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12 Postpartum Must- Haves For New Moms

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Diapers? Check. Onesies? Check. Car seat? Check. Things to help you take care of your postpartum body? Umm… The birth of a baby is a joyful event no doubt, but from a new mom’s perspective what follows after that is total chaos (at least that’s how it appears to her). There is a complete transformation in the routine, sleep times are altered, there seems to be no time to do the smallest of things like taking a shower or even a power nap. Added to this is the constant feeling of disorientation. And to top it all, friends and relatives pour in to wish and take a sneak peak at the baby. This is also a time when experienced moms (grandmas, mom, older aunts, cousins who’ve had babies) offer their share of advice and a long list of do’s and don’ts. Seriously, a new mom is not sure whether to celebrate or not. This is not to scare a mom-to-be; the situation is not too bad after all. But it makes sense to prepare and be ready with essentials so as to enjoy this beautiful phase. After all, it is easy to keep some essential items handy to avoid discomfort. So, what are those? Let’s make a list so we can get them well in advance.
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12 Postpartum Must- Haves For New Moms

Enough about the baby, what does a new mother need immediately? Here is a list of 12 mommy items. Make sure to add it to your pre-baby shopping list:

    1. Sanitary pads: The first and the most important item is to replenish the stock of sanitary pads. Most women bleed for weeks toge ther post-delivery. For some it may be light, but some have it heavy. Since it is possible that you might run out of pads because of not using them for 9 long months, it’s better to check and get it restocked
    2. Extra sheets: Sometimes, it makes sense to have extra sheets handy near the bed for some weeks so it can save washing too many clothes. In the first few weeks after giving birth, milk could leak unknowingly even when you are not feeding, your baby can spit-up in your bed or sometimes the diapers can be explosive. So the extra sheets will come handy
    3. Nursing pads: When you nurse a baby, milk is released from both the breasts at the same time. So, it becomes very uncomfortable when you’re leaking from the breast that the baby is not feeding from. To handle a situation like this, use nursing pads to prevent your clothes from getting wet
    4. A squirt bottle: After giving birth, hemorrhoids can make it difficult to pee and to clean thereafter. Having a squirt bottle or a perineal cleansing bottle helps
    5. Bath salts: If you experience pain in the perineal area due to hemorrhoids post-delivery (not all women experience this) you could indulge in bath salts to help you relax and provide relief. Check online for numerous brands available to select yours and add to your shelf
    6. Comfortable nursing clothes: Some loose comfortable clothes for the new mom, depending on what you wear. It’s very essential to have clothes that make it easy to move around without feeling uncomfortable. Get nursing bras—they make feeding easier whether you are at home or outside

new mom essential

  1. Feeding pillow: Another item that a new mom may think of investing in is the breastfeeding pillow, especially if you are a first-time mom. These are compact nursing pillows that save you from straining your back while feeding. They are easy to carry and handy particularly when you’re travelling
  2. Healthy snacks and water: Keep some healthy snacks, drinks and water to fight the hunger pangs and to keep yourself hydrated at all times while breastfeeding. Also, keep books and music that you can use when someone is watching over the baby and you get some “me time” in between
  3. Nipple cream: Cracked nipples is a common problem most new moms face; keep a good nipple cream in hand because this problem cannot be left unattended
  4. Stretch mark cream or oils: No matter how much you controlled the itching sensation while the tummy kept swelling gradually after your 7th month of pregnancy, stretch marks are unavoidable post-delivery. To nourish your rough, dry, stretched skin, use stretch mark creams and oils. Ask your friends and cousins who’ve already had babies about the best oil/cream to use and get one for yourself
  5. Heating/cooling pads: These products are postpartum mom’s favorites! The heating pads help with healing and soothing postpartum aches and pains. Also the cool packs provide relief to sore breasts and relieve pain around the perineum
  6. Baby items: Keep baby items handy so that you don’t need to get up frequently. Keep a small basket/bag and keep a set of change clothes, diapers, wipes and anything else that you may want to use for the baby during the day

In the last trimester of pregnancy, plan your delivery and keep the essential items ready so that there is no last minute rush and panic. If you are organized the first few weeks post-delivery can be enjoyable. When someone offers help, don’t hesitate or feel guilty. It’s very important that you get enough rest to tide over the first few days as your body is gradually undergoing transformation post the birth of your baby. Also it is essential for you to stay connected with other moms who have recently been through this phase or are sailing in the same boat as you. Hearing someone say, “yes, that’s normal” or “me, too!” adds to your confidence. Also if you have someone to vent out your feelings and postpartum emotions then it can be such a lifesaver!
Relax and enjoy these moments while they last.

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