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10 Ideas To Spend Quality Time With Kids Over The Weekend At Home

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Busy lives and hectic schedules do not allow us to have a lot of time with our children. Come weekend, and we all want to spend some quality time with the kids and the family. Though many people look at Friday with the intent of having a party, the bliss of motherhood agrees to the fact that a long waited Friday evening – all you want to do is plan something exciting and fun, and that helps you develop deeper and better relationships with your kids.

  • Benefits Of Spending Time With Kids
  • 10 Ideas To Spend Quality Time With Kids Over The Weekend At Home

Benefits Of Spending Time With Kids

All kids year for their parents’ attention. Kids love to be the center of the world for their parents. Spending time with children makes them more settles and secure and holds a great value for encourages bonding between the parents and the children. However, carving quality time with kids is not easy for parents and needs some planning. Undivided attention even if it if for short spans in a day or a week, lets parents feel closer to their kids, developing empathy for them and understand them better. And the more parents understand the kids, the easier it is to make kids understand the parents. When parents enter the kid’s world of excitement and imagination, listen to their stories of curiosity and awe, and surrender completely to them, the relationship transforms in such a way that kids experience life deeply.

10 Ideas To Spend Quality Time With Kids Over The Weekend At Home

So, here are intermediate ideas for spending a Friday evening or getting into the weekend mode along with your tiny tots. These ideas will create a lifetime of memories, as you optimize the time spent with the kids.

1. Plan a crazy evening:

Kids come back home with their usual routine with tired faces and heavy bags. How about giving them a crazy evening? Like face painting together. Both mom and the child can just wear some old pajamas and keep newspapers on the floor as a precautionary measure. Now give your child the freedom of painting your face. You can paint her back as well! All it takes is a neat bath for you, and your child becomes excited to the core.
The same craze can be done by hand painting (on paper) / fabric painting (with our old clothes) or painting all empty boxes (like vim box / colin box). Playing with paints and color on anything is just fun and this boosts your child’s creativity

2. Plan for a kids movie with mom and kids gang:

It can either be your friends and all kids or best is to have your kid and his/her friends with mommies, the kids can enjoy their cartoon movie where moms can do their “getting along” chit chat. This is best in a theater if your little master is so co-operative, or you can arrange during a play date at your home

3. Kids date at home:

If you are planning to do a end-to-end cleaning of the house over the weekend, then this Friday is the best time to invite your little one’s buddies home for a play-date. Buckets of popcorn, some fresh juice, some finger foods should make the party yummy for the little tummies. They can just get the baby hangover by spending fun time with their friends post which you can happily clean the house before putting that “Be clean” board

4. Gardening:

You can spend some time with your child on planting few plants, watering and clicking pics to track the progress. Each weekend can be a routine few minutes of gardening. This will make your child conscious about the environment and she will always feel close to nature
Mom and child gardening

5. Make a “dubsmash” video:

The latest trend is here to color your weekend crazy. Bring out the little director in your little one and make a small movie video using “dubsmash” software, even a selfie video can do. That will make you laugh out loud

6. Rain play / Bubble play:

If it is a rainy day, don’t miss the chance to get back to your childhood with your kids. Switch on the geyser, get the towel and hair dryer ready and go out, play with nature along with your kids.
What if its not raining or your child might easily catch cold ? The substitute is Bubble play. Get the weapons set to make the place soapy, but its another game which takes you to childhood

7. Time for some fashion:

How about you spending a nice time in pedicure or a spa and the little one working out on new makeover? New looks always give new energy

8. Cook with your child:

When a child is around, “cooking” is a scary word. But, have you thought of making a fruit salad casatta with the kid? Or a smoothie? Or a bread pudding? Try the fun, you will admire your little chef seriously working around with slurpy tongue. All you have to do is choose a dish that has no cooking and smoke around. Also, keep the electric appliances and sharp objects out of reach of your child
Mom and child cooking

9. Maybe a good habit:

A piggy bank habit or learning with fun kind of activities ? Only if your little one is in a nerdy mood 🙂 You get map puzzles or spell bees online. Get on the laptop or the system and you will get loads of activities to choose from

10. Fun with technology:

Today’s kids can be our teachers when it comes to ideas to play with technology, do some funny app time with the kid, be an obedient student to your little master
Have you chosen your option from the list? 🙂
Get a habit of making energetic Monday mornings by creating an active Sunday evening. Similarly, getting into a crazy nutty Friday evening will gear up the weekend mood for all of you. Give a try !
Happy Parenting !

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