How To Handle A Screaming Toddler?

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Ok. Let’s admit it. We have all seen some or the other kid screaming like crazy and the poor parents trying to calm their child down in the most sophisticated manner possible. Although things are different at their home for sure! We have to agree that no matter how cute and lovable children are; a little kid yelling his lungs out is not a good sight. In public, it is often very embarrassing for parents to handle such children as outdoors require a little bit more “manners” than indoors. That is why today we shall be discussing a very important issue-Toddler Screaming. So how do you handle a toddler screaming uncontrollably? What are toddler tantrums? How to manage such a child? How to inculcate toddler discipline? Don’t worry; there are ways to deal with this.
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Why Do Toddlers Scream?

The most important question of all time; why is my toddler screaming? Well, darling, there’s definitely a reason to this and the first thing you need to understand is the real cause behind such behavioral change. Most parents take screaming as a usual thing and almost always “expect” their kids to do it at some point in time. However, it is not something that has to happen. It is something that is happening because:

  • Attention seeking: Your toddler needs attention. Yes, at times, kids will do anything to grab attention. Be it throwing things around or hitting things or shouting. They do it so that they can communicate and get your full attention
  • Playing: Your little one is just playing around and having a great time with his/her new found love their voice! That is why a toddler will try and make sounds, scream, yell or shout to understand his/her own voice and how to modulate it
  • Communicating: There is something your toddler wants. Toddlers are in a learning stage and cannot speak much to communicate their needs and wants. This is why many kids resort to screaming or yelling combined with gestures to tell their parents what exactly they want
  • Full of energy: There is a chance that your little one is just too full of energy and wants some way to vent that out. Shrieking, yelling and shouting their guts out are some ways!
Toddler Screaming Tantrums

Ever thought there could be a term for such behavior? Yes, there is. Usually seen in children between the ages 1 and 3, toddler tantrums are quite common. Generally distinguished by a sudden change in attitude and temperament, toddler tantrums have characteristic identifiers. If your child is happy in one minute and suddenly starts screaming his/her lungs out the other minute, your tiny tot is showing signs of toddler tantrums. It mostly occurs because children in this age cannot speak much and communicate well. Hence, the shouting and yelling.
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What To Do When Your Toddler Screams?

Since there are different reasons for your toddler’s screaming, there are different techniques to tackle them:

  1. Pat them: In case your child is screaming just to vent out additional energy in his/her system, just pick your child up and pat his/her back to calm them down. This will offer affection and support to regain normal behavior and divert mind
  2. Give them your attention: If your child uses screaming as an attention gaining tactic, make sure you leave anything you are doing and reach out to the kid. Make the child sit on your lap and offer help and ask the reason as to why he/she decided to shout. Try to help the child instead of shouting back or asking them to shut down but make sure they understand that they can’t have attention at all times
  3. Divert him: In case your tiny tot shouts and screams out of anger bursts, try not to overreact or panic. Simply try to divert his/her attention to other things to that they completely forget what the cause of crying was. In simple words, give them some other activity to do. This will help the child refrain from crying or shouting again to show aggression. A simple task or “sing out a poem for us” will help. Also, try and be a part of such activities for some time till the child comes back to normal temperament
  4. Save from embarrassment: If your toddler is in the constant habit of shouting and screaming, instead of getting embarrassed in public, try to find crowded places where such screaming can go unnoticed. This will spare you the horror of those weird faces you will get if your tot starts yelling in a sophisticated restaurant or a quiet gathering. Simply avoid such instances!
  5. Keep him occupied: A good practice is to keep your toddler occupied in something or the other at all times. Quick games, playground sessions and other kid’s activities can help a lot in these situations

Although there will be many such instances in your life, the key is to stay as calm as possible. This is because you need to act as an adult and not a kid yourself! So stay calm, try to analyze the cause and act accordingly. We know it can be quite a challenge, but give it a try. Show some love; see if your child needs something. Check if everything is fine and move onto the next steps to bring back the calm in your child. Kids are delicate, sensitive and that is why it is important to examine things and execute in an orderly manner!


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