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8 Tips To Help You Survive A Winter Pregnancy

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Winter is one of the most anticipated season of the year. While bringing out the sweaters and jackets may suffice for some, pregnant women need to take a few more steps to prepare themselves for the harsh climate.
Winters can be a little daunting on you but with these 8 tips we assure that you will be able to breeze right through it.
Pregnant woman winter outdoor

8 Tips To Help You Survive A Winter Pregnancy
    1. Drink plenty of water: In winters, we subconsciously forget or avoid drinking water due to the chilly weather. It might not seem necessary but the body needs extra water during winters because of the dry winter air. Substituting water with beverages won’t be conducive to the baby or the mother. While fresh fruit juices and coconut water provide plenty of nutrition, nothing hydrates the internal system like water. If you are one of the many that forget to drink water, there are plenty of apps available that remind you from time to time to drink water. Another good old tip is to keep a bottle of water on your desk or the side table, so that it remind you that you need to take a quick gulp. Wondering how much water you should drink during pregnancy – we have that sorted for for you! Remember- dehydration during pregnancy can cause a host of problems including preterm labor
    2. Stay indoors as much as possible: While pregnant, your body is vulnerable and even more sensitive. Exposing your body to extreme weather conditions and germs can be pretty harmful for both mother and the baby. Excessive cold may even give you common cold and cough. Also stepping out of your warm and cozy home into a chilly weather doesn’t give the body ample time to adjust to the changing atmosphere either. If it is too cold outside, better cancel or postpone your outings
    3. Your cold needs a cure: Most pregnant women avoid taking off the counter medicines, fearing that they might affect the baby. Your fears are reasonable but if you are down with cold and flu for more than two or three days, it is recommended that you see a doctor and get treated for your cold. You can ask your doctor about flu shots and take as a precautionary measure. And do not worry, all medicines that you will be prescribed will be safe during pregnancy. Stay assured that the doctor knows the best
    4. Moisturize!: Winters can be harsh on the skin, especially when you are pregnant and your skin is already dry. Dry skin can get itchy and flaky during winters. So take extra and special care of it while you are pregnant during the winters. Long hot baths may be very tempting but avoid bathing with hot water and use lukewarm water instead. Soaking your skin in water for long duration dries it even more. After bathing, moisturize your skin immediately since moist skin will quickly drink up the moisturizer leaving your skin soft and supple. Also be generous and slather ample moisturizer on your belly, hands, elbows, and even your chest. Trust us, your body will thank you for this later

Surviving a winter pregnancy

  1. Get up and work out: We don’t blame you for lazing around the house in winters. It is cold and the recliner is too inviting to refuse, but remember, now you are responsible for your baby as well. Hence, keep yourself active. Indulge in some light exercises and simple yoga steps. This will not only keep you and the baby but also warm up the body. Prenatal Yoga
    is known to be beneficial in many ways and it will strengthen your immune system and helps you fight illnesses like common cold, cough and flu
  2. Watch your diet: Winters are synonyms with flu and runny nose. During this time of the year it is advisable to include a lot of fruits in your diet, especially if you are pregnant and are steering clear of off-the-counter medicines. Include fresh fruits and vegetables, they will keep you hydrated and strengthen your immune system to fight diseases as well. You can also include saffron in your diet. A little bit of saffron in your milk or other preparations will keep your body warm and protected
  3. Dress comfortably: Just because it is winter do not wrap yourself up in thick woolen clothes. Your skin is extra sensitive while pregnant and woolen clothes can irritate the skin. Instead opt for cotton and soft cashmere. Layer your clothes if necessary, just make sure nothing is too tight or too snug for comfort or you will end up feeling nauseous. The hands and feet are more cold than the rest of your body hence make sure you wear soft mittens or socks and gloves if necessary
  4. Protect yourself: Taking care and protecting yourself while pregnant isn’t restricted to one season. Make sure you wash your hands regularly despite the cold weather. Keeping yourself clean is the first step towards protecting yourself from illness and diseases. Keep a sanitizer handy if at times you feel lazy. Keep safe distance from people who are sick. Your body is vulnerable during pregnancy and hence you need to be careful. Also make sure you get enough sleep so that you and your baby are well rested and fresh all the time

If you stay in a place where it snows and temperatures plummet down, make sure you do invest in some good walking shoes to support you when you go out, especially if you tread all the way to work. As you can see, its easier then you think to survive a winter pregnancy provided you take a bit of care and some precautions. Click here to read about baby care in winter.

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