Is climbing stairs during pregnancy safe?

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Is climbing stairs during pregnancy safe_

Is it ok to keep up with regular exercise and daily physical activities during pregnancy? And more importantly, is climbing stairs during pregnancy safe? Well, a little exercise and climbing stairs are absolutely fine in early pregnancy, as long as you are taking care of your safety.

While you are pregnant, you should be able to climb stairs if your pregnancy is experiencing no complications. The forthcoming content will help you know more about climbing stairs during pregnancy and important tips that will help you stay safe.

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When to Avoid Climbing Stairs During Pregnancy?

Climbing stairs during pregnancy early stages is totally fine. But there may be certain exceptions where your doctor or gynecologist may advise you not to climb stairs, or you may need to avoid it. The situations when you may need to avoid climbing stairs during pregnancy include:

  • A long flight of stairs makes some people breathless. If you are one of those who gasp for air after a little walk, avoid climbing stairs.
  • When your feet begin to swell, do not consider climbing the stairs as an option, as it will add more pressure on your feet, causing a body ache.

Climbing Stairs During Early Pregnancy

Climbing stairs during pregnancy in the early stages is totally fine if you remain cautious at all costs since the biggest risk during pregnancy is facing falls. A fall in early pregnancy may lead to miscarriage and might also ruin the chances for further pregnancies in some rare cases. The good news is that the risk of falling during early pregnancy is less because the body hasn’t changed its center of gravity yet.

First and Second Trimester

In a healthy pregnancy, moving up and down using stairs is considered OK. But, if you are facing any type of pregnancy complication or if your doctor has told you otherwise, you must exercise caution while climbing stairs during pregnancy. Here is a list of some precautions that you might want to watch out for climbing stairs during pregnancy:

  • History of fainting while walking or climbing the stairs
  • Dizziness
  • Breathlessness
  • Pregnancy after 30-35
  • History of miscarriages
  • Lower placenta
  • Multiple pregnancies (twins, triplets, etc.)
  • High or low blood pressure

In the above conditions, you must resort to climbing stairs during pregnancy only in case of emergency. When it comes down to the second trimester, the risk of falls may increase as the gravity of the body is a little off. For a normal and healthy pregnant woman, it is still ok to climb stairs as long as they are careful and take precautions. However, a doctor’s advice should be considered before opting for any other physical activity.

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Using the Stairs During the Later Part of Pregnancy

Using the Stairs During the Later Part of Pregnancy

Climbing stairs in the later part or trimester of pregnancy can be riskier than in the early trimesters. This is because a fall in later pregnancy may lead to early labor symptoms and other complications during birth. Also, the risk of falling is much higher in later pregnancy as the abdomen enlarges, and body weight increases due to progressing pregnancy.

Third Trimester

A pregnant woman’s center of gravity will change with uterine growth. Also, the increasing weight can become hard to balance. Hence, climbing stairs in the third trimester is usually not recommended. In case of an emergency, you must be extra cautious while using the stairs.

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Safety Tips For Using the Stairs in Early Pregnancy

Every pregnant must use certain precautionary measures while climbing stairs. May it be early or later months of pregnancy, to save one from strains or falls, these safety rules are a real-life savior. Even healthy pregnant women might have accidents if they are not careful and the following 4 safety tips can save such unfortunate accidents.

  1. Slipping and falling on the stairs is very common. To ensure proper foot traction, use secure stair carpets and avoid slippery stairs at all costs.
  2. Climb slowly. When you are walking up and down the stairs, make sure that you never hurry. Properly look at the stairs and take your time.
  3. Use good lighting. Invest in the installation of good lighting for your stairwell because it is very common to miss a step or two when you cannot see the steps properly, especially at night.
  4. Use handrails. If you live in an apartment that requires you to use stairs regularly, then make sure that you always walk with the support of the handrails. Always keep an arm free to hold the handrails
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Experiences of Other Moms

Experiences of Other Moms

Even after taking all the possible precautions of climbing stairs during pregnancy, if any unfortunate event occurs, see your doctor or gynecologist at the earliest to be on the safe side. In a lighter vein, we have some stories of other moms who have gone through various complications yet came out unaffected by it,

  • Maria, the mother of a 3-Month-Old, says, “I missed a step and fell right onto my hands and knees. I got really scared when I hit the side of my abdomen.  Immediately I started having several contractions and my husband took me to the emergency room. I was in my second trimester then and was facing severe cramping. They kept giving me doses of pain relievers to calm my pain down and admitted me for a few days. I got better in some time and am now a mother of a three-month-old healthy baby. But if I hadn’t gone to the doctor immediately, then, I don’t know what might have happened to my baby.”
  • Ashley says, “When I was 26 weeks pregnant, I survived a fall. As soon as I fell, I called up the nurse line. They told me to check for any sort of bleeding or cramping. I reassured them that I hadn’t hurt myself on my abdomen. And they told me that amniotic fluid actually provides enough cushioning for the baby and saves the baby from such falls.”
  • Margaery says, “My apartment was on the second storey of a four-storey building. Once, when I was returning from the supermarket, I had a lot of packets in my hand. And suddenly, when I was midway, I felt a little dizzy and blanked out. I came down, sliding almost five steps. My husband immediately took me to the hospital, where the doctor told me to take rest till the child’s birth and suggested I go for C-section.”

To sum up, climbing stairs during pregnancy is absolutely safe as long as your doctor gives you the go-ahead, and you do not have any complications such as dizziness. A few precautions such as climbing the stairs slowly, holding the handrail if available, and having well-lit stairs can help you keep safe when climbing stairs in such conditions.


1. Can I Climb Stairs While Pregnant?

Yes, you can. If your pregnancy is under threat, the doctor might advise you to avoid stairs. It could sometimes be bed rest too.

2. Will Climbing Stairs in My First Trimester Lead to an Abortion?

No, not at all. Climb slow and carefully. Ensure you do not slip or run up the stairs too fast.

3. Can I do Stairs Workout While Pregnant?

If you have been used to it, it should be ok. Check with your doctor first. They will know if you are at any risk.

4. Can I Use the Stairs Instead of Lift While Pregnant?

Yes, you can. It might become difficult as pregnancy progresses. You may find it difficult to breathe.

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