Why Does My Baby Sweat While Sleeping?

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Nothing is more pleasing to parents then their baby sleeping soundly. ‘Sleep like a baby’ is a phrase that means to have sound sleep. Regardless to say it implies that babies have an undisturbed and satisfying slumber. Of course, it is true on many instances, but if you observe that your baby’s slumber is accompanied by excessive sweat it means not everything is well.
Baby sweating in night

Why Does The Baby Sweat While Sleeping?
What Causes Abnormal Head Sweating In Babies?
What Causes Sweat While Sleeping In Babies?
How Can I Help My Baby To Deal With Sweating While Sleeping?

Why Does The Baby Sweat While Sleeping?

Babies spend most of their time in the deepest stages of sleep. Hence, they are more likely to sweat while sleeping than in the hours they are awake. This is common among infants and as the baby grows, they will sweat less. In fact, you’d notice that your baby sweats more than older children and even adults. Not worrisome, though, but if you find your baby is seating excessively, you need to ascertain the cause and find a solution.

What Causes Abnormal Head Sweating In Babies?

Generally a baby’s head is sweatier than the rest of his body. This is because a baby only has active sweat gland on its head. Hence, if the baby is feeling a little hot it is natural that he or she will sweat on the head. Another reason the baby’s head sweats more while sleeping is because babies do not toss and turn while sleeping. The constant position of the head causes overheating and results in sweat.
If you observe that your baby is sweating more than usual especially on the head while sleeping, chances are, there could be some health concerns. If your baby is sweating profusely at the back of this head and you observe that your baby’s skin and stools are getting drier it could mean that your baby has weak kidneys. Hence, in such cases you must consult the doctor immediately.

What Causes Sweat While Sleeping In Babies?

  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: Sudden infant death syndrome more commonly known as SIDS is caused by the overheating of the body. Overheating results in excessive sweating. It puts the baby in a deep state of sleep and makes it difficult for the baby to wake up from his slumber. Find out Safe Dressing Tips For Your Baby For Bed Here
  • Sleep Apnea: If a baby sweats excessively in the night the baby could have sleep apnea. Sleep Apnea in babies is a condition in which a baby stops breathing for approx 20 seconds. Due to this the baby’s body has to work harder to breathe, producing excessive sweat in the process
  • Heart Disease: One of the early symptoms of heart diseases in babies is excessive sweating. Babies suffering from congenital heart diseases sweat during the day, but they sweat profusely during the night
  • Hyperhidrosis: If you notice that your baby’s hands, feet and head are sweating more than usual. It could mean your baby has hyperhidrosis. Hyperhidrosis is not very dangerous and can be easily cured
  • Night Sweating: Excessive sweating could also indicate that the baby has weak kidneys. Your baby will be thirsty too often and you may notice that your baby is losing weight rapidly. This syndrome is known as Night Syndrome

Baby sweats in sleep

How Can I Help My Baby To Deal With Sweating While Sleeping?

  • Dress your baby appropriately: Bundling up your baby in a dozen clothes is not going to help your baby in any way. The baby might feel extremely hot and even suffocated when your cover him up with layers and layers of clothes. Find out how to dress the baby during the summer. Two layers of fabric are sufficient to keep your baby warm and cozy. Also consider the fabric while dressing your baby. During summers opt for cotton and during winters you can opt for slightly warmer fabrics. Find out how to dress the baby during the winter here. Also, never dress your baby too tightly. Your baby’s clothes need to be light and airy and as comfortable as possible
  • Choose correct sheets and linens: Another factor to consider is the kind and quality of the sheets and linens you use for the baby. Make sure the sheets are not satin. Satin will make your baby sweat even more. Always opt for cotton sheets and linens for your baby
  • Feed plenty of fluids: Keeping your baby hydrated all the time is crucial. If your baby sweats during the night make sure you feed him plenty of fluid before you put him to bed. This will keep his body temperature under control and considerably reduce the sweating
  • Keep the room temperature in check: A well ventilated room is always a better option for your baby. There are several measures to be taken while using AC in baby’s room. If the room is a tad bit hotter or warmer than usual, it is natural the baby is going to sweat. Hence, make sure the room is cool and has windows to let some fresh air in

Sleep sound! See your pediatrician if you feel the above measures are not helping.

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