300 Unique Hindu Baby Boy Names With Meanings

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Unique Hindu Baby Boy Names with Meanings

The arrival of a baby is a turning milestone in the life of a parent. Babies are a blessing in disguise, and naming them is the biggest challenge parents face. Selecting an apt name is a task in itself. Name defines the personality of the child and so selecting a name for the new-born is no cakewalk. Naming a child can be a confusing and daunting prospect for parents since they have to choose the right one from about a zillion options. Near and dear ones pour in umpteen naming suggestions and you must consider your choices too. In our country, most Hindi families must decide names on a certain alphabet which pandits and priests decide based on birth star and birth time.

Such situations mean that parents have limited options to choose from and still want to give their little one a unique name that stands out and gives the baby a unique identity. The process of naming can be made easy if the names are sorted are on the basis of what they mean. Every parent wants to give a name to the baby which is not very common, a name that is a beautiful meaning. Given below is a list that has been curated with the most uncommon names and the meanings they have. We hope this list will make things easier for parents who are looking to name their baby boys.

Unique Hindu Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Here is a curated list of unique Hindu baby boy names and their meanings. We present the names in a tabular form alphabetically presented, which makes it easier to and search for the name beginning with the alphabet of your choice.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Aadvan It means the sun
2 Aadide It means the very first God.
3 Aadiv This means something delicate and in Hebrew it even means pleasant
4 Aagney This refers to a great warrior and even one born from fire
5 Aahan It refers to the first ray of light or sunrise as well.
6 Aakarsh Something attractive
7 Aakav This means shape
8 Aakesh It refers to the Sky God
9 Aakil It indicates someone smart or genius
10 Aanan It indicates appearance
11 Aanav It indicates one who is humane
12 Aarush It indicates the winter sun
13 Aatreya It is the name of a sage, and even refers to someone clever
14 Aayansh As bright as the sun, the first ray of the light, or a part of parents
15 Aayod One who gives life
16 Aayu It indicates the life span
17 Aayush It refers to the lineage
18 Abhik This comes from the Sanskrit word that indicates being brave
19 Abhisumat Another name for sun, also means radiant
20 Achintya It indicates uniqueness
21 Acchutan Something that starts with birth, it even means Lord Vishnu
22 Adbhuta It indicates someone remarkable and outstanding
23 Adhrit One who is supportive, and even supports everyone
24 Adhija It denotes someone superior by birth
25 Adri Someone strong like mountain
26 Adith It indicates the sun or from the start
27 Advaith Something that is unique and is also another name for  Brahma and Vishnu
28 Advit This means unique
29 Adyant It means the start of the end
30 Aekansh It means unique
31 Agraga It means the leader
32 Ahan It indicates the dawn
33 Ahil It means the prince
34 Ahilan One who has immense knowledge and is commanding as well
35 Ahnay One who is as bright as the speed or the sun
36 Ainesh It refers to the glory of the sun
37 Akarsh Something Divine
38 Aksaja Another name for Lord Vishnu, means the diamond
39 Akshayaguna Another name for Lord Shiva who has infinite attributes
40 Amand It means very bright and active
41 Amas It means tender or soft
42 Amava It means strong
43 Amay Another name for Lord Ganesha
44 Ambaka The one with three eyes
45 Ambhoja Someone who is water- born
46 Anay This means without a superior, very common with the Maharashtrian people
47 Aniruddh Something that is limitless
48 Anish This has a Sanskrit origin and indicates supremacy. Also having connections with Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna. It even indicates Sun God
49 Anuh It means contended and calm
50 Anum God’s blessings
51 Anvay It means joined
52 Apurva It means unmatched
53 Aradhy It means to be worshipped
54 Archis It means the ray of light
55 Aribam It means the one who leads
56 Arihan It means the one who destroys the enemies
57 Arihant This has a Sanskrit and Prakrit origin that means to conquer
58 Arin It means ready to take over
59 Arit It means someone who is praised
60 Arni It indicates power
61 Arochan Something radiant and bright
62 Arpit Somebody who is dedicted
63 Arth It indicates the “meaning”
64 Ashmayu It means the ray of light
65 Aswad It means relishing the food
66 Atharv It indicates someone learned or wise
67 Atishay It indicates excellence
68 Avyakta One who can see clearly, also a name of Lord Krishna
69 Bandhul Someone who is charming and pleasant
70 Bhadrak A Sanskrit word that has many meanings like being good looking, true or good
71 Bhavatu It means amen
72 Bhavin Someone who is a winner
73 Bodhi It is a Pali and Sanskrit word that means awakening or enlightening
74 Chaayan It indicates the moon
75 Chaitanya This means vitality or energy
76 Chaitya It refers to a prayer hall. Temple or a sanctuary in Buddhism
