It is hard to find a person who does not like the characters of minions. You will be aware of the cuteness of these minions, which won the hearts of everyone. These yellow creatures are very much lovable. Some minions have one eye, while others have two. The innocence reflected by these creatures won our hearts. So, the Minion Names became very popular when these creatures appeared in Despicable Me. Also, in the sequel of the movie, minions became more adorable. Children especially love minions because of their antics on the screen. Apart from that, other reasons make children fall in love with minions. Let’s discuss some of those reasons and find out some of the names of these yellow creatures.

Why Children Love Minions So Much?

Before you find out What Are The Minions Names, let’s see what makes children fond of them:


Children are very much innocent by nature. So, they would love to see that on the giant screen as well. Minions provide children with precisely that. Every character of the minions is very innocent. Therefore, children enjoy watching minions very much.


Children love to laugh. No matter what, humor is something that will attract a child. The character of all the minions provides that fun to a child. Some may say it is gross humor, or it is slapstick humor. But children do not care about the type of humor. They want to laugh their hearts out. Minions provide precisely the kind of fun a child seeks.


There are many characters of minions in the movie Despicable Me. However, what attracts children about the nature of the minions is the way these creatures are built. The minions look like a yellow tablet. Everyone finds minions cute and their behavior amusing. Thus, children get attracted to minions quite easily.


Kids enjoy seeing their antics portrayed on the big screen. Minions do precisely that with their behavior. When you watch the characters of minions, you will get a feeling that these creatures are children. That is why children find minions so fascinating to watch. Kids can see their self-reflections through minions.

5 Unusual Minion Names And Their Characters

The Minion Character Names are intriguing, just like their characters. These characters are so funny that you cannot stop laughing while watching them. Here are the five most exciting minion characters:

1. Dave

Dave is a leading character among minions. He played a significant part in Despicable Me 2. Dave is an imposing character because he is smart, funny, loving, and kind. He enjoys playing video games a lot, especially with Stuart. However, Dave has another love, and that is ice cream. This became evident with the ice cream party clip. Dave is a very much lovable character among minions.

  • Hair: Centre-parted and flat
  • Body: Slim
  • Eyes: 2
  • Height: 105cm
  • Hates: Waiting
  • Loves: Missiles and Rockets

2. Stuart

Stuart is the best friend of Dave. He loves playing video games along with Dave. His character is filled with nonchalance but, still, he gets the right things done at the right time. He does not like to get bullied by the other minions. His character is as important as Dave’s. Stuart is also a One-Eyed Minion Name.

  • Hair: Centre-parted and flat
  • Body: Slim
  • Eyes: 1
  • Height: 94cm
  • Hates: Bullying by other minions
  • Loves: Laughing and playing

3. Jerry

Jerry is a two-eyed minion that is very much adorable. He is empathetic, and that is very much evident when Kevin teases him for his cowardice. Jerry can get scared by simple things. He was the first minion who got abducted. He loves playing with Stuart. Also, he is very fond of music.

  • Hair: Spiky
  • Body: Slim
  • Eyes: 2
  • Height: 105cm
  • Hates: Edith
  • Loves: Spending time and playing with Stuart

4. Josh

Josh is a very funny character among minions. His loves create photocopies of his bottom part. He also appears as a fireman in the movies. He also entered in a contest with Tim. Josh is a very adorable character, and you would love watching his antics on the giant screen.

  • Hair: Straight and standing
  • Body: Fat
  • Eyes: 2
  • Height: 96cm
  • Hates: Endless things
  • Loves: Creating his bottom’s photocopies

5. Tim

Tim is one of the very few Despicable Me Minion Names that shows a great personality and character. He is the tallest among all the minion characters in the movie. Tim has a bossing attitude, which is quite rare among minions. That is why his character is so special because it just stands out among all the minion characters.

  • Hair: A clump of hair, very tiny at the center of his head
  • Body: Slim
  • Eyes: 2
  • Height: 120cm
  • Hates: Being laughed at and losing
  • Loves: Bossing

Finally, watching minions and their antics are very much entertaining and funny. The innocent comedy that minions bring is truly amazing. So, you can take enjoy great family time by watching minions go about their usual business.