Sweet Lime or Mosambi Juice During Pregnancy

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Mosambi Juice During Pregnancy

When you are passing through the beautiful phase of pregnancy, your taste buds start behaving like a child. Craving towards different flavors intensifies and now and then you need something to eat or drink. But the concern is to keep yourself healthy, hydrated, and stress-free. Fruits are the first thing that comes to our mind when we think about healthy foods. Mosambi or sweet lime is such a fruit that is easily available and rich with multi-vitamins and nutrients. But then the common questions arise – is Mosambi juice safe during pregnancy?

Yes, it is at this time that a lot of questions come into a pregnant woman’s mind: what benefits do I get from Mosambi juice? What is the best way to consume it? Are there any side effects of it? This article is going to resolve all your queries.

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What is Sweet Lime or Mosambi?

Sweet lime or mosambi is a tropical fruit mostly found in the Indian subcontinent, South and Southeast Asia, and Mediterranean countries. It can be described as a round fruit with thick skin, with pulp and seed inside it. This is a cousin of orange but greenish-yellow in color. Despite being a close neighbor of other citrus fruits, it tastes sweet rather than tangy. You can find it throughout the year in any fruit store or supermarket.

Is it Safe to Drink Mosambi Juice During Pregnancy?

It is totally safe to drink mosambi or sweet lime juice during pregnancy. This fruit is rich in minerals, natural nutrients, vitamin C, dietary fiber, and many more beneficial ingredients. Moreover, unlike other citrus fruits, this tastes sweeter, which can be a good taste-changer.

This fruit is available throughout the year and is pocket-friendly. Points to note are that you must check the quality of it. Avoid it if you see some scars or brown marks on the skin. Press it and check whether it is soft or tight as tightness indicates the freshness of the fruit.

Benefits of Drinking Mosambi Juice During Pregnancy

pregnant women with Mosambi juice

Following are some top benefits of drinking mosambi juice during pregnancy:

1. Beneficial for Bone and Skeletal Growth

Mosambi is rich in calcium and potassium. These are the essential elements of the human skeleton and bones. According to studies, optimum consumption of sweet lime or mosambi juice during pregnancy provides a sufficient amount of these minerals to the fetus for cartilage and skeletal growth.

2. Amazing Body Cooling Agent

The natural cooling property of mosambi helps to maintain optimum temperature around the fetus and in turn stimulates brain development also.

3. Boosts Blood Circulation and Maintains Blood Pressure Level

Mosambi juice during pregnancy improves blood circulation in the body. It also keeps the blood pressure level under control.

4. Controls Blood Sugar Level

Diabetic pregnant women need more control over their diet. High sugar levels can create complications during pregnancy. Research data by NCIB shows that regular consumption of mosambi juice during pregnancy with amla and honey helps to maintain a stable blood sugar level.

5. Gives Relief to Constipation

The dietary fiber available in mosambi is beneficial for the digestive system. Iron supplements during this period are a reason for constipation in pregnant women. As digestion improves, you get relief from the general common problem of constipation.

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6. Amazing Source of Vitamin C

Mosambi is an amazing source of ascorbic acid (scientific name of vitamin-c). As we all know that this vitamin is very much important to improve immunity, it helps to fight against common coughs, colds, flu, and other viral diseases.

7. Rich with Antioxidants

This tropical fruit is a natural source of antioxidants. As per the study of NCIB, these antioxidants help to fight against the free radicals that cause slow damage to the body. Our body produces these unstable free radicals when fighting against the odd environment and other conditions. Optimum consumption of mosambi helps to reduce hair fall and improve skin quality by protecting them from oxidative damage.

8. Mosambi Juice Keeps Your Body Hydrated

According to studies, dehydration can cause many problems like neural tube defects, reduction in amniotic fluid, inadequate breast milk production, and premature labor also. This is a juicy fruit and provides a lot of fluid to your body. The vitamin c present in it is also water-soluble and the body cannot store this vitamin within. It keeps your body hydrated and also prevents body cramps.

