This could happen if you overload on decaf teas just because it is decaf. You need to moderate your intake during pregnancy.

3. How Many Decaf Teas Can I Have Per Day When Am Pregnant?

You need to control your consumption. Ensure you don’t have more than 200ml a day. This could be split into multiple teas a day.

4. Is Decaf Tea the Best Option if I Need to Avoid Caffeine During Pregnancy?

If you have been advised to avoid caffeine, you can opt for decaf. However, you need to consider the other foods’ caffeine content too. Even chocolates have caffeine in them.

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