12 Do’s and Don’ts to Stay Healthy During Pregnancy

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10 Dos and Donts to stay healthy during pregnancy

Being pregnant is beautiful. A journey to treasure for a lifetime. Being positive matters a lot during this phase. Most of the time goes by cherishing that little new member of the family who is yet to come. Also, it is equally important to stay healthy during pregnancy. Everything you eat and do impacts the baby inside you. Choose your food wisely. A nutritious diet can help you stay healthy and active throughout the phase. It can also help keep all the unwanted gastrointestinal problems away.

It is not just the food, but your lifestyle will also have an abundant impact on the baby. With each passing week, your body will go through numerous changes to accommodate a new life inside. It is important to ensure your and your baby’s safety by eating good food and maintaining calm. A wise and thoughtful lifestyle can play a vital role in a peaceful pregnancy. In this article, we have discussed 10 Do’s and Don’ts to stay healthy during pregnancy.

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8 Must-Do’s to Stay Healthy During Pregnancy

Following certain things stringently can help you have a safe and healthy pregnancy. There are a few things that you may want to consider working on during the phase.

 1. Folic Acid Mandatory in Your Diet

Pregnancy dos Folic acid

We are aware that gynecologists prescribe certain supplements like prenatal multivitamins that your body may need. Consuming them can aid the proper development of the fetus. Folic acid or folate is one of them. Folic acid is a vitamin B supplement that helps in maintaining a healthy nervous system for the baby. It also avoids neural birth defects in the baby related to the brain and spine. Ensure to make it a mandatory supplement in your diet with your doctor’s prescription.

2. Consider Kegel Exercises

Pregnancy dos kegel exercises

Kegel’s muscles are those present in the area of the pelvis that supports the uterus and urinary bladder. These are also called pelvic floor muscles. Kegel exercises during pregnancy can help strengthen these muscles. Pelvic floor muscle exercises can also help in managing the labour without exacerbating the pain. These exercises also help in treating urinary and faecal incontinence during pregnancy.

3. Know the Medical History of Your Family

Pregnancy dos family history

Your baby carries the genes of the family. It is not just your perfect health that passes on to your baby. There are many genetic problems they can inherit while you remain just a carrier of the gene. That is why it is vital to have a complete understanding of the medical history of your family. You can discuss possible medical issues with your doctor or a genetic specialist who will give you steps that will help avoid transmitting such defects to your offsprings. Your doctor may also prescribe some mandatory tests to understand the condition and treat it accordingly.

4. Keep Calm – Consider Yoga and Meditation Classes

Pregnancy meditation and yoga

It is mandatory to stay out of negativity and negative people during pregnancy. Anxiety and stress can be harmful to the unborn baby. Both these factors increase the heart rate and blood pressure. High blood pressure is not safe for you and your little one. Yoga and meditation can be an escape from encountering such situations. Practising yoga and meditation can calm your mind and help you stay balanced during pregnancy. They will also help in maintaining blood pressure and anxiety. It is important to enrol yourself in regular yoga and meditation classes to stay calm and positive.

5. Keep Yourself Hydrated

pregnancy keep hydrated

Water is important, so important that it will reduce heartburns and nausea during the first trimester. Staying hydrated keeps the rashes and stretch marks at bay by maintaining the elasticity of the skin. Ensure to consume a minimum of two litres (10 glasses) of water per day.

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6. Maintain a Healthy Diet

Pregnancy eating healthy

The first trimester is full of ups and downs, sometimes you feel like eating everything you crave and sometimes nothing goes in because of the nausea wave. It is in the second trimester that you start feeling better and can have control over your diet. Avoid junk food as much as possible. Remember that whatever you eat reaches your baby. Eat a good amount of fruit, vegetables, and greens. Taking a balanced diet can help you stay active and healthy throughout the phase. A diet filled with nutrients will be a boon for your baby’s proper uninterrupted growth inside you.

7. Travel on Your Mind? Consider Taking Precautions

Pregnant woman travelling

Travel is not a ban during pregnancy. If you are healthy and do not have any chance of developing complications, you can travel. Get a word from your doctor before packing your bags. It is important to get the permission of your gyno before you travel, especially during pregnancy. Travel with care, wear a seat belt properly. Make sure the road you travel is smooth and jerk-free. Opt for a seat that is comfortable for you to sit for long durations. In the case of air travel, you must get the go-ahead from your doctor, since air travel can affect your pregnancy due to air pressure changes.

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8. Don’t Miss Your Prenatal Appointments

Prenatal appointments

Do not forget your appointments. Make sure you schedule them right and attend every appointment without fail. It can help your doctor monitor the well-being of both the mother and the baby. Regular checkups can also help you avoid unnecessary problems. In case of any problem, your doctor will have a chance to detect it early and plan for the required treatment. Make sure to keep your appointments at the same place always. Different places and different doctors may lead to opinion conflicts. This can trigger anxiety and distress.

4 Don’ts to Stay Healthy During Pregnancy

Like the dos we discussed above, there are certain Don’ts that you strictly need to follow while you are pregnant. Some Don’ts that you may want to consider are

1. Avoid Too Much Caffeine

pregnant woman saying no to caffiene

Getting a generous amount of sleep is very important during pregnancy. Caffeine keeps you awake and disrupts sleep and sleeping patterns. Having too much coffee can deprive you of a sound sleep. This may lead to fluctuating blood pressure which is not safe for you and your baby during pregnancy.

2. Avoid Unsafe Sex

avoid unsafe sex

It is important to talk to your doctor before you proceed with your sexual life during pregnancy. Uncomplicated pregnancies do not encounter any problem, while the complicated ones should stay away from sex and your doctor will advise you according to your situation. Having unsafe and unprotected sex may also transmit certain infections to you and your baby.

3. Do Not Sit or Stand For Longer Durations

pregnant woman standing longer duration

Do not do one at a stretch, keep changing your positions. A study shows that sitting for a long duration during pregnancy leads to miscarriage and preterm births. Maintaining the right posture while sitting and standing is very important to avoid certain complications.

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4. Avoid Raw and Undercooked Meats and Seafood

Avoid Raw and Undercooked Meats and Seafood

It is important to cook the meat and seafood properly under the right amount of heat to kill the microorganisms in it. Eating uncooked meat during pregnancy can cause infections and food poisoning. Catching infections may be harmful to you and your baby and may lead to unwanted complications.

It is your responsibility to safeguard your precious pregnancy. Maintaining a healthy diet and taking necessary precautions can help you avoid complications. Try to avoid foods and postures that can harm the health of you and the baby. Keeping a checklist of the things you want to follow can help you stay alert. Practice yoga and meditation to reduce stress and anxiety during pregnancy. It can help you stay away from fluctuations in blood pressure. Stay calm, a positive mindset can make your pregnancy flow like a smooth river.


1. What Things Should be Avoided in Pregnancy?

  • Avoid eating raw meat.
  • Avoid junk and processed foods.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Avoid consuming alcohol.
  • Avoid having too much caffeine.

2. What Are the Healthy Habits During Pregnancy?

  • Maintain a healthy diet.
  • Drink lots of water and stay hydrated.
  • Take prenatal vitamins.
  • Stay up to date with your appointments.
    Practice yoga and meditation.

3. How to be Careful During the First Trimester of Pregnancy?

Avoid consuming junk foods as this may increase the chances of gestational diabetes. Decrease the caffeine content. Do not travel without the permission of your gynaecologist. Stay calm and avoid situations that cause stress and anxiety. Maintain a balanced diet and take prenatal vitamins. Consuming adequate amounts of water can help avoid nausea and heartburn. Get a night of good sleep.

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