Increased Sex Drive During Pregnancy

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Are you feeling extra excited after seeing that double line? While you may have thought being a parent would dry up your fantasies for sex, but the reality can be quite the reverse; we all feel increased sex drive during pregnancy, and yes, it’s true. We consider many states during pregnancy that can increase or decrease pregnancy libido. Here is more about increased sex drive during pregnancy and what you may undergo in every phase, and few tips for making it more interesting.

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How Safe is it to Have Increased Sex Drive During Pregnancy?

Sexual contact at the time of pregnancy is safe. Consult your doctor if there is any reason you should refrain. If not, you can attempt it as much as you desire and want it. Really!

It’s apparent that you need to consult a doctor if:

  1. You have some bleeding while or after sex.
  2. Your water has torn, or you have an outflow of unexpected liquid.
  3. You have an unapt cervix.
  4. You have Placenta Previa (when the placenta shields parts of all of your cervix).
  5. You have marks of preterm labor or an account of preterm birth.

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How to Increase Sex Drive During Pregnancy?

Whether you consider yourself as a sex goddess or not, you do many things to fulfill your desire. You may well even discover that your sex desire during pregnancy varies noticeably from the day-to-day. Here are a few ways that can help you when you feel what is a link between pregnancy and sex drive:

  • Masturbation:

You do not want a partner to get you going. Self-stimulation can be peaceful and fun during pregnancy. And the most significant part is that you can do it whenever you feel like increase sex drive during pregnancy.

Masturbating is an excellent approach to get used to with your fluctuating body. This may also help divert some more hostile signs you feel, like morning illness, back pain, leg, and feet swelling. If you are using sex toys, be sure to wash and clean them carefully with every use and to be tender when at play.

  • Various Sexual Positions you can use to Increase Sex Drive:

1. Woman on Top:

Just as it sounds, this pose lets you be in full control while also releasing up your stomach. You can set the leap to fast or slow or move into other places this way.

2. Woman on all Fours:

Place yourself on your hands and knees and let your stomach hang. This pose has a habit of working best in the initial and second month; until your belly gets too weighty.

3. Sideways or Spooning:

For some more support in late pregnancy, try resting sideways with your partner arriving from behind. This pose takes the force off your by now strained joints and belly and lets you ease. You might also use cushions to adjust support.

  • Essential Oils:

You may have a lot of usual wetness in pregnancy. If not, a suitable oil can get things smooth and relaxed. Your skin may also be the most sensitive. So you will need to gaze for water-based lubes that do not annoy or cause any infection.

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  • Communication:

Talk with your spouse every so often about how you are feeling concerning your sex life. If you want more, Talk about that. Want to back off? Bring it up for having a discussion. If discussing sex is uncomfortable, try to start with a simple statement like, “I want to say that……..”

  • Acceptance:

Stop judging yourself on how you are feeling. Whether horny or not, doesn’t matter. Pregnancy is just one term of your love life. Try to go with the flow, enjoy the ride for what it is, and be sure to reach out for support if you feel you need it. Sometimes just chatting with a good friend can help you feel less alone.

Suppose you are feeling super sexy, you may as well take benefit of the extra feelings that pregnancy offers. Whether you are getting lively with a partner or just devoting some time to your desire and fantasies, give yourself time to love your body. Every pregnancy is different. So try to recall that your increase in sex drive during pregnancy is unique to your practice.

There is no correct or incorrect way to go about a sexual connection during pregnancy. The vital point is to keep the line of discussion open with your spouse and figure out a way that works for you.

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