Eating Guava During Pregnancy – Benefits And Side Effects

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Guava during pregnancy

Pregnancy considers as a rebirth of a woman. The mother should be vigilant in the choice of fruits and vegetables. What is more important is also to see if it is good for them to consume during the pregnancy phase. Fruits, especially guava during pregnancy, are not something that one can have without knowing its effects on the mother and the baby.

Let us find out how safe to consume guava during pregnancy, the nutritional content, the health benefits, the risks in pregnancy due to its consumption, and the tips to be used for consumption of guava during pregnancy. Have a look at how Guava is called in other Indian languages.

  • Telugu – Jamapandu (జామపండు)
  • Malayalam – Perakka(പേരക്ക)
  • Kannada – Sibehannu(ಸೀಬೆಹಣ್ಣು)
  • Bengali – Peyara(পেয়ারা)
  • Hindi – amarood(अमरूद)
  • Marathi –Peru(पेरू)
  • Odia – Pijuli(ପିଜୁଳି)
  • Gujarati – Jamaphala(જામફળ)

In This Article

What is the Nutritional Value of Guava?

Guava, in all sense, is a fruit that can be relished as it is enriched with nutrients. Let us have a look at its nutritional intake:

1. Vitamin-Rich

Since guava is enriched with vitamins C, A, B2, and E, it is very good for building a healthy immune system.

2. Comprises of Various Nutrients

Guava is nutrient-dense and has a good amount of copper, potassium, calcium, etc., that can help in strong bone development and in regaining the lost energy.

3. Ideal Source of Folic Acid

This is the most important source of the proper growth of the baby is folic acid. It even helps the circulatory system and also helps with the development of the nervous system.

4. Comprises of Lycopene

The pulp of the guava is pink in color due to the presence of a pigment known as lycopene that even helps with fighting any cancer-related growth near the mouth area.

Is it Safe to Eat Guava During Pregnancy?

Ripe guava is completely safe if consumed after washing well and after peeling. This way, you can bring down the chances of infections. Eating guava in moderation creates no issues.

Since the fiber content is higher, it even assists in digestion also. A good amount of Vitamin C also contributes to enhanced immunity.

What Are the Risks of Eating Guava?

Irrespective of all its health benefits, guava poses some risks as well. Following are some of the risks associated with eating guava during pregnancy:

1. Risk of Loose Motion

Guava is enriched with fiber, and over-consumption of the same can result in loose stools. Loose motion can trigger dehydration during pregnancy.

2. Risk of Dental Issues

Having ripe or unripe guava during pregnancy could lead to acute tooth pain or other related dental issues.

3. Risk of Other Forms of Guava

Never consume any medication or supplements of guava you found in the market (like guava powder, fruits extracts, etc.). It poses several risks during pregnancy. Always opt for a natural fruit form of guava during pregnancy.

Guidelines to Eat Guava During Pregnancy

In order to prevent any side effects from the consumption of guava, it is best to follow the tips below:

  • It is believed that the white pulp has more nutrition than the red one, so it is better to check the color of the pulp and then consume the guava.
  • One can have guava either with breakfast or with snacks.
  • In case one has any allergies towards guava, look for other replacements like strawberries and pineapples.

Thus, intake of guava in restricted quantities, it does no harm in pregnancy. However, one should keep adding more and more nutritious fruits as well as vegetables to get a nourishing diet.

It should be remembered that if the mother has a healthy intake, it automatically affects the baby. One needs to take the required amount of steps so that nutrition can be imbibed, and no side effects are faced. It is most advisable to visit a doctor before adding guava to the diet plan.

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Which is Better During Pregnancy? Guava Juice or Raw Guava?

guava juice and guava

It is believed that fruits taken in the raw form are more beneficial, and guava is a nutrition powerhouse, and the fruit can be consumed in many ways. Let us study the manner and its benefits to be consumed in the pregnancy phase.

  • The guava can be blended in the form of a juice and even as jams or used in salads.
  • However, it is recommended that guava in preserving forms should be avoided during pregnancy.
  • Raw Guava has good water content, which helps the skin to be nourished and is even suitable for good hair.
  • If one opts to take the guava juice, the ideal way is to peel the skin, deseed, and blend.
  • The guava juice is a healthy and yummy juice that has its exoticness and needs no additional flavors for enhancing its taste.
  • For the consumption of raw guava, one should select the guava which has no spots, give it a thorough wash and then slice them.
  • It is advisable to always consult with a medical practitioner before the consumption of the guava so that he can suggest the required intake.

Which is Better During Pregnancy? Ripe or Unripe Guava?

People can have their preference to have guava in any state they like and is fine, and if consumed in the right quantity, even unripe guava is not harmful. However, during the pregnancy phase, it is ideal to go for ripe guava over an unripe one.

The ripe guava is enriched with more Vitamin C offering more benefits and nutrition as well. The expecting mother, if going through any dental problems, can suffer through acute tooth pain if they try and experience biting the unripe guava as it is hard in texture.

12 Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Guava During Pregnancy

Benefits of Guava

The choices made during pregnancy are not only for the mother but also for the developing baby. The fetus derives nutrition from the mother itself.

Find out 12 amazing benefits of guava during pregnancy:

1. Maintains Blood Sugar Level

Consumption of guava helps to regulate blood sugar levels, and prevents gestational diabetes, which is common during the pregnancy phase.

2. Regulates Blood Pressure

Consumption of Guava helps in regulating blood pressure and even helps in the prevention of clots, premature deliveries, and miscarriages.

3. Enhances Digestion

Guava, being enriched with fiber, helps with easing off digestion and also helps to face acidic and heartburn issues.

4. Combats Anaemia

The iron content of guava is quite high, which can help in the prevention of anemia.

5. Boosts Immunity

Due to its richness of vitamin C, the immunity system gets a boost as well as the metabolism of the body increases.

6. Prevents Constipation and Haemorrhoids

The consumption of guava can prevent the frequent complaint of constipation and hemorrhoids during pregnancy due to its rich fiber intake.

7. Fights Infections

Guava has antioxidant properties as it is enriched with vitamin C, E, carotenoids, and polyphenols, etc. which help to fight infections and reduces the rate of falling ill.

8. Enhance the Development of Fetus

Guava contains good traces of folic acid as well as Vitamins that help in the healthy development of the brain as well as the nervous system of the babies.

9. Reduces the Risk of Cancer

Very rarely does one listen to a pregnant lady having cancer. However, the consumption of guava can help in removing the toxins from the body since it has a good quantity of lycopene.

10. Relieves Stress

Guava has a good amount of magnesium, which helps in relaxing the muscles as well as the nerves, which leads to the release of stress.

11. Combats Morning Sickness

The presence of vitamin C helps in combatting morning sickness. Also, if consumed without seeds and with buttermilk, it helps to soothe the tummy and even prevent vomiting sensation.

12. Satisfies Calcium Requirements

Guava is an ideal source of calcium that should be mandatorily be included in the diet of a pregnant lady.

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1. Can I Eat Guava Seeds When Pregnant?

The seeds are completely edible. However, eat them carefully. Do not choke on them.

2. Is Guava Nutritious For Pregnancy?

Yes, it is. It is packed with many essential nutrients. It can help maintain blood sugar, blood pressure as well as improve immunity.

3. Should I Peel the Guava Before Eating, When Pregnant?

Though this might bring down the chances of infections, it is very difficult. Especially, if it is fully ripe. Wash them well before eating with the skin.

4. Is Eating Guava Good For the Fetus?

Guavas are rich in iron and folic acid. This is good for the baby. It can help boost the baby’s immunity too.

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