Panchamrut During Pregnancy – Benefits and Recipe

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Panchamrut is a sacred drink prepared in Indian rituals. It is believed to have divine power and fantastic health benefits. When it comes to pregnancy, it has exceptional advantages for both the mother and the baby. However, like any other diet in pregnancy, you must know all details about it; panchamrutham ingredients, and the panchamrutham recipe.

bowl of Panchamrut

What are the Five Ingredients of Panchamrut and What do they Symbolise?

The panchamrutham is derived from the Sanskrit word, where “Panch” means “five”, and “Amrut” means “the nectar of Gods.” Basically, five panchamrutham ingredients highly complement each other. Panchamrit for pregnancy has excellent benefits as pregnancy is a crucial stage demanding a rich and nutritious diet.

The five ingredients of Panchamrut, along with their symbolism, are:

  • Milk:

Milk symbolizes purity. Cow’s milk is the best source of proteins, vitamins A, B12, and D. Thus, it is the hero of the panchamrutham ingredients. It has immense benefits like maintaining body mass, increases breast milk production, and promotes ease of digestion. Pregnant mothers must take cow’s milk to boost the immunity of the mother-baby duo.

milk for panchamrut

  • Curd:

Curd resembles family and prosperity. According to Ayurveda, curd balances the “pitta” dosh that monitors the metabolism and heat in the human body. It is rich in phosphorous, calcium, and amino acids. Curd in panchamrut provides a cooling effect and helps digestion.  Thus, panchamrut during pregnancy relieves early phase pregnancy digestion issues.

Curd is a natural probiotic, nourishes muscles, and increases body strength. Including it daily in your diet during pregnancy keeps you healthy.

curd for panchamrut

  • Ghee:

Ghee symbolizes intelligence and victory. It is one of the superfoods in Ayurveda. Cow milk’s ghee is rich in butyric acid that is well-known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It further improves bowel movement and detoxifies our bodies. The fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, E, and K, along with Omega-3 and Omega-9 essential fatty acids, make it a wholesome food.

Cow milk’s ghee has fantastic benefits for the heart, throat, skin, and eyes. During pregnancy, ghee in panchamrut promotes emotional balance, intelligence, and memory.

ghee for panchamrut

  • Honey:

Honey in panchamrut resembles sweet speech and union. It is known as Yogavahi in Ayurveda and is considered a carrier for different nutrients in the body. Honey is the ingredient that improves the qualities of milk, curd, ghee, and sugar. Further, honey is a high-grade antiseptic that keeps diseases away from both mother and baby. It promotes healing.

honey for panchamrut

  • Sugar:

Sugar in panchamrut symbolizes happiness and pleasure. According to Ayurveda, sugar is a quick energy source and reduces fatigue in the human body. The early phase of pregnancy experiences fatigue, and hence, sugar is best for this time.


Benefits of Freshly Prepared Panchamrut in Pregnancy:

Panchamrut has various health benefits. Nothing matches the power of freshly prepared panchamrut during pregnancy. It is essential for the overall development of the baby and the mother’s health. Some of the panchamrut health benefits are:

  • Counters “Pitta”:

Panchamrut removes the excess heat from the digestive tract and soothes the “pitta” that causes an imbalance in your body’s functioning.

  • Improves “Kanti”(complexion):

Panchamrut provides a healthy and natural glow to a mother’s skin and is great for a baby’s skin health.

  • Fights Fatigue:

Panchamrut is a power booster in the first trimester of pregnancy. It grants energy to mothers to stay active and fit throughout this crucial phase.

  • Boost Immunity:

Panchamrut contains all ingredients that have a proven track record in improving immunity. It takes care of blood cells, plasma, reproductive tissues, muscle tissues, nerve tissues, fatty tissues, and teeth.

  • Emotional and Mental Health:

Pregnancy rings in with mood swings and emotional health issues. Thus, panchamrut during pregnancy is an excellent tonic for mothers. It further improves the baby’s brain health, memory, and intelligence.

pregnant women eating

Panchamrut Recipe during Pregnancy:

It is indeed easy to prepare panchamrut. It is best to take all fresh ingredients.


  • Milk: Five Teaspoons
  • Curd: One Teaspoon
  • Ghee: Two Teaspoons
  • Honey: One Teaspoon
  • Sugar: One Teaspoon
  • Tulsi or Holy Basil Leaves
  • Chopped Almonds (optional)
  • Ripe Banana (optional)
  • Saffron: Two Threads (optional)


Collect milk, curd, ghee, honey, and sugar in a bowl and mix well. Once it has achieved regular consistency, you can decorate your panchamrut with chopped almonds, banana slices, and tulsi leaves. You can consume two-four teaspoons of this amrut shatkara during pregnancy regularly.

Panchamrut during Pregnancy – Quick Tips:

  • Always go for a freshly prepared panchamrut.
  • Always use stainless steel or silver utensils for preparing panchamrut.
  • Always keep ghee quantity higher than that of honey in the panchamrut recipe.
  • Banana is the only fruit that goes well with panchamrut.
  • Take the advice of your physician before starting panchamrut if you’ve gestational diabetes.

Panchamrut is a natural tonic during pregnancy. It is highly beneficial for mother and baby and is easy to prepare. You can consume panchamrut during pregnancy regularly to avail of its health benefits.

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