Janam Ghutti For Babies: Benefits and Side Effects

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Janam Ghutti For Babies

Ayurveda is our native and ancient medical treasure. It is a treasure trove of numerous medicinal herbs that can effectively treat any underlying trouble and act as magic for our health. From babies to aged people, it benefits everyone in its way. Janam Ghutti is an ayurvedic formula for babies that have been a part of tradition for a very long time. It is a mixture of natural and herbal ingredients that can help babies grow and soothe any discomfort they have. Janam ghutti for babies has both benefits and side effects. Talking to your pediatrician can make the journey easy for you.

There is a traditional way of feeding Janam ghutti to babies. After carefully picking all the necessary herbs to make a ghutti, you should rub it on a slate by using single or more drops of milk. At the end of the procedure, you can collect the ghutti in a spoon and feed the baby. People believe that Janam ghutti can relieve digestive troubles and teething ailments in the infant. Popular belief also states that Janam ghutti acts as a probiotic, and helps in producing healthy gut bacteria that can help in better digestion. pregnancy pillow

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What is Janam Ghutti?

Janam Ghutti is a herbal concoction with a thoughtful combination of medicinal herbs that can help in the better growth of the baby. Combinations of these herbs can help babies avoid growth troubles and other digestive problems. Janam ghutti ingredients include a combination of jaiphal (Nutmeg), anjeer (fig), Kishmish (raisin), ajwain (carom seeds), sonth (dry ginger root), palash beej (Butea monosperma), Vacha (sweet flag powder), Sanai, etc.

Can I Safely Give Janam Ghutti For My Colicky Baby?

baby crying due tummy pain

If your baby is crying due to colic, they can become fussy and cry inconsolably. Elders often suggest a traditional remedy like giving Janam ghutti to newborn babies that can soothe the baby from suffering. They believe that ingredients like Sanai, jaiphal, and ajwain can keep digestive problems away. But, doctors strictly condemn using any herbal concoctions for babies as it can harm them. The digestive system of the newborn will be immature and can not digest any foreign foods before the baby turns a year or older.

Janam Ghutti formula contains strong herbs, which can be a trouble for your baby’s small and growing body. Some different additions and combinations of Janam ghutti may not be suitable for your infant. Raw honey, the base for feeding Janam Ghutti, is proven harmful for babies below one year. Raw honey can cause botulism in babies. Botulism in babies is harmful and can prove to be fatal. It is always a better idea to talk to your pediatrician before you introduce any new foods to the baby.

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When is the Right Time to Give Janam Ghutti For Babies?

You can use Janam Ghutti to relieve any stomach discomfort or colic pain in babies. It also prevents pain and problems related to teething. It is not advisable to give Janam ghutti to babies who are less than a year old. Once the baby turns a year and above, you can try such herbal medications only under the supervision of your pediatrician.

  • Janam ghutti is a concoction that has different herbs.
  • Once your doctor approves it for your baby. You can use it if your baby is crying with colic.
  • It can control the side effects of teething in babies.
  • Janam Ghutti can also help with better brain and other organ development of your infant.

Top 5 Health Benefits of Janam Ghutti For Babies

janam ghutti - health benfits

Janam ghutti in ancient days used to be purely homemade. Homemade ghutti for babies is pure and safety assured. Now several herbal companies prepare Janam Ghutti for babies.

  • Bal Jeevan Ghutti is an ancient ayurvedic formula made for babies to soothe their digestive problems.
  • Dabur janma ghunti for the newborn is another trusted brand that is made for babies with herbal ingredients like Ajwain, Kishmish, Jaiphal, and Sanai. These play an important role in soothing constipation and colic in babies.
  • Dabur janma ghunti dosage should be given according to the instructions of your pediatrician.
  • Hamdard Janam Ghutti is made of a chosen herbal combination. It includes rose petals, senna leaves that can help with constipation, mulethi which helps with immunity and better digestion.
  • Mugli ghutti 555 is another ayurvedic formula that helps in restoring the appetite in babies.
  • Mugli ghutti 555 uses are that it will help soothe constipation and keep the baby fit.
  • Baidyanath janma ghunti is made of ajwain, amaltas, fennel (saunf) and figs (anjeer). All these ingredients mainly benefit digestion problems. They also help in building immunity and better growth in babies.

All these different types of ghuttis are prepared with rare and handpicked herbs. The herbs that are combined will be very beneficial to babies in several ways.

  • Jaiphal or Nutmeg present in Janam ghutti helps in keeping digestive problems like colic and constipation away.
  • Janam ghutti for babies helps in getting a night of better sleep.
  • Sanai present in Janam Ghutti acts as a mild laxative, which can cure constipation problems in babies.
  • Janam Ghutti helps the infant stay relaxed during the phase of teething.
  • It also plays an important role in the healthy growth of babies.

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5 Side effects of Janam Ghutti For Babies

Janam Ghutti side-effects might be less, yet they are very important and need to be considered.

  • Janam ghutti is made of different herbs, we cannot say which herb can become intolerant to the infant.
  • Some herbal combinations may contain sugar and consuming sugar can induce a sweet tooth in babies which is not at all good for their growth.
  • Some ghuttis may contain raw honey. Raw honey should not be given to babies below one year. This can cause botulism in them.
  • Balguti’s side effects involve drowsy babies as it may contain some herbs that can make babies sleep.
  • Some babies may get addicted to the sugar present in ghuttis and can start demanding sweets too early.

Janam Ghutti acts as the best medicine for babies suffering from colic and digestion problems. But doctors strictly do not recommend giving Janam Ghutti to babies as the mixture of several herbs can be harmful. It is proven that breast milk contains all the necessary mix of goodness a newborn can need. Breast milk or formula milk is the only food that a baby needs till one year. This phase can make you feel overwhelmed and confused at the same time. Follow your instincts and do what you feel is right for your baby. A regular talk with your pediatrician can help you get through this phase. A happy mother can nurture a happy baby.


1. Can We Give Milk After Ghutti?

The only fluid a baby can need is breast milk or formula milk. Normally, Janam ghutti is given along with milk. The dosage depends on the age of the baby.

2. How do I Give Dabur Janam Ghutti?

Dabur Janma Ghunti is given according to the prescription. You can give it once a day only if your doctor approves of it.

3. Does Ghutti Help With Constipation?

Yes, Janam ghutti can help in relieving constipation in babies. The herbal ingredients in Janam Ghutti act as a laxative, thus helping in better bowel movements in babies.

4. Is Janam Ghutti Safe For Babies?

Though giving Janam ghutti is safe for babies, it is not completely proven. Doctors suggest only breast milk and formula milk for babies below one year.

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