Drinking Sugarcane Juice During Pregnancy – Benefits, And Precautions

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sugarcane juice during pregnancy

Being pregnant implies a total revamping of your diet in order to ensure you have a healthy pregnancy and delivery. Ample amounts of fruits and veggies become an absolute must in the diet. What about sugarcane juice? How safe is drinking sugarcane juice during pregnancy?

Fresh fruit juices are always an excellent addition to your pregnancy diet, and the next question arises as to which fruit juices are ideal and safe during this period. One such juice that people are apprehensive about drinking during this phase is sugarcane juice during pregnancy.

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What is Sugarcane?

Sugarcane belongs to the species of perennial commonly found in warm climates of Southeast Asia and is utilized for producing sugar. Sugarcane juice made fresh is sweet and is extremely good for health.

This yummy juice during the pregnancy phase (unless you have diabetes – gestational or otherwise) is absolutely safe and is loaded with all kinds of nutrients and vitamins, including B6, B5, B3, B2, A, C, and B1. This wonderful juice also contains traces of magnesium, iron, and calcium.

Is it Safe to Drink Sugarcane Juice During Pregnancy?

Yes, sugarcane juice during pregnancy is safe to consume. But, consult your doctor if you have any gestational diabetes, as the risks are usually associated with your glucose tolerance levels also.

If you are going for the packed sugarcane juice, do a quick quality check on the label for ingredients, nutritive content, and its life. In the majority of cases, it is always better to consume freshly made sugarcane juice during pregnancy time. You can also prepare this juice at your home if you have a sugarcane juicing machine.

Top Ten Benefits of Sugarcane Juice During Pregnancy

benefits of sugarcane juice

Let us look at the top ten benefits of drinking sugarcane juice during the pregnancy period:

1. Rich in Proteins

Sugarcane is rich in proteins, and this is something that is vital for the baby and mom to be during this period.

2. Relief for Constipation

Constipation is one of the most common issues of pregnancy that is experienced by the majority of women during this period. The good news is that sugar cane juice is ideal for combating this issue. This wonderful juice has also been proven to be quite good in averting tummy infections.

3. Helps to Balance Bilirubin Levels

Sugarcane juice is ideal in ensuring proper liver functions and keeps your liver healthy as they help to keep bilirubin levels in check.

4. Gives a Boost to the Immunity

Sugarcane juice is also loaded with antioxidants that are beneficial to keep unwanted infections at bay, thus strengthening the immune system of the mother.

5. Relief From Throat Infections and Colds

The juice of sugar cane has been found to provide excellent relief from cold and sore throat infections. This becomes a real blessing as it is always advised not to use over-the-counter medications during the pregnancy period.

6. Low Levels of Glycemic Index

Sugar cane has relatively low levels of Glycemic index. Therefore, it is ideal for keeping energy levels in balance for women with gestational diabetes (once in while, in moderate amounts). This juice is also excellent to combat the tiredness that you experience during this phase.

7. Helps to Keep Weight in Check

One of the most common concerns among pregnant women is gaining weight. Sugar cane contains traces of polyphenols that aid to speed up the metabolic rate helping to keep weight gain in check.

8. Averts Morning Sickness

Having a glass of fresh sugar cane juice mixed with a touch of ginger is found to be very effective in averting morning sickness in moms-to-be. Even having small portions more than once a day can help to reduce morning sickness considerably.

9. Urinary Tract Infections

Most pregnant women contract urinary tract infections very easily during the pregnancy period. Consuming sugar cane juice can help to avert this.

10. Good for Skin and Hair

Sugar cane juice contains sufficient quantities of riboflavin that is actually a vitamin B which is excellent for skin and hair.

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How Much Sugarcane Juice Should I Drink Per Day During Pregnancy?

precautions of drinking sugarcane juice

Daily, pregnant women should not drink more than one glass of sugarcane juice. For women in pregnancy time, the diet needs to be varied in food, energy, and nutrients for the development of the fetus. Therefore, one can use sugarcane juice as a supplement during the pregnancy phase.

Precautions With Sugarcane Juice For Pregnant Women

It is important to take some precautionary measures while drinking sugar cane juice during pregnancy.

  • Sugar cane juice must prepare hygienically.
  • One should always consume fresh sugarcane juice, as stale juice can lead to food poisoning.
  • Like any other food, make sure you ask your doctor’s advice before making sugarcane juice a part of your daily diet.
  • Sugar cane juice is not recommended for regular consumption if the mom is a victim of diabetes as it has a very high content of sugar.
  • Never drink sugar cane juice excessively as it may trigger some unwanted adverse effects.

How Can You Prepare Sugarcane Juice?

Preparing fresh juice from sugar cane is quite easy. All one needs to do is pass the stalk of a sugar cane through a machine that is manually operated to extract its delicious juice. Just strain the juice and enjoy a glass while it is still fresh. It tastes really lip-smacking with a dash of ginger, mint leaves, black salt, and ice cubes.

Thus, on the whole, while sugar cane juice is a storehouse of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, all that is extremely beneficial for you during this pregnancy phase, make sure you have moderate quantities as the excess of anything during this stage can turn out to be risky.

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1. Can Drinking Sugarcane Juice During Pregnancy Give me Gestational Diabetes?

If your sugar levels are high, this can be unsafe for you. If you already have gestational diabetes, sugarcane juice can push up your sugar levels. In either case, consult your doctor before you can have this juice.

2. Can I Drink Sugarcane Juice Every Day When am Pregnant?

Do consult your doctor for quantity recommendations. Too much of anything is not good during pregnancy. Moderation is the key.

3. An I Drink Sugarcane Juice Stored in the Fridge?

It is always advisable to drink these when they are made fresh. Sugarcane juice can become unsafe when stale. Pregnant women can be very sensitive, so consume fresh juice only.

4. Sugarcane Juice or Fresh Sugarcane – Which is Healthier During Pregnancy?

Consuming fresh sugarcane removes the risk of water contamination. However, chewing sugarcane can be hard. Pregnancy can cause your gums to be sensitive, resulting in pain and discomfort.

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