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How Safe Is Lemongrass During Pregnancy?

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One thing that concerns a pregnant woman the most is her diet during pregnancy. You will hear thousands of advices on what is to be consumed, what is to avoided, what is good for your child, which fruit or vegetable will help you enhance your health during your pregnancy. The advices are umpteen which leaves you flabbergasted on what to be considered and what to be discarded. If it is not your first time then things are relatively easier for you from your previous experience, however if it is your first time then things become little difficult for you to practice.
Lemmongrass during pregnancy

  • Is Lemongrass One Among Your Favourites?
  • Lemongrass: The Asian Flavouring Herb
  • Is It Safe To Have Lemongrass When Pregnant?
  • Benefits Of Lemongrass
  • Side Effects Of Lemongrass On Pregnant Women

Is Lemongrass One Among Your Favourites?

Everyone has a favourite when it comes to one’s preference for food and beverages. Are you one among the herbal tea lovers? Is lemongrass tea your favourite flavour? Do you love the taste of lemongrass, and add it to the dishes you cook? Do you relish Thai and Vietnamese cuisines? If you crave for lemongrass tea but confused on what to do, read our post below and decide for you.

Lemongrass: The Asian Flavouring Herb

Lemongrass is a kind of grass that is widely grown and used in tropical regions. The presence of mild citrus flavour (lemon) to it, made it popular by the name Lemongrass. It is an herb used as a flavouring agent in many cuisines and is more often used in Thai and Vietnamese cuisines. It is a favourite among many herbal tea lovers and often features in menu of many small and big cafes across Asian countries. Many tropical countries cultivate them as a culinary herb or medicinal herb, but in some places like southern parts of US the grass grows in wild. It is popular among people for lot of its healing properties besides acting as a flavouring agent.

Is It Safe To Have Lemongrass When Pregnant?

Being cautious of one’s diet when pregnant is a fact that goes without saying. Though tea as a beverage is considered safe during pregnancy, it is best to consult a doctor before consuming any kind of herbal tea; lemongrass being one of them. Though Lemongrass has several medicinal benefits and is of therapeutic value to the ones who consume it, however during pregnancy consumption of lemongrass may have a negative impact on your health and the unborn baby. Lemongrass when consumed in concentrated form can harm you and the fetus. It is used in concentrated form when consumed as a flavouring agent in tea or other supplements. Lemongrass is not same as lemon which is recommended to be safe for pregnant women. Though lemongrass possesses the citrus flavour of lemon, it has many properties that make it different from lemon and hence its use varies accordingly.
Lemongrass is said to be of threat to pregnant women only when consumed in concentrated form. Ingest of small amount in many Thai and Vietnamese cuisines are not a danger. It is always recommended to consult your doctor before you pop anything in to your mouth or make any new changes or additions to your diet during your pregnancy.

Benefits Of Lemongrass

Lemongrass when consumed otherwise has many benefits and works wonder for human body. Some of the common known benefits are as below:

    • Lemongrass is a source of many essential elements needed during pregnancy. It is a good source of Folic acid, Vitamin A and C, Zinc, Potassium, Copper, Calcium, Magnesium and Manganese

lemongrass and pregnancy

  • Lemongrass tea is suggested to be an ideal drink for digestive health when consumed on regular basis. Its antimicrobial properties help treat problems like indigestion, diarrhea, stomach spasms, constipation, bloating and vomiting, some of the common problems associated with pregnancy
  • Lemongrass is believed to help women during menstrual cycle as it helps to improve the flow and reduce stomach cramps during periods
  • Lemongrass possesses anti-cholesterol properties that help to reduce the absorption of cholesterol from intestine. Daily consumption of lemongrass is known to help control the level of cholesterol in one’s body thereby enhancing the health
  • It is known for its cleansing properties and improving blood circulation, which is important for better health
  • Antibacterial and Antifungal properties of Lemongrass helps to cope with flu symptoms. Presence of Vitamin C, makes it an ideal herb to treat cold and boost one’s immunity system
  • Lemongrass is also used as medicinal herb in treatments against cancer. The presence of Citral in lemongrass causes apoptosis in cancer cells without damaging the healthy ones
  • It is also used as a cure to Arthritis and joint pain
  • Lemongrass oil is used an insect repellent because of its antimicrobial properties. The oil also helps in relaxing muscle strain, migraines, menstrual cramp etc

Side Effects Of Lemongrass On Pregnant Women

Though Lemongrass has umpteen benefits, it may pose a dangerous threat to pregnant women.

  1. The presence of the compound name Citral and Myrcene are shown to cause birth defects according to the research done by Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre. The research was carried out on rats but the results were compelling enough to make them off-limit for pregnant women
  2. The apoptotic properties of Lemongrass can interfere with the growth of the unborn child
  3. Lemongrass can trigger allergies like itchy skin rashes, breathing difficulties and throat swelling
  4. Lemongrass is known to improve the menstrual flow and hence can pose threat to pregnant women as it may trigger miscarriage
  5. Regular consumption of lemongrass can reduce blood sugar levels abruptly in case of pregnant women

Though one is recommended to avoid the use of concentrated lemongrass oil during pregnancy, use of diluted lemongrass oil can help one get relief from muscle strain, pains and headaches. One can dilute it by adding carrier oils like basil, rose, sandalwood, Fennel or Lavender. It is best to first test the same on a small patch of your skin to ensure you are on the safe side.
Effects of many herbs oils and supplements have not been studied in pregnant women and researches are being undertaken in the said domain. It is best to consult your doctor before you opt for any new additions to your diet or consume any herb as they may not react in the same manner for all especially in case of pregnant women. If you have anything more to share with us on this, do feel free to put in the views in the comment box below.

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