5 Ways To Keep Your Baby Happy And Cool This Summer!

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Change in the season, no matter how much we try to shade ourselves from it tends to impact us both physically and emotionally. Imagine, what these fluctuations could do to your little baby. Babies need a special-care routine to beat the summer heat!
summer baby
If it takes your body a few weeks to get used to the constant rise in the temperature outside, your baby will definitely take a lot more time to get used to this change. While their body adjusts to the heat, you need to ensure your baby is eating and drinking just right to avoid all the summer allergies, sickness and most of all, their crankiness!
Here’s a carefully designed guide to help you and your baby flaunt some happy smiles this season:

    1. Keep your baby well fed, ALWAYS: Food amounts to a big contributor to how your baby and how his body reacts to the heat outside. If your baby is at the age where he still relies on breast milk, ensure you feed him often to help him stay hydrated. Summer leads to a lot of sweating which could cause dehydration. Keeping your baby fed every few hours helps retain the fluids, avoiding any signs of dehydration.
      If your baby has started his solid food intake and you plan an outing with him, ensure keeping fruits and cookies handy with you in abundance. Carrying a packet of cooked food could be dangerous as the heat could spoil the cooked food relatively faster
    2. Increase water intake: Be extremely careful about his water intake. Babies tend to be very fussy about drinking water, which means keeping him hydrated could end up being a major task for you! Infants have a very weak immune system, as a result of which they tend to catch infections at a very fast rate, this adds to your task of giving him water or any other fluids you are sure are hygienic and fresh.
      Resort to only using boiled, filtered or a seal packed bottle of mineral water. To keep infections and irritations away, your baby must drink 12 ounces of water on a daily basis. Just to be safe, keep a check on your baby’s urine pattern and output.
      Note: Water should be offered to a baby only after she has completed 6 months – before that breast and/or formula milk provide all the hydration that your baby needs even in very hot weather. Water should be offered to babies younger than 6 months only if your baby’s pediatrician recommends so

baby having water

  1. Make his bath time his absolute favorite: Most of us don’t realize the importance of moisturizing in the heat. We believe that winter is the only season that calls for well moisturized skin. But contrary to popular belief, well moisturized skin in summer is as essential, especially for our babies, as their skin tends to lose moisture five times faster than ours. Also read: Guidelines For Taking Care Of Your Baby In Summers
    To help us combat this issue, Baby Dove has introduced Baby Dove Rich Moisture Baby Bar that helps replenish the lost nutrients from your baby’s skin in just a few seconds. The Baby Bar comprises 1/4th moisturizing cream and is also hypoallergenic, this not only helps keep your baby’s skin hydrated and moisturized but also keeps all his allergies away! And it has a mild and caring fragrance that is perfect for your baby’s delicate skin
  2. Keep those monstrous rashes away: The summer heat often leads to rashes that make our babies very unhappy and irritable. These rashes are a cause of the perspiration especially in and around the diaper area; folds of the skin where sweat tends to accumulate. It’s extremely important to curb these before occurrence, or it could lead to a couple of restless and a cry-filled day for your little bundle of joy
  3. Dress your baby right: What your baby wears determines how he feels, which puts picking out just the right outfit for your baby on your to-do list. Needless to say, let your baby’s skin needs to breathe as much as possible, pick out loose fitting cottons and stick to pastel colors. Do not wrap your baby with additional layer of clothes. Avoid clothes that have frills, laces, buttons and other embellishments as these could irritate your baby’s delicate skin. If you have to go out in the sun, cover your baby with a sun hat and an umbrella and cover her arms and legs. Just think of what would make you comfortable and pick just that for your baby.
    Also read : How To Dress A Baby In Summers – Safe Summer Dressing Tips For Babies

All you new mommas out there, don’t panic, following these tips will help ensure your baby is happy, chirpy and cool all summer. Stay cool!

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