11 Month Old Baby Milestones – What Are They and How to Help Your Baby

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Written by Aparna Hari

Aparna Hari

11 Month Old Baby Milestones

Watching your baby grow from a tiny little lump of flesh into a toddler can be simply mesmerizing yet stressful when you are not sure if they are on the right track for development.  Almost near to toddlerhood, your baby will surprise you with their 11 month old baby milestones.

By this time, your baby will start developing strong likes and dislikes with food, taste, and textures. The smallest modification in the usual recipe may throw them off and they may refuse to eat. Chasing and racing are their favorite games of choice. They start remembering many things and learn to respond when called or spoken to.

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Important Milestones You Can Expect From a 11 Month Old Baby

Here are some of the important baby milestones once they hit their 11th month.

1. Hearing Development

Your baby will start showing interest in music and listen to songs or stories with interest for a brief time period.

2. Vision Development

Babies will start showing interest or disinterest in food, toys or even people, at sight.

3. Development of Smell

Babies develop a keen sense of smell which influences their food choice. You may not be able to trick them into eating or drinking anything like before.

4. Development of Taste

The same food item prepared differently or with a slight change in flavor profile can get strong reactions from your baby.

5. Development of Touch

Your baby will explore everything around them by touching or lifting them up. It is essential to keep those electrical sockets covered and heavy objects out of reach.

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6. Fine Motor Skill Development

At this time, babies will try to hold a pen or something thin. They may drop it a few times, but the grip will improve with time and with practice.

7. Gross Motor Skill Development

As limbs get stronger, movement becomes faster. Your baby will start racing with you by crawling; grabbing things from you or refusing to let go when you try to take something from them.

8. Social-Emotional Development

Babies can respond when spoken to. Will have angry outbursts when you say no or stop them from doing something.

9. Physical Development

If your baby is comfortably standing, they can squat down to pick something up or even play in that position.

10. Movement Milestone

Cruising can soon progress into the first steps for many babies. Some babies might start standing without much support.

11. Language Development

Your baby will understand when spoken in the primary language. They might utter a word or two as a part of baby talk.

12. Cognitive Skill Development

Babies can remember and identify items. They can comprehend shapes and try to put similar shapes in a shape-sorting toy too.

How Can You Help Your Baby Reach Their 11th Month Milestones?

Help Your Baby Reach Their 11th Month Milestones

You can help your baby achieve their milestones in the following ways

  • Point to images and name them while playing or reading to them.
  • Ask them questions and answer them with single words, head shakes, and expressions.
  • Play hide and seek using toys or other items, which your child can move around and find.
  • Play games that will make them move more.

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Milestones You Can Expect at the End of 11th Month

 11 month baby milestone

At the end of 11th month your baby will

  • Develop preferences for food, toys, or even a parent
  • Stand up, try to move with support, or cruise
  • Ask for things using words or gestures
  • Understand “no” and respond when the word is used (might obey or scream in frustration).

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When Should You Consider Seeing the Doctor?

  • You will need to take your baby to the doctor if
  • Your baby refuses to eat or try any solid food items
  • Does not pick or hold toys while playing
  • Does not respond when called
  • Shows no interest in toys or colorful items.

It can be tough to decide if your baby just needs more time or has a developmental delay. Close observation and trying different ideas to encourage the skill can help you understand if your baby just needs support or medical interference.

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