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Sleeping On Your Stomach During Pregnancy – Is It Safe?

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Pregnancy period changes your sleeping pattern significantly especially during the second and third trimester of your pregnancy. Tossing and turning in your bed in search of a comfortable position is not unusual during pregnancy. When you find a cosy position you may start worrying whether your sleeping position affects the safety of your child.
Sleeping on stomach
Before pregnancy, you may be a back sleeper or stomach sleeper or used to sleep on your sides. During pregnancy, you have to be concerned of safety and health of your child before selecting your sleeping position. We have already discussed why you can’t sleep on your back during the pregnancy earlier in this site. Just click the following link here to look through. If you are a stomach sleeper, then let us dig into the advantages and disadvantages of sleeping on your stomach.

Is It Safe To Sleep On My Stomach During Pregnancy?

Although not unsafe entirely, sleeping on the stomach is perfectly alright during the first few months of your pregnancy. As the size of fetus increases, it will be physically impossible for you to sleep in your otherwise comfortable position. So when the time reaches that sleeping on your belly affect the development of your child and your health, it will be too uneasy for you to carry it out. The best sleeping position for pregnant mothers is suggested to be on the side, especially the left side. If you like to sleep lying flat on your back, you may consider the below scenarios.

Sleeping On Your Stomach During The First Trimester Of Pregnancy

During the first trimester of pregnancy sleeping on your stomach will not do any harm. This is because your pubic bone protects your uterus, as the uterus remain cuddle behind pubic bone during the first trimester of pregnancy.
Pregnant woman sleeping on side

Sleeping On Your Stomach During The Second Trimester Of Pregnancy

You will be more relaxed during your second trimester as you passed so many risk factors that bothered your mind during your first trimester. At the same time some other factors like heart burn, leg cramps, and back pain start to show up. Sleeping in the correct posture is very important to reduce the discomforts that pop up during this time of pregnancy. Here is why sleeping flat on your back is not recommended during the second trimester of pregnancy.

  • Your lower back needs more support during this period to avoid back pain. Sleeping on your stomach won’t give enough support to your lower back
  • Heart burn is caused due to the pressing of uterus on stomach and when the digestive juices present in the stomach start to move upwards. Sleeping on your stomach increases the chances of developing heart burn
Sleeping On Your Stomach During The Third Trimester Of Pregnancy

Third trimester is very crucial as you are approaching your due date. Physical and emotional challenges will be at their peak during this trimester of your pregnancy. All the uneasiness bothering you from your second trimester starts to progress to its next level during your third and final trimester. Your baby will be growing fast at this stage of pregnancy. The chances of your baby pressing against venacava (the main vein carrying blood from your lower body to heart) increases when you sleep on your stomach during third trimester of pregnancy. Hence, the baby’s supply of essential nutrients through the blood will be slow as blood circulation will be affected. Thus, sleeping on your stomach is not a choice at all during the later stage of pregnancy.

What Are The Cons Of Sleeping On Your Stomach During Pregnancy?
  • First and foremost, remember comfort is the key. Having said that, you should know that lying flat on your back can disrupt the blood flow to the baby, thus affecting the supply of nutrients. The enlarged uterus presses the veins that return the blood to the heart, hence the blood flow to the placenta and the baby could be slower than recommended
  • It is not appreciated to sleep on your stomach as it put lots of pressure on your back and neck. Your spine is naturally curved. Sleeping on your stomach in a wrong posture will put pressure on your back curve and results in developing back pain
  • Likewise, when you are sleeping on your back, you may turn your neck to one side for a longer time. This may affect the vertebrae of the neck and also its alignment with the spine. Neck pain will be the outcome of this posture of the head
  • Sleeping on your stomach will press your breast, which are so tender and sensitive due to pregnancy, against your body. This will disturb your sleep

Sleeping on your sides, especially left side, is highly recommended for the health of both mother and child.

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