9. Works as a Detoxifying Agent

Mosambi juice during pregnancy works as a detoxifying agent and removes the toxins from your body. This also neutralizes the body hazards caused by pollution and stress.

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Precautions to Take Before Drinking Mosambi Juice During Pregnancy

The amazing taste and benefits of sweet lime juice attract everybody. However, when you are in the delicate phase of life, you need to be very sensitive to your drinks and foods. There is no side-effect of mosambi juice during pregnancy as such but some points you should keep in your mind:

  • Avoid drinking it from roadside stalls. You do not know the hygiene of the area or whether they are using fresh or bad mosambi to extract the juice. Unhygienic juice can cause upset stomach or other bacterial infections and you do not want to take such risks at this time.
  • Do not keep the juice aside for a long time. If you keep it outside for long, the taste changes and it also loses its benefits. Therefore, it is always recommended to drink fresh juice.
  • Whenever buying mosambi, pick the fresh one. Press and check the tightness of the fruit. If it is soft, avoid that one. Also if you scratch the surface of the skin, the fresh one releases a good lime fragrance. The rotten mosambi has brown spots on the surface.
  • If you are suffering from fever or have a cough and cold, avoid adding ice to the juice or do not drink chilled juice directly from the refrigerator. It can worsen the condition.
  • If you are suffering from peptic ulcers, kidney stones, better to avoid having mosambi juice during pregnancy.
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How to Prepare Sweet Lime or Mosambi Juice?

Mosambi or sweet lime fruit

Now you know what the benefits of mosambi juice during pregnancy are. But how to get the most of it? What is the procedure to prepare mosambi or sweet lime juice? Here is a simple step-by-step guide for you.


  1. Sweet lime or mosambi – 3 to 4 numbers
  2. Black salt – According to your taste
  3. Cumin powder – According to your taste
  4. Sugar or honey – Optional According to your taste


  1. Wash the mosambi well to get rid of all the dirt and germs.
  2. Peel off the skin and cut it into pieces. Please remember to remove all the seeds or these can destroy the taste.
  3. If you are using an electronic juicer, put all the pieces inside it and switch it on. Run it for some time till you get a smooth juice. If you have a manual juicer, squeeze the pieces of the fruit inside the opening and rotate the handle and extract the juice in a bowl.
  4. Put some black salt and sugar or honey as per your taste. You can also sprinkle some cumin powder into it. Mix it well.
  5. Strain the juice in a glass and enjoy.

You need to consume the juice fresh. If you keep it for some time, the taste gets bitter, and you won’t enjoy it.


1. What Happens if We Eat Sweet Lime or Mosambi Daily?

It is good for you and your baby if you eat sweet lime daily. But moderate consumption is a must. Overeating may cause vomiting and digestion problems. Moreover, as this is a member of the citrus family, wash your teeth after eating mosambi or the acid may damage your teeth.

2. Does Mosambi Contain Folic Acid?

Yes, mosambi or sweet lime contains folic acid. As per a study, most citrus fruits along with sweet lime are a natural source of folic acid, which is very much essential for pregnant women.

3. When Should We Eat Sweet Lime?

Sweet lime is such a fruit that can be consumed anytime. But avoid eating it on an empty stomach. Also do not eat cut fruits or drink juice which is kept out for a long time.

4. Can I Eat Sweet Lime on an Empty Stomach?

It is not recommended to have sweet lime on an empty stomach. Citrus fruits, when taken on an empty stomach, increase acid production. Moreover, the dietary fiber and fructose (sugar in fruits) content in sweet lime can upset your empty stomach.

Fresh mosambi juice during pregnancy is a rejuvenating drink, and you can enjoy it throughout your term. But try to consume it in a moderate amount. This fruit provides natural nutrients, minerals, essential vitamins to your body and boosts the immune system as well. Just keep an eye on the freshness of the fruit and enjoy the fresh sweet drink.

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