Is Hajmola During Pregnancy Safe To Consume?

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Pregnancy is a time for all sorts of indigestions and other digestion-related issues. Your pregnancy cravings want you to devour everything in sight and that stomach refuses to digest anything, even the regular foods your body is used to! Now, when you have a bad stomach or some indigestion, popping in a Hajmola might have brought you very quick relief. It is a very convenient little thing to carry in your purse too. However, is it safe to consume Hajmola during pregnancy? Will it help or affect you when you are pregnant? Read on to find out more!

Hajmola during pregnancy

What is Hajmola?

Hajmola is a digestive tablet under the brand name Dabur. It is made from a mix of many herbs with medicinal values, to aid better digestion.

What are the Ingredients of Hajmola?

If you want to have Hajmola during pregnancy then you should also be aware of what it consists of:

1. Black Pepper

It is high in antioxidants, thus helping in reducing the free radicals in the body. Pepper has anti-inflammatory properties too, which can help with many other health issues in the body apart from improving your digestion.

2. Lemon

This citric addition improves the taste of the Hajmola, making it very tasty for a pregnant woman. Apart from aiding digestion, lemon helps in controlling blood sugar and improving skin conditions too.

3. Ginger

This is another antioxidant that can help control cancer-causing free radicals and also improve your digestion drastically. Ginger is a common ingredient in many dishes worldwide, for its distinct taste and digestive properties.

4. Sea Salt

This helps in improving your skin, and boosting the immune system in addition to improving digestion.

5. Black Salt

This salt, unlike table salt, is rich in minerals and has a distinctive taste. It stimulates the production of bile in the liver which is an important component to reduce bloating and even heartburns.

black salt

6. Sugar

Not a much-liked ingredient by health-conscious people, but this is also important to improve your gut health and provide more energy to the body.

7. Cumin Seeds

This is very famous for its anti-cancerous properties. It helps reduce inflammation, keeps your sugar levels in check, and also improves digestion. Cumin is one of the safest and most recommended home remedies for indigestion.

8. Nausadar

This is an Ayurvedic herb that helps in the prevention of many diseases.

9. Long Pepper

This helps in improving your appetite by stimulating the digestive juices and also improves digestion. It is very beneficial for heartburns, stomach aches, and even indigestion.

Long Pepper

The majority of the ingredients above are used for better digestion, in regular Indian household cooking. The combination of so many digestive aids helps in faster digestion of food and relief from flatulence and discomfort.

Is it Safe to Consume Hajmola During Pregnancy?

Since Hajmola consists of many natural ingredients which have many health benefits and are also a part of our regular diet; consuming Hajmola within reasonable limits can be safe during pregnancy.

However, if you feel you are reacting to Hajmola or it is not helping you the way you expected, please discontinue consumption and consult your doctor in the next visit. Pregnancy is not a time to ignore even the smallest of ques. It’s better to be cautious when your body is in this unpredictable phase.

Health Benefits of Hajmola During Pregnancy

The various ingredients of Hajmola have medicinal properties and are used in regular consumption, in many other ways. Some of the health benefits you can enjoy by consuming Hajmola during pregnancy are:

  • Aids better digestion.
  • Provides relief from flatulence.
  • Reduces acidity and heartburns.
  • Stimulates the secretion of saliva and other digestive juices to improve digestion.
  • Different flavors can suit different cravings of a pregnant woman.
  • It is free of preservatives.

According to the manufacturer – the recommended dosage for an adult is about 2 tablets per day and just 1 for children. When you are pregnant, it’s different. The dosage of many things you consumed on a regular basis before pregnancy changes the minute that second line appeared on the test stick.

  • Hajmola is high on salt content, which is generally not a great option for pregnant women, especially if you are already suffering from high blood pressure. Regular intake of Hajmola tablets will be salt in addition to what is present in your food. Try not to consume more than one, if your doctor approves.
  • It also contains sugar, again a not a very suitable ingredient for those suffering from diabetes or gestational diabetes. However, the sugar content is not very high and other artificial sweeteners are not used, so this particular aspect may not be a very big threat to your health.
  • The best option would be to check with your doctor before you actively start consuming something regularly. If your doctor has already prescribed something for indigestion, this would be an extra dosage that might have severe effects on your digestive system.

Side Effects of Consuming Hajmola During Pregnancy

pregnant women having heartburn

The combination of the ingredients that stimulate digestion can be strong on a pregnant woman. While it can aid better digestion, it can act as a laxative too. The high salt and pepper content might not only increase the salt content in your body but may also cause heartburn. It might make you visit the toilet more often than you would prefer.

Even if you have been consuming Hajmola regularly before you got pregnant and have suffered no side effects, it is safer to consult your doctor.

What are Your Alternatives?

Alternatively, you can try switching your diet.

  • Eat more fiber-rich foods which help digestion.
  • Avoid or at least reduce foods that cause constipation or discomfort.
  • Understand what foods cause or when you feel the need to take a Hajmola tablet, and try doing something about it naturally.
  • Drink a lot of water.There are many remedies for indigestion and other digestion-related issues during pregnancy. While many home remedies could be a safer choice, sometimes you need something stronger, which acts faster too. If you find Hajmola effective for your digestive issues during pregnancy, confirm with your doctor before you consume it regularly.You need to be extra careful with such digestive aids when you are pregnant. The system is sensitive and even a small trigger might have a strong impact on your body. Never continue consuming Hajmola  during pregnancy if you see a reaction or feel uncomfortable after consumption.


1. When Should I Take Hajmola?

Hajmola is recommended to be consumed after a meal to stimulate digestion.

2. How Many Types of Hajmolas are There?

Hajmola comes in six flavors apart from regular – imli (tamarind), chatcola, chatpati, hing (asafetida), pudina (mint) and anardana (pomegranate).

3. Is Hajmola Good for Acidity During Pregnancy?

Hajmola is generally good for acidity and indigestion. It should be able to help pregnant women too. However, pregnancy is a tricky phase where one woman’s reaction to Hajmola can be different from another woman’s reaction.

4. Can Pregnant Women Have Hajmola Every Day?

Though Hajmola is made of natural ingredients, having Hajmola every day when you are pregnant might not be the best idea. Too much of these ingredients in a concentrated form can cause heartburn in a pregnant woman.

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