Effects Of Overprotective Parenting

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Parents are both the providers as well as protectors for their children. Agreeable so, parents create a little being and vow to be by him at all times, ensuring there isn’t a single trouble bothering him. Yes, overprotective parents have good intentions, they definitely mean well, but if you go the other end of the spectrum, then there is trouble awaiting you.

Below are the most common consequences of getting too involved in your child’s life – by being over-obsessive and over-protective parents you actually are – pregnancy pillow

Inhibiting the explorer in him– Ever child is born fearless and inquisitive. Being overprotective, you might fear for your kid every step of the way, helping him now, then again, and even again. This kills the inquisitiveness in children and they end up being nervous, dependent adults who can neither question, nor explore. They become prisoners of your comfort zones and fail to relish anything else that the world offers.

Limiting the risk taking abilities – Risk is defined as “a situation involving exposure to danger”. If you always keep “code-protection” running on your child, he will become a nervous, timid adult who can never face fears and step over them. True, you need to protect your child from scissors, sharp objects, fire etc, but that limits it all to a large extent. Being overprotective implies your child never gets ready to conquer or face big challenges of life.

Paving the way to a lacking confidence life– Obsessive parents cannot watch their children struggle a bit – mothers and fathers come to rescue a child in a small tussles, help them in making high scores, and even play games like “ring toss” on their own so that the kid gets to flash the fake winner’s smile to his peers. Where do you think he will gain confidence from? – He is only being made handicapped by his parent’s overprotective attitude.

Hampering happiness – Where there is a desire to set everything perfectly, there is a huge chance of doing often accomplishing the opposite. Overprotective parents end up making their children stressed and anxious, and often groom weak personalities. They do not let their children feel happiness and make them lead boring and monotonous lives.

Stunting Maturity – Yes, so when parents are so involved in a child’s life that he can barely decide whether a pizza for dinner is a good choice or not, they end up preventing their child from maturing. Maturity comes from being able to decide things, take the leap and even failing. But when parents will not allow risks, kids will cease to be independent and productive – instead they will always be immature, leading lives under someone’s wings.

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