Ice Cream During Pregnancy – Safety And Side Effects

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Bindu Raichura

Ice Cream During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a tricky time when it comes to food! You may hate what used to be your favorite food; foods that were once so repulsive could become your favorite – during pregnancy. While there is quite an exhaustive list of foods that you must eat and should avoid during pregnancy, what about ice cream? Is it safe to consume some really cold, delicious ice cream when you are pregnant? Let’s find out!

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Ice Cream During Pregnancy – Is it Safe?

Ice cream is a safe pregnancy food. You can have ice cream at any time in your pregnancy unless your doctor advises against it. If you are diabetic or suffer from gestational diabetes, your doctor might advise you to stay clear of this sugar-rich treat.

Why do Pregnant Women Have Cravings?

Pregnancy causes very high hormonal fluctuations. Every pregnancy journey is unique and every pregnant woman is different when it comes to her taste buds. Some can experience intense cravings, which can just not be controlled unless they eat what they desire; while some women experience no such cravings at all.

Ice Cream During Pregnancy – How Much is Too Much?

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The general saying during pregnancy is “eat for two”. While this may sound tempting, it is not to be taken in the literal sense. A growing baby cannot have an appetite like a grown adult – be it for regular foods or ice cream.

If you find yourself craving ice cream, indulge in it but keep track of your quantity. Ice cream is loaded with calories and eating a full pint of ice cream, no matter how tasty, is probably not a good idea!

If you are having a late-night craving for ice cream, eat as little as possible to just satiate that craving. Consuming too much sugar at night before bedtime is not only harmful to your body and skin but can give your baby a sugar rush too!

Side Effects of Eating Ice Cream During Pregnancy – Are there Any?

Eating ice cream during pregnancy generally does not have any serious side effects as such. In rare cases, you may have to watch out for the following:

1. Weight Gain

Ice cream has way too many calories. Consuming too much ice cream at one go or on a regular basis can accelerate that weight gain you are already going through due to pregnancy. Since these are just empty calories, it may not be easy to shed them off post-delivery.

2. Acne

Too much sugar in your blood can play havoc with your skin. Though a pregnant woman is blessed with great glowing skin, it can be very sensitive. If you are prone to acne, too much ice cream might just trigger it. Read here to know some home remedies to treat pregnancy acne.

3. Sleeplessness

Sleep disruption is a common phenomenon during pregnancy. Some cold ice cream before bedtime might just make it worse.

4. Gestational Diabetes

If you are suffering from gestational diabetes, then you may want to steer clear of anything with too much sugar, including ice cream.

5. Infections

If you are planning to consume homemade ice creams, you need to be cautious. If the milk used is not pasteurized or if raw eggs are used, it can result in some indigestion and also food poisoning in a sensitive pregnant woman’s system.

Myths About Ice Cream During Pregnancy – Busted

There are a number of myths that surround pregnancy. While some may be for the benefit of the mother-to-be, some can be absolutely baseless. When it comes to eating ice cream during pregnancy:

Myth: Eating too much ice cream can affect the baby’s brain

Fact: There is no scientific evidence backing this belief. It is technically not possible as whatever the mother eats, must digest through her system and reach the baby’s body only after passing through the placenta. By the time all this is done, the ice cream will not be cold anymore.

Things to Remember While Eating Ice Cream During Pregnancy

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Some of the points to keep in mind when you give in to those pregnancy-related ice cream cravings are:

  1. Do not have too much ice cream at one go.
  2. Avoid ice creams right before bedtime.
  3. Cut back on caffeine-flavored ice creams.
  4. Opt for a trusted brand rather than homemade ones.
  5. If you are suffering from diabetes or sinus, ice cream can worsen them.

Eating ice cream when you are pregnant can be absolutely safe unless you are suffering from gestational diabetes, lactose intolerance, or heartburn. Remember, too much ice cream is not a good idea, no matter how strong those cravings are! As long as you have control over the quantity consumed, you can enjoy ice cream on a regular basis, even if you are pregnant.


1. Is it Safe to Eat Chocolate During Pregnancy?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to consume chocolates during pregnancy as long as you are within limits. In fact, a study shows eating chocolates in your third trimester can lower your blood pressure and prevent preeclampsia.

2. Does Ice Cream Help Heartburn During Pregnancy?

Ice creams are made with milk and cream. Dairy products can increase stomach acids, thus resulting in indigestion or heartburn. During pregnancy, the woman is already prone to digestive issues. Ice cream might take it up a notch!

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