8 Benefits Of Eating Cauliflower During Pregnancy

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Once you discover that you are expecting, your whole world takes a turn for the better. Your entire life style changes and you begin paying extra attention to each and everything you drink or eat as everyone knows that a healthy diet is absolutely vital for an uneventful pregnancy and healthy baby. You need to ensure you eat the right kind of food that provides you with all the much needed minerals and vitamins that will help your unborn baby develop beautifully. If you happen to be a junkie, it is high time you stopped eating junk food and start eating healthily.
Cauliflower during pregnancy

Cauliflower During Pregnancy

You tend to receive lots of advice about what is ideal during this period and one such vegetable that has immense benefits while eaten during pregnancy is cauliflower. This vegetable contains lots of minerals and vitamins, including potassium, folate, and magnesium, Vitamin C, Vitamin B and Calcium all of which are extremely beneficial during pregnancy. This makes cauliflower a super food that should surely become part of your daily diet during pregnancy. Cauliflower is a wonder food rich in anti-oxidants and also has anti-inflammatory properties. This lovely vegetable also belongs to the cruciferous cancer fighting vegetable family. Read on to know more about what exactly these benefits are.

8 Benefits of Eating Cauliflower During Pregnancy

1. Fights Constipation

Constipation is one common issue which majority of pregnant moms face during conception. Constipation leaves the mom to be extremely uncomfortable and distressed. There is one wonderful remedy for you. Include cauliflower in your diet to overcome the problem of constipation as they are loaded with fiber.

2. Helps to Maintain Heart Health During the Period of Pregnancy

Rich in potassium and fiber, cauliflower is ideal to ensure excellent heart health during this vulnerable phase and aids the heart to pump more blood to the uterus which is a vital requirement during pregnancy. Potassium present in cauliflower has the ability to regulate blood pressure levels within required limits, ensuring the heart is not overloaded. And the fiber traces present in this veggie prevents any kind of stiffness in the heart vessels.

3. Promotes Proper Development of Your Fetus’s Brain

Loaded with folate, cauliflower is an absolute must during pregnancy. Folate is ideal to promote proper development of your fetus’s brain and also averts any kind of neural tube anomalies during conception. It also assists in forming a healthy placenta that supplies your baby with all the nourishment during the gestation period.

4. Plays the Role of an Anti-Oxidant During Pregnancy

Cauliflower contains lots of Vitamin C and just a single cup of cauliflower serving can help to meet your daily requirement of Vitamin C during this pregnancy phase. One cup of cauliflower contains 100 gms of vitamin C approximately. Cauliflower also plays the role of an anti-oxidant averting the chances of free radicals to harm the mom to be or the baby growing inside you.

5. Excellent for Development of Teeth and Bones of the Fetus

Cauliflower contains high traces of calcium and expecting moms require around 1000- 3000 mg of calcium to meet their requirements of the growing fetus during this phase. Including cauliflower to your diet can help to meet a major portion of daily requirements of calcium if eaten on a daily basis.

6. Helps Absorb Iron

As we know, even if you are eating an iron rich diet, there is every chance on missing this vital element if your body is not able to absorb iron. Cauliflower is one such vegetable that helps to absorb iron thus preventing the risks of low birth weight and preterm labor.

7. Source of Niacin

Cauliflower provides your baby the essential nutrients for the development of nerves, skin and the digestive system through the all important niacin.

8. Growth of Cells

A fetus grows in the womb by multiplying cells, and vitamins A and B in cauliflower help to boost the cell growth and thus aid the baby’s development. Being rich in manganese, zinc, phosphorus and sodium, cauliflower is undoubtedly a powerhouse of minerals for your growing baby and must be a part of your pregnancy diet.


How Can I Include Cauliflower in My Diet During Pregnancy?

A great news is cauliflower is a veggie that can be eaten anyway you desire according to your palate. You can have it in your salad or include this vegetable in your soup. If you happen to love continental cuisine during this period, bake it with cheese and it tastes heavenly. It is also ideal to have as a sabzi along with potatoes or peas. And who can resist the super tasty Punjabi Gobhi Parathas? Relish them with some homemade butter and woah! Puree cauliflower with some herbs and spices and replace your bowl of mashed potatoes with it. No matter whether you steam them or fry them or grill them, they are super tasty and have wonderful benefits mentioned above.

However, any vegetable or fruit should be eaten only in moderation and in case you over exceed the limit, even the positive effects can turn hazardous.

What are the Adverse Effects of Eating too Much Cauliflower During Pregnancy?

1. It Can Cause Heart Burns

Consuming cauliflower in excess can trigger severe cases of heartburn in pregnant women. Click here to read natural remedies for heartburns that happen during pregnancy.

2. Gas Formation

Eating too much of cauliflower can also lead to gas formation in your tummy which can even turn quite risky during pregnancy.

3. Cauliflower May Contain Worms and Insects

Cauliflower needs to be washed thoroughly and kept immersed in warm water for some time before consumption as there may be insects and worms inside it. If not cleaned properly, there is the risk of one catching unwanted infections or diseases that may harm you and the life growing within you.

So just ensure you include this wonderful vegetable in moderation in your pregnancy diet, which will ensure you reap all the positive benefits from cauliflower during your pregnancy period. As always, your doctor should be the best person to guide you about how much cauliflower is ideal for your pregnancy period.

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