Raising An Independent Child

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Editorial Team

Being a parent is the best thing to happen to a couple. The child becomes the centre of their universe. The very thought of providing the best to our child at times makes us over protective about them. Parenting is a beautiful journey. The journey traversed in bringing up the kids becomes a key factor in determining the child’s behavior and nature when he/she matures. Parents are juggling their schedules to give best upbringing to their kids. All parents are ready to go for any extra mile that would ensure them in making their kids to be smart, intelligent, well mannered, independent, confident etc.

Children are dependent on parents when small, it’s essential for them to become independent as they age. We, as parents need to show them the right path to navigate their life correctly on their own. As parents, taking the following steps will make them tread on a path of self reliance-

  • Shower them with love, respect and make them feel valuable.

    Raising an Independent Child

    Raising an Independent Child pregnancy pillow

  • Be an observer to your children’s activities, encourage, guide and teach them. Procrastination of things for the last minute results in completion by parents and making kids dependent on parents for their work.
  • Give them the freedom to make decisions, guide and support them to bear the consequences of their decisions. This will help them in taking decisions in future. They will be self motivated and confident.
  • Commend them and their efforts for finishing their jobs.
  • Demonstrate optimism, confidence and enthusiasm in their capabilities.
  • Teach them to make correct choices. Begin with small things like from choosing a dress to how to select the peers, let them feel that they can independently take decisions.
  • Teach them to be responsible. Let them do their daily chores once they reach four- five years of age. Chores like dressing up, eating, keeping their things in proper order, keeping place neat and tidy. This will inculcate a sense of responsibility in them. As they grow their activities and responsibilities will change.
  • If they fail and mess up things support them; this will motivate them to try again, boost their morale.
  • Knowing what’s brewing in your child’s mind is very essential to know which path he is treading. Persuade them to ask questions, open discussions on various topics to develop their thought process share view points, opinions and facts.
  • Let them ponder before taking an action on the consequences of their actions.
  • Before punishing discuss their offence and make them understand, they are punished for the offence they did. They are still loved by you.

It’s rightly said, “God could not be everywhere hence he created parents. Parents cannot stay with us forever; they give us the best upbringing so we can take charge of our lives in their absence and make them proud.”

Editorial Team,

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