One of the many concerns and doubts relating to breastfeeding, especially for a new mom, will be about the clothes and bras that are good and comfortable to wear during breastfeeding. When you are pregnant and after, pretty much anything that dives into the body in any manner feels uncomfortable and irritating. After delivery, one of the most sensitive areas of your body will be the breasts. No wonder the mothers are concerned about the bra they wear. Most of the new moms look for the bra which provides comfort, support and obviously which make them look great. There is one more significant quality that most of the mothers overlooks – the quality of being functional.
A bra is worn an entire day, and that is why it assumes a lot of significance. They definitely influence the health of the breasts and affect production of breast milk (when the choice of bra goes wrong).
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Should I Wear A Bra During Breastfeeding?

Whether you wear a bra or you don’t in the course of pregnancy or breastfeeding is strictly personal. Still, wearing a well-fit bra may lessen the stretching of breast tissues. When the breast tissue stretched, that could make the breast lose its shape and start sagging. Therefore, women with big breast should try to wear a well-fitted bra even if they don’t like to wear one. When lactating, it is advised that you opt for nursing bras for the support and convenience they offer when you breastfeed your baby.

Why Can’t I Wear My Regular Bra During Breastfeeding?

Once you are pregnant, your breasts begin to change in the anticipation of the coming baby. Similarly, once nursing, your breasts are very tender and sensitive, and they may need extra support that regular bras cannot provide. The hard surfaces and material may not be conducive to the natural changes that your breasts are undergoing. Moreover, regular underwired bras can cause the blockage of the milk ducts and lead to mastitis.

What Type Of Bra Should I Wear During Lactation Period?

So now that you know how significant this item is, now you may wonder how do you go about getting the perfect ones, what number of do you need, and what all should you avoid. Here are some tips to help you. Go for nursing bras rather than the regular one as nursing bras are specially designed for lactating purpose and provide more comfort.

    1. Always purchase good quality bras: Never go for cheap bras. As you are wear a nursing bra continuously and it gets washed regularly, the durability is an important criterion. A local brand can be cheap but it will also be short-lived, ineffectual and undependable
    2. Always buy right fitting bra: Selecting a right fit bra is very important as only such bra can provide the support and comfort that the lactating mother longs for. A big mistake that most of the women make is going for a big size bra thinking that as it provides more room, it will be more comfortable. As a matter of fact, a bigger bra can be as bad as a smaller one. Select one with a wider diaphragm and right cup size as it will provide extra support
    3. Maternity-Bras

    4. Try to purchase different varieties of bra: There is a wide range of styles of maternity or nursing bras available in the market. Once a comfortable bra is found, more likely women will go for buying the same type in required number. That’s not right. In fact, not all the bras will be ideal for all the time. There are bras which are more agreeable to wear during the night which will be stretchy, without hooks in the back, which are much more appealing when sleeping. Similarly, the daytime bras ought to be cozy, simple to open and close particularly when the mother goes out, provide extra support and make you look incredible under your garment. Keep this in mind and buy different varieties of bra rather than sticking to a single type
    5. Purchase at least 4 bras: Lactation period is ‘leaking’ period. The nursing bra gets grubby with leaking milk and turn smelly very fast. Keep this in mind and buy minimum four number of nursing bras (two for daytime use and two for the night purpose). Personal hygiene is significant for baby’s health
    6. Never go for wired bra: A wired bra is not suggested during the breastfeeding period. This is because the breast changes shape frequently during the lactation period. During the period of breastfeeding, the breast will increase and decrease in size as milk is produced and expelled respectively. The hard and firm underwired may put pressure on the breast even if the mother is little late for a feeding. The chances are more that this pressure would bring about blockage in the milk ducts and lead to mastitis, which is not a great condition while nursing the child

We hope this article has answered all your questions on wearing a bra during breastfeeding. We would love to hear your experiences!