10 Month Old Baby Milestones – What Are They and How to Help Your Baby

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Written by Aparna Hari

Aparna Hari

10 Month Old Baby Milestones

Stepping into their 10th month, babies can show a sudden growth spurt and increase in the rate of development on various fronts. As a part of 10 month old baby milestones some babies who are able to start can start cruising. Communication gets better with each passing month.

If your baby is very good with their solids and can chew, this is a good time to start them on finger foods too and allow them to explore a whole new culinary world. With babies gaining expertise with every sense, they are turning more and more into a tiny adult.

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Important Milestones You Can Expect From a 10 Month Baby Old Milestones

Here are some of the important milestones you can expect from a 10 month old baby

1. Hearing Development

Babies can hear even small noises and focus on them. They can hear their favorite songs or toys from another room and come looking for the sound source by tracking the noise.

2. Vision Development

As your baby moves, they start to understand the movement of objects too. They will start comprehending when a ball rolls toward them or away from them.

3. Development of Smell

The sense of smell is fully developed.

4. Development of Taste

As food options increase, your baby might show a preference for flavours and textures.

5. Development of Touch

Your baby can show a strong dislike to scratchy feeling clothes or toys. They will start exploring their mother’s face, hair, and everything by touching and hitting.

6. Fine Motor Skill Development

Their grip is getting better, enabling them to stack or arrange toys. They can pick up small items and place them in order without dropping them.

7. Gross Motor Skill Development

As their legs get stronger, your baby might begin to cruise or take their first steps by holding onto you or the furniture.

8. Social-Emotional Development

Babies can become very expressive at this age. They can express their approval or disapproval of other people and may cry at the sight of a certain person or just crowds.

9. Physical Development

Your baby might undergo a growth spurt and gain both height and weight at a faster rate this month.

10. Movement Milestone

Your baby might start standing more, without any help. If your baby is already pulling themselves up, they might start cruising.

11. Language Development

Many babies can utter small words and even use them to communicate. For example – express they want water or food, if they are sleepy, etc.

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12. Cognitive Skill Development

They start understanding object permanence. Try hiding behind a curtain and your baby will come looking for you instead of crying like they did a few months ago.

How Can You Help a Baby Reach Their 10 Month Baby Milestones?

Help a Baby Reach Their 10 Month Baby Milestones

You can help your baby achieve their milestones in the following ways

  • Play hide and seek to improve vision, hearing, and searching skills
  • Give them shape-sorting toys
  • Place items away from reach to encourage movement
  • Help them walk by holding their hands

Milestones You Can Expect at the End of 10th Month

10 month baby milestone

At the end of 10th month, your baby can do the following thingd

  • Cruise or pull up self by holding onto things
  • Lift and hold their own bottle or cup to drink
  • Stack items vertically

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When Should You Consider Seeing the Doctor?

You should consider seeing the doctor when your baby

  • Shows no signs of moving (crawling, cruising, dragging)
  • Avoids eye contact or looking at familiar faces
  • Does not gain weight despite starting solids

By the end of the 10th month, your baby might be moving, saying a few words, and showing a lot of cognitive development. The rate of development may not be the same for all children at this age. It can vary from month to month, for the same child too.

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