77 Chak One who shines or is brilliant
78 Chakrapaani Another name for Lord Vishnu
79 Chakshan It means good looking
80 Chandranshu Ray of Moon
81 Charun It indicates the one with lovely eyes
82 Chayan It means preference
83 Chinmay> Another name for Ganesha and even refers to someone with great knowledge>
84 Chintan Contemplate
85 Chitayu It means born of the intellect
86 Chitin It means intelligent
87 Chitvan It means the looks
88 Daiva It indicates by god’s grace
89 Daivey It means one who is dear to all
90 Daiwik It indicates god’s grace
91 Darshit It means to offer respect
92 Deekshant It means the gift of god
93 Deepit It means excited or passionate
94 Devaj One born from gods
95 Devak Divine
96 Devansh It means a part of God
97 Devin It means one who resembles the god
98 Devyan It means serving gods>
99 Dhanvin It means archer
100 Dharv It means to satisfy
101 Dhavak A forerunner
102 Dhavit The one who is purified
103 Dhir Patience
104 Dhira It means brave
105 Dhrishnu It means the son of Manu
106 Dhrsita Bold and courageous
107 Dhven It means godly
108 Divij It means divine
109 Divit One who conquers death
110 Doshagya One who can stay away from evil
111 Dravina It means strength, wealth or power
112 Edhas It indicates happiness
113 Ehan It refers to expectations
114 Ehit Someone always happy
115 Ekanjeet Triumph of God
116 Eshaan Lord Shiva or the desiring one
117 Falak It refers to heaven or the one with a flair
118 Gajaanan It is another name for Ganesha and also means someone who has an elephant face
119 Gajapati Another name for Ganesha
120 Gajendra King of Elephants
121 Galav The bark of a Lotus tree
122 Gaman It means attaining or undergoing
123 Gana Related to Lord Shiva
124 Ganak This name has a Sanskrit origin and given to babies who would be intellectuals
125 Gaoushik One of the names of Lord Buddha
126 Garuda It is the name of a huge mythological bird
127 Gaveshan It means the researcher
128 Grahish It refers to the lord of planets
129 Gunav One with a virtuous character
130 Hansh Someone who is like God
131 Hariaksh Another name for Lord Shiva
132 Harij It means the horizon
133 Harikiran It refers to rays of God
134 Harin It means something pure
135 Harishva Another name for Lord Shiva
136 Harjas God’s praise
137 Harman It means the heart of God, popular with Punjabis
138 Harsha It is a Sanskrit word which indicates happiness. Also, the name of the king in the 7th century who reigned in the northern India.
139 Harshill It means joyful
140 Harshu It means the “deer”
141 Harshit It refers to happiness
142 Harith A colour inspired name that means green
143 Hemil It means gold
144 Himaksh Another name for Lord Shiva
145 Hiran It refers to Gold
146 Hiresh Refers to the king of gems
147 Hriday It means the heart
148 Hridhaan It means one with a great heart
149 Hrutesh It means the lord of springs
150 Ibhan Another name for Lord Ganesha
151 Idhayan It refers to the joy of heart
152 Ihit It means honour
153 Ijay Another name for Lord Vishnu
154 Ikshan It refers to sight
155 Illesh It means the lord of earth
156 Indrajit Refers to the conqueror of Indra
157 Indranil Another name for Lord Shiva
158 Iravaj It refers to someone born of water
159 Irish It means the lord of the earth
160 Ish Another name given for Lord Vishnu
161 Ishin It means commanding
162 Ishir It means refreshing and powerful
163 Ishivara It refers to God
164 Ishivatva It means supreme
165 Ivaan It refers to God’s precious gift
166 Jogesha It refers to the Lord of Yoga
167 Joshit It means delighted
168 Jiyu It refers to a compassionate friend
169 Kaanishk It refers to Lord Vishnu’s transport
170 Kahan Another name of Lord Krishna
171 Kaivalya It indicates bliss, salvation and perfect isolation
172 Kalagya One who is skilled in arts
173 Kalin It means flourishing
174 Kama It refers to the hindu God of love
175 Kamada This name originates from Mahabharata and refers to being wished.
176 Kamin Someone who is desirous
177 Kanan It refers to Skandas follower and means getting what is wished for
178 Kanav Wise yet old
179 Kanha Another name of Lord Krishna
180 Kanj Another name of Lord Brahma
181 Karali It refers to the name given to one of the seven tongues which are with the God of fire.
182 Kavan It refers to water or poem
183 Kavindu Another name of Valmiki
184 Kavish It means the lord of poets
185 Khalin It refers to the one who possesses
186 Kiaan It refers to king or ancient
187 Kishen It refers to black
188 Ksaita It means the prince
189 Kshana Another name for Lord Ganesha
190 Kunal It means the one with beautiful eyes
191 Laksh It refers to the destination and even includes Laxman, Lakhbir and Lakshya
192 Lusha Another name for Saffron
193 Madhavan Another name for Lord Shiva
194 Madhuj It means sweet
195 Madhukar It means a lover
196 Mahadev Another name for Lord Shiva and even means the greatest god of all
197 Mahant This indicates great
198 Mahin It indicates the Earth
199 Mahir It means expert
200 Mahit It means honoured
201 Manayu It means devoted
202 Mayank It means the moon
203 Mayin It refers to the one who has can enchant well
204 Mayur It refers to peacock
205 Meghnad It indicates the one who has conquered the sky or even the lord of the sky
