Your Baby- Month 9

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9 Months Old BabyIt can be a delight to watch your baby grow into an adult human being. After eight gruelling months, things should get easier now for you as a parent. A remarkable thing about babies of this age is their curiosity. Anything around them would attract their attention. This stage can also be precarious for the baby as he/she may go great lengths to try get their hands on bright and colourful objects. The enhanced mobility would facilitate this as well. Hence, a little caution is never a bad idea.

What most babies can do

After eight months, most babies should be able to move around comfortably. This may either be in the form of crawling or through some sort of creeping. He/she would be able to change between postures though, with some difficulty. The bed or the crib no longer is large enough for your baby. He/she would require a bigger area. Ideally, a clean floor should suffice but take care to keep him/her close to your sight. A lot of different toys should be made available to him/her. By this time, most babies are able to perfectly sit without support. The vertebrate column should strengthen enough to facilitate this by the time your baby is nine months old. Babies that are unable to perform these activities may require some form of special assistance or corrective measures. But it is not yet time for you to worry. Give your child a few weeks more before you visit a paediatrician.

The physical strength of the baby also starts to build up. The upper body can grasp onto things and objects that catch attention. Your baby would be quite a mimic now, and will begin to understand simple commands, and follow them too. He may as well drink his milk from a cup by himself.

By the ninth month, the baby should have his/her preferences regarding what he wants to eat or drink, unlike olden days when he’d just have about anything you fed him. Picky eaters can be dealt with some ideas and changes. Such selectiveness may only grow from this stage onwards.

What some babies can do

A nine month old baby still has some time before he/she would be able to walk unaided. Despite this fact, a good number of babies would try and make more use of their feet. At best, he/she would be able to fumble with some form of support. A walker is not a bad idea at this point of time. Some babies start replicating facial and vocal expressions, so be careful with them!

What very few babies can do

By the end of the ninth month, very few babies may be able to utter words very close to how an adult would. Although speech develops a couple of months after birth, it takes months or even years to perfect. Another rare accomplishment for any baby would be if he/she is able to communicate the urge to use the toilet.

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