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12 Interesting Spring Activities for Kids

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Weather is warming up and everything is turning green. Butterflies, flowers and playing outside – yes it’s time to welcome spring!! It is the time to be outdoors and enjoy nature. With spring around the corner and kids gearing up for spring break, it’s a good time to make plans to engage them in interesting activities. Let’s try and figure out some that are fun and keep our highly energetic kids busy. We hope these activities turn out to be great boredom busters too.
spring activities

12 Interesting Spring Activities for Kids
    1. Plant something green in your garden: Whether your kids already know about seeds and plants and how they grow or don’t, it’s a good idea to introduce them to this wonderful concept. Let them water the seeds every day and watch the seeds grow. It will be fun for them to maintain a green book and record the growth of the plant by taking pictures of every stage and sticking them in their green book. You can even help you child identify the different parts of the plant. This way they will learn while having some fun

 kids planting seeds

    1. Plan a picnic: Plan a picnic with your family and/or friends. Include lots of games for children to enjoy. Let them play in the mud, get dirty and enjoy. After all spring is the time to let loose and have loads of fun


    1. Take them to a farm: Let kids watch the animals they know and get familiar with the sounds they make, what they eat, how they and their little ones look. They are sure to be thrilled

kids at farm

    1. Do some coloring: If the kids want to be at home and you don’t know how to keep them busy, print out a few sheets and make them color. Ask them to mix colors to get new shades. Introduce new designs and shapes and watch them asking them more


    1. Get baking: Spring is a good time to get kids help you with some basic cooking. Bake a cake and let the little hands help you. They’ll enjoy mixing, pouring and setting the oven. It’s fun and lots of learning too


    1. Go craft(y): Get your scissors, colored papers, accessories and glue and get started with some crafts. Make cardboard crown, cards, paper boats and animals and let the creative side of your little ones unleash!

go crafty

    1. Get creative with the play dough: If you child is the creative kind, allow him/her to play with the play dough and watch as wonderful shapes get created. You can encourage them to make patterns, animals, birds–just about anything. Go ahead, get dirty

playing with play dough

    1. Fun with eggs: This is one of the most fun filled spring activity for kids which the kids are sure to enjoy! All you need is a butter knife to crack the top of the eggshells. Make a hole big enough for the egg to pass through. Rinse the emptied eggshell and let them dry. Pour some paint into these eggshells and seal them with different tissue papers using glue. Now time to create a masterpiece. Get a blank canvas or a poster board and let your kids go crazy. They will have so much fun tossing the eggs and watching them splat. This way they create a nice piece of art which you can treasure!

fun with eggs

    1. Use nature, make art: Go for a walk and collect whatever you find on the road that may be useful to create works of art—leaves, petals, twigs, flowers and small pebbles. Give these to your kid and ask them to create something new out of it. You will be surprised at how imaginative they can get and what pieces of art get created from these

nature art

    1. Rainbows from buttons: Look for buttons of different colors (of the rainbow). If you don’t have all, buy some. Draw a rainbow on a piece of chart paper and ask your kid to glue buttons on the sheet to make a rainbow. They’ll love it and it’s sure to keep them engaged for long

button rainbow

    1. Making flower patterns with okra: This is an all-time favorite with kids. Cut some okras and dip them in different colors. Ask your kids to make flower patterns with these. Once it’s done, you can frame it up on the wall

okra painting

    1. Designer cups: If you’ve totally exhausted all your ideas, make your kids paint or design paper cups. Give them some colored papers and sketch pens and ask them to do a pattern on the cups. Watch the little hands work and create amazing designs and patterns. You can use these cups to serve your guests when they visit you and see your kids feel proud of their creation

paper cup art

Spring is the perfect time to step outdoors when the weather gets pleasant. It’s also a time when we can engage our children in lots of interesting and fun activities. It’s best to keep them occupied so that they don’t get tempted to go for gadgets that are harmful. So plan ahead to make each day fruitful and fun-filled. Try out these activities and if you have more that we couldn’t think of, do let us know. Come on, let’s enjoy spring with lots of fun and activities.

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