Lassi During Pregnancy – Is it Safe and Top Benefits

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Lassi During Pregnancy

Can a pregnant woman have lassi? Is it safe to have lassi during pregnancy? Pregnancy is a delicate time. For every little thing a pregnant woman needs to be reassured if it’s safe for her and her fetus. Having lassi is no different. Lassi is a frothy yogurt-based drink that originated in Punjab, India. It has now spread to the rest of the world. Sweet or salty, blended with fruits or spices, you name it, lassi comes in many varieties. 

Lassi is one of the first first-ever smoothies created and is just like a dessert drink.  This creamy drink is traditionally served in a clay pot or a tall glass. Whisk a salted lassi, if you shy away from sugar or have diabetes. It is a great way to keep yourself cool and refreshed on a hot summer day. Including lassi in your diet is a good combination of health and taste. But can one consume lassi during pregnancy? Let’s find out!

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What is Lassi?

Lassi is a traditional drink popularly consumed in South Asian countries, especially in India. Lassi is a yogurt or curd based delicious drink. Basically, it is taken as a sweetened drink while salted lassi may be added with spices. These added spices contain anti-inflammatory properties. Dairy-free alternatives are available for those who are lactose intolerant or have any dietary restrictions. Coconut milk, almond milk, or soy milk are wonderful options that can replace dairy milk.

Special variations can be added to lassi, like seeds, nuts, and fruits for that unique drink to refresh you. It is healthier for pregnant women to prepare the desired lassi at home. Flavored lassi is an option you can look forward to. It is customizable to individual tastes with variations such as mango and rose which are very popular. 

Is it Safe to Have Lassi During Pregnancy?

Is it Safe to Have Lassi During Pregnancy_

It is totally safe for pregnant women to have lassi during pregnancy provided it is made from pasteurized yogurt. Unpasteurized dairy is not recommended for pregnant women. Reason being that unprocessed raw milk has harmful pathogens that can cause illness. Lassi is basically a good source of protein, probiotics, and calcium. It is important though for pregnant women to be cautious about the type of yogurt they consume.

Lassi is a healthy food option for expectant mothers since it contains vital nutrients that are essential for growth and development of the fetus. Pregnant women often face heartburn that can be quite painful. The probiotics in lassi can help digest food, reduce the intensity of acidity that causes heartburn, and strengthen gut health. Lassi has Ayurvedic properties that can calm the stomach and the mind. Like any other food being incorporated into the diet, caution and moderation of consumption is important.

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Nutritional Benefits of Lassi

Lassi made from whole milk yogurt has calcium, which is essential for the development of bones of both the mother and the baby. Regular consumption of lassi ensures that the expectant mother and the baby are getting enough calcium for the development of their growing bodies. Lassi contains lactic acid bacteria which is a good and reliable source of protein. 

Lassi is rich in vitamins B6, B12, and D.  Intake of lassi helps to alleviate common pregnancy symptoms. The probiotics content aids in digestion and plays a role in reducing constipation. The water content in lassi is high so it keeps pregnant women hydrated which in turn assists in maintaining a healthy pregnancy. 

Amazing Benefits of Having Lassi During Pregnancy


The delicious lassi is nutritious and provides numerous benefits for women during their pregnancy. Some of the benefits are-

1. Source of Probiotics

Lassi contains a high level of probiotics which are notably important for a healthy gut as it helps improve digestion. During pregnancy there may be some disruption in the digestive system due to some factors. The beneficial bacteria in lassi promotes healthy digestion. This reduces the risk of issues related to constipation and bloating.

2. Boosts The Immune System 

It is vital to keep the immune system strong. Lassi has various immune- boosting properties which can protect the mother and the baby from infections and certain illnesses. Antibodies present in lassi improve the function of white blood cells and the vitamin C present stimulate the production of white blood cells. These are responsible for battling against diseases.

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3. Provides Hydration 

Lassi is primarily made up of water which replenishes the fluids in the body. Lassi helps the pregnant woman stay hydrated. It curbs the monotony of having plain water.

4. Alleviates Morning Sickness 

Some women find that consumption of lassi helps ease morning sickness. Digestive problems causing nausea and vomiting are arrested due to the probiotic content in lassi. Being a light drink, it does not weigh the pregnant women down or make them feel nauseous.

5. Helps in Regulation of Blood Pressure 

Blood pressure may be high during pregnancy leading to some health complications. Lassi consumption may help to regulate blood pressure. If it’s made from low-fat milk, it will help release higher levels of potassium which in turn helps counteract the negative effects of sodium on the levels of blood pressure. Lassi intake prevents water retention. This again helps to keep blood pressure in check.

Are There Any Risks of Having Lassi During Pregnancy?

Are There Any Risks of Having Lassi During Pregnancy_

Though lassi is a great addition to the prenatal diet, pregnant women need to take some precautions when incorporating lassi into their diet. This is with special regard to consumption of lassi made from unpasteurized milk. In case there is a situation of dairy allergies or lactose intolerance then it is best to avoid consumption of lassi or go in for dairy-free variations.

One should consume lassi in moderation during pregnancy. Even though lassi is a healthy and nutritious drink, excess consumption may lead to an increase in the calorie levels resulting in excessive weight gain. The recommended or suggested limit of lassi is one serving of lassi per day. And, there is always a choice of balancing it with various other healthy choices.

Lassi is a healthy drink which is safe to consume during pregnancy. One can prepare it easily at home. Modifications can be done to suit health conditions, such as diabetes and lactose intolerance. Lassi is an excellent drink as it boosts immunity, improves digestion, and is nutritious for both the expectant mother and baby. Unless of course, one has any allergies or dietary restrictions go ahead with your glass of fresh lassi.


1. Can We Have Lassi at Night During Pregnancy?

Yes, pregnant women can have lassi at night. But, they should opt for less quantity at night or give themself some time for digestion before retiring for the night.

2. Can I Drink Lassi Daily During Pregnancy?

Yes, one can drink lassi daily as part of a healthy diet. However, it is advisable to consume it in moderation. Also have lassi which is made from pasteurized dairy. 

3. Can Lassi Cause Gas During Pregnancy?

Lassi is generally safe to consume during pregnancy, but excessive consumption might cause gas or bloating.

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