Raisins During Pregnancy- 10 Amazing Health Benefits

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Written by Bindu Raichura

Bindu Raichura

Raisins during pregnancy

During pregnancy, it feels like eating many tastes and different lucrative food items. At this phase of life, it is also recommended to have dry fruits and nuts in your diet. Raisins are one of the very common and nutrient-rich dry fruits.

But how many raisins should you eat? Who should avoid having raisins? What are the side effects? Is it safe to eat raisins during pregnancy? Stay connected, we will discuss all the points in detail. pregnancy pillow

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Is it Safe to Eat Dry Grapes or Raisins During Pregnancy?

The urge to eat sweets during pregnancy is not good for the would-be mother and her baby. The alternative is to replace the desserts with naturally nutrient-rich food like raisins. Yes, you can eat a moderate number of raisins during the pregnancy period. The natural ingredients help to keep you healthy and are beneficial for your baby’s growth too.

Nutrients in Raisins or Kishmish

There are a lot of nutritional benefits of raisins during pregnancy you must know:

  •  It is a good source of calories and sugar.
  • This fiber-rich dry fruit helps to improve your digestion.
  • It also contains iron, calcium, boron and there are a lot of antioxidants that remove free radicals from the blood and this, in turn, prevents cell damage.

How Many Raisins Should You Eat While Pregnant?

A handful of this nutrient-packed glucose-rich item is beneficial for a pregnant lady. You can take it as a snack in your daily diet chart.

10 Amazing Benefits of Eating Kismish or Raisins During Pregnancy

pregnant women eating Raisins

Raisins are basically grapes that are dried in the sun or using a food dehydrator. It has a lot of health benefits and hence, the doctor recommends keeping it in your diet. The nutrients available in it supports the growth of the fetus. Here are the 10 benefits of raisins during pregnancy:

1. Cures Constipation Problem

It is a common and irritating issue during pregnancy. The fiber in raisins helps to prevent and even cures the constipation problem.

2. Raisins During Pregnancy Help Blood Cells Production

Raisins are full of iron which is one of the main items of hemoglobin. During pregnancy, the hormonal changes affect the natural production of red blood cells which can be compensated by having raisins daily.

3. Better Digestion

Indigestion is a common problem during pregnancy. The fiber part of the raisin helps to improve your digestive power.

4. Increase Energy Level

Rich with natural glucose, raisins are a very good source of instant energy. If you feel low during this period, prefer a handful of raisins during pregnancy and you will be energetic soon.

5. Help to Reduce Dental Problems

The hormonal imbalance during this period can harm your teeth. One of the important minerals in raisins is calcium which helps to protect your teeth.

6. Increase Bone Strength

Calcium is the main ingredient of bone and raisins are full of this mineral. Therefore, eating the right number of raisins daily can help you to improve your bone strength as well.

7. Help to Prevent Anaemia

A condition of deficiency of red blood cells in your body is known as anemia. The iron content in raisins helps to improve the iron level of your body and parallelly reduces the risk of blood deficiency or anemia.

8. Improve Oral Health

Pregnant women have a common issue of bleeding gum and bad mouth-odor. The nutrients available in raisins are a very good natural remedy to these problems.

9. Helps With Preventing Cancer and Heart-Related Diseases

The antioxidants available in raisins help to reduce the risk of cancer and many heart-related issues like stroke.

10. Good For Fetal Vision

Vitamin A content in raisins is not only good for you but also extremely beneficial for the eyesight and vision development of your baby.

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Who Should Avoid Eating Raisins During Pregnancy?

Raisins in Wooden Bowl

It is tough to restrict yourself from eating an excessive number of raisins during your pregnancy but overconsumption may affect your health. Raisins are a high source of natural glucose and, therefore, if you are high in blood sugar level, try to avoid an excessive number of raisins in your diet. It is advisable to consult your doctor before adding them to your diet plan.

Side Effects of Eating Raisins During Pregnancy

It is very tough to control your taste buds during this period. Though it is a beneficial dry fruit for pregnant women, excessive raisins can be harmful. Below are the reasons:

  1.  Eating raisins in high quantities may increase your blood sugar level which is not at all desirable during pregnancy and can cause gestational diabetes.
  2.  There is a chance of causing type 2 diabetes in your baby.
  3.  With high calories, it is always recommended to eat raisins in moderation as uncontrolled consumption can lead to unwanted weight gain.
  4.  Excessive eating can cause infant obesity which, in turn, may complicate the delivery.

Motherhood is a wonderful time, and you can enjoy raisins during the pregnancy period. Eat whenever but in moderate quantities. Soak it in water for consumption or add it to your dessert, it gives you a taste as well as healthiness. Go Ahead! Enjoy this dry fruit!

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1. Can I Have Raisins if Constipated During Pregnancy?

Yes, you can. They can be of great help. They aid digestion.

2. Can Raisins During Pregnancy Increase My Sugar Levels?

Yes, they can. They are high in sugar. If you have gestational diabetes, stay clear of raisins.

3. Can Raisins Cause Tooth Decay in Pregnant Women?

Yes, they can. They tend to stick to teeth. Ensure you clean your teeth after eating raisins.

4. Can I be Allergic to Raisins When Pregnant?

Yes, you can. Many people are allergic to dry fruits. Pregnancy can make you very sensitive.

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