206 Milan It refers to getting together
207 Mitra It refers to someone close to heart
208 Morad It refers to desire or wish
209 Nadin It means the lord of rivers
210 Naksh It indicates the moon or the features
211 Nakul This name was of the fourth son of Pandav
212 Naman It indicates the one with a good nature
213 Nanda Another name for Goddess Durga and also known as the son of Lord Shiva
214 Navneet Someone who is always novel
215 Nayat It means the guiding one
216 Neer It signifies water
217 Nihal It refers to someone who is brilliant
218 Nikhil It indicates one who is good looking
219 Nimay It means to exchange
220 Niraj One born in water
221 Niranjan It has a Sanskrit origin which means spotless, pure and supreme
222 Nrpati It refers to royalty, strength and class
223 Ojas something complete
224 Ojaswat It means energetic and strong
225 Omkar It refers to a full moon night
226 Onain It means vision
227 Onir It means shining
228 Panna It refers to someone with qualities like that of emerald.
229 Param It indicates plenty of energy
230 Parthiv It means royal
231 Paresh This has a Sanskrit origin, and it indicates supremacy
232 Pavan It indicates something pious, sacred and pure
233 Phalgun It indicates the time when spring is just approaching
234 Pinank Another name for Lord Shiva
235 Prahlad It refers to happiness
236 Prateek It indicates the symbol of God
237 Priyadarshan It indicates something or someone who is good to look at
238 Posha It indicates prosperity and growth
239 Poshit It means nourished one
240 Prajeshvara It means the lord of creatures
241 Pranay It means the affectionate one
242 Pratik It means the image
243 Pravir It indicates one who is brave
244 Prayan It means progress
245 Punit It means the purified one
246 Purav It means the east direction
247 Purnit It means complete
248 Purushottam Another name for Lord Vishnu and even means the best
249 Pushkar It indicates Lotus, and can even mean sun, sky or heavenly abode.
250 Rahasya It means mystery
251 Rakshan It refers to the protector and is also the name for Lord Vishnu
252 Raktim It means vibrant
253 Rasajja The one who understands the rasas
254 Rathik It refers to the chariot and also someone who can win the hearts of all who hear it.
255 Ravishu It means full of life
256 Rbhu One who is a brilliant scholar, in Vishnu Puran it was Brahmas Son
257 Ridhaan It refers to someone who is looking for something
258 Rijul It means honest and innocent
259 Rishab This word depicts a person with high moral values
260 Rodas A mix of Earth and heaven
261 Rohak It means climber
262 Rohil It means rising or grown
263 Romik Someone pleasant and interesting
264 Romir It means pleasant
265 Ronit It means a song of prosperity
266 Ruchir It means charming or beautiful
267 Sahil It refers to someone charming or even means the shore or the beach
268 Saket It indicates a place closer to Ayodhaya or heaven
269 Sankalp It means determination
270 Saphal It means productive
271 Sarin It means Prince, Lord, Noblemen
272 Sanyam It indicates patience, effort and even restrain
273 Sarva It means for all
274 Sarvagya One who knows all
275 Sayaka One that shines above the rest
276 Sayujya It indicates a union or someone who as a divine entity
277 Shaarad It refers to a white lotus
278 Shakti It indicates something powerful, able vigour
279 Sharv Something sacred to Lord Shiva
280 Sharva It means the withdrawer
281 Sharvil It indicates Lord Krishna
282 Shlok It indicates a song or a phrase
283 Shresht It indicates a “superior king”
284 Shrut Another name for Lord Shiva
285 Shrutin It refers to someone “who has heard”
286 Siddh It refers to something that is a fact or one that is proven
287 Sujal It indicates someone who is loving
288 Tanay It indicates the son
289 Tanmay It indicates a person who is very thin
290 Trilochan It indicates the three-eyed god
291 Umang It indicates someone who is enthusiastic
292 Uttam It indicates a blossoming water lily
293 Varenya It means the best in everything
294 Vaydish One who strives for excellence
295 Viaan It indicates “full of energy and life”
296 Vijna It refers to someone who is intelligent or wise
297 Viksya It describes an astonishing person.
298 Vyan It means life giving
299 Yajin Indicates a worshipper
300 Zian It means strong


1. How Do You Name a Hindu Baby?

The Hindu Baby is generally named in a ceremony called “namkaran” that is held in the first few weeks after the birth of the baby. It is done in some families on the 6th, 11th, 12th or the 14th day of the birth of the child. This ceremony is attended by relatives and feasts are prepared for the same.

2. What is the Most Attractive Name For a Boy in India?

There is no one name that can be considered attractive for a baby boy in India. Since names in India are kept on the basis of many factors, no one name can be decided. What is good for one family might not be that apt for the other.

The Hindu mythology has a plethora of names and naming a Hindu baby boy on them could impart many qualities to his personality. Also help him to become a better human being. It is thus very important to understand the meaning and then decide a name as it can impact the child and its future